So far, they seem to be doing a crack-up job of cleaning and are very active! But a large number of people want to know which live plants they can use in their Supershrimp … Local species of shrimps, mainly Penaeus vannamei and P. stylorostris are cultured in earthen ponds built in mangrove areas following the traditional techniques adopted in Southeast Asia (Cobo, 1977), yielding 500-600 kg/ha in nine months. There is, therefore, some urgency in establishing viable hatcheries for local species. will be applied in shrimp culture investigations as well. A suitable shrimp hatchery and a series of brackishwater ponds should be built in the Cananeia Sub-Centre in the course of the next two years to enable further investigations on shrimp culture. You must log in or register to reply here.

Honestly, they look like ghost shrimp with a few red spots over their tails and bodies and small bright red claws on them--different then I see on the internet pictures for ghost shrimp. Specifically they find that java moss and java fern “do well” in brackish water. I have tested this theory in marine tanks with things like java fern and java moss and even “round pellia” (Suesswassertang), but also in long term tests with java fern at low salinities. Several species of penaeid shrimps contribute to commercial fisheries in Latin America and a screening of species is necessary to determine the more important species to be investigated by the Centre. But forget about them providing any meaningful supplement to the diet of your fish: these predators will eat them all long before they get a chance to breed. Commercial shrimp farming on a fairly large scale has developed on the coast of Ecuador and is now spreading to the north coast of Peru (Tumbes area) as well. It wouldn't surprise me if they could handle brackish water full-time. So, theoretically at least some populations (at least the flat growing, rock-attached ones) of this species should be adapted to brackish water, even though the ball shaped populations exclusively occur in freshwater lakes.

Yes, they did. To add to that, commercial fishermen claim that their catches are adversely affected by the large-scale collection of juveniles by shrimp culturists. What people have been doing for decades is throw some plants in brackish water and observe how some die immediately but others stay green for a long time. Although the culture of Macrobrachium has received some attention in a few countries of the region, the Task Force does not consider it necessary for the Centre to undertake any investigation on Macrobrachium culture for the present. Species tank or …

These shrimp prefer slightly brackish tank conditions with warm water and a pH between 6.5 and 8.0 – they also need plenty of hiding places in the tank such as plants and driftwood. Are you reading it correctly and did you calibrate the refractometer??? Is that so??? Didn’t literally dozens of websites list these plants as perfectly fine in brackish water? © 2005-2019

Juveniles are collected from mangrove swamps for stocking the ponds. They are a hardy shrimp that makes it ideal for beginners looking to experiment with invertebrates for the first time.

In the shrimp culture project sponsored by the Banco de Desenvolvimento do Rio Grande no Norte in Natal (Brazil), considerable advances are reported to have been made in the hatchery production of shrimp (Penaeus brasiliensis) larvae, using the techniques adopted in the Galveston Laboratory of the United States National Marine Fisheries Service., a division of Monster Aquaria Network, LLC. Commercial farming, however, has been confined to a single commodity, shrimp – largely Penaeus monodon (the native giant tiger prawn), and Penaeus vannamei (the exotic whiteleg shrimp) – due to its high export potential.


Pufferfish. Cheers, NEale. How about “Marimo Balls”? Some, like java moss, even grow a little at first at very low brackish conditions (1.004SG) before eventually dying.

Even in marine tanks the plants stay green for a very long time. Are they now reef tank tolerant too? But a large number of people want to know which live plants they can use in their Supershrimp tanks. So what’s going on? for larval and post-larval stages; (vi) formulation and preparation of shrimp feeds using locally available ingredients. And the reverse, of course. So the first thing they do is to go on the internet and search for “brackish tolerant plants” or “brackish water plants”. 1. There is widespread interest in the culture of shrimps and prawns in many countries of Latin America. The possibility of combining pond fertilization and supplementary feeding to obtain satisfactory production needs to be investigated through appropriately designed yield trials. So they go out and buy these plants and throw them in their brand new Supershrimp tanks.

It's only co-inhabitant would be malaysian trumpet snails, and maybe some pond snails. Of course not….

The ones that don't get eaten by my puffers have lived in my tank for several weeks now at an SG of 1.005.

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The refugium is in a 30G tank, with ~20G of liveable space (the rest occupied by a DIY crushed coral filter and on the other side the return pump section). Some populations occur in brackish water, such as the flat, rock-attached growing form in the brackish Baltic sea. Hum...then I will watch those guys closely.

Some people use rocks, others use plastic plants to decorate. Supershrimp tanks are great, almost no maintenance, decorative habitats for our beloved shrimp.

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