Hailing from South Africa, Christine "Bugsy" Drake has the ability to please Captain Sandy, and some members of the Below Deck Med fandom believe that producers have been grooming her to replace Hannah for a while now.

Not everyone was convinced of Drake’s denial—including Ferrier. “Is this something that I wanna do even for the next two or three years? REPORT: Below Deck Cast Member Caught with Drugs & Fired. “Mental health issues are a big deal and that’s why we have proper procedures in place. And while the season has just begun, there have also been significant changes to the rest of the crew. In addition to seeing the biggest yacht in Below Deck history, Season 5 is also introducing us to all-female bosses: Captain Sandy, in charge of the vessel, chief stew Hannah Ferrier, and bosun Malia White.

"Below Deck Mediterranean" star Bugsy Drake denied there was a "conspiracy" aboard The Wellington to get rid of Hannah Ferrier. Hannah Ferrier and Christine Bugsy Drake traded barbs on Twitter over all the Below Deck Med tension. It was White who exposed Ferrier, CheatSheet reported, citing a now-deleted post by the boson. We know that Captain Sandy thought Bugs was really good at her job, and called her "an amazing chief stewardess" back on their season in 2017. Like Lara, Bugs has worked in a chief stew capacity before (currently, she's a chief stew in the Exumas Islands), which annoys Hannah. Bravo's Below Deck Med has managed to get better and better each season, and we are absolutely living for this season aboard Mallorca's Wellington superyacht. Arrivederci, Lara! She questioned the ladies’ tablescapes.

“Please, people, we are all professional in our fields and are in our positions for that exact reason—no time of extra energy to conjure up a ‘little’ plan of sabotage. Could Bugsy Drake be returning on board to work with Hannah, Viewers Are Wondering If David Muir Had Plastic Surgery, Here's Why Contestants Wear the Same Clothes on 'The Great British Bake Off', Selena Gomez Was Denied a Visa to Travel to Russia Allegedly Over Her LGBT+ Views, 'The Great British Bake Off's Japanese Week Sparks Controversy. “Well TECHNICALLY we only film for six weeks so that’s 10.5 months to come up with a good plan…” the former chief stew wrote back. She's a second stew on this boat, but she has chief stew material.". While the photo is convincing in that it looks a lot like Aesha, she and Hannah got along famously throughout last season. For one, lead deckhand Pete Hunziker has been fired from the show, and his appearances on the season are being reduced due to a racist and sexist post on his Instagram. In addition to seeing the biggest yacht in Below Deck history, Season 5 is also introducing us to all-female bosses: Captain Sandy, in charge of the vessel, chief stew Hannah Ferrier, and bosun Malia White. Could it just be that producers edited the clip to fool us into thinking she was disappointed, when in fact she'll be relieved? Here's why that didn't go well the first time around. Fans know the drama on the Bravo show has reached a boiling point. “I know. Was BB Comics Luxury Competition worst challenge in show history? As die-hard fans of the Below Deck franchise, we have to say that there are two extra-compelling theories as to who the replacement second stew might be. Pregnant Hannah Ferrier Talks Baby Names, Coronavirus & the "Sweetest" Gift She's Received Despite the added pressure, Bugsy dubbed her time on Below Deck Med … Time absolutely flies! The following day, Ferrier defended Drake. What Did Peter Hunziker Say That Got Him Fired From 'Below Deck'? Some fans think they spotted the New Zealand native in promotions for the season, and she made a really good addition to the Sirocco last season, so we certainly see why Captain Sandy would ask her back. Fans in the comments section seemed split about whether or not Drake was telling the truth–with some agreeing that all the women on the yacht were professionals, with others claiming Captain Sandy Yawn, Bosun Malia White and Drake were out for Hannah.

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