Tours depart from Wahweap Marina about 50 miles on the lake from Rainbow Bridge. Visitors will also swim near their camps at the Stanton Creek Primitive Campground. Tours depart from Wahweap Marina about 50 miles on the lake from Rainbow Bridge.

Wahweap Campground & RV Park. At full pool (3700' elevation) it is 186 miles (299 km) long, has 1960 miles (3161 km) of shoreline, over 96 major side canyons, and a capacity of 27 million acre-feet (32 million cubic meters). A: This gets a little complicated, so hang on. Now, the water coming from the dam runs cold and clear and the native fish cannot live in the main river channel. A: A fishing license is required from the state in which you wish to fish.

The phone is not monitored when the building is closed. Explore Lake Powell's Clear Creek Canyon by Powerboat, Boat-In Camp at The Rincon in Lake Powell, Kayak or SUP Lost Eden Canyon in Lake Powell. Please explore responsibly! The top of the white mark is the high water mark. Complete houseboat vacations departing from full-service marinas Wahweap and Bullfrog. There are few shoreline areas that are accessible by vehicle. Driving time from Bullfrog Visitor Center to Boulder is about 2 ½ hours, while continuing on to the Escalante Visitor Center will make the total trip about 3 hours. IMPORTANT: Before entering any canyons in the Lake Powell National Recreation Area, always be sure to check the weather. Q: Where are the hiking trails along the lake? You may contact or call 800-528-6154. There is a nice, easy and fairly short hike to Rainbow Bridge … This is one of the busier areas on the lake since you can reach it from either marina, so plan accordingly. The trail is very slow going, most visitors who make the journey, will camp over night. A: Antelope Slot Canyon is operated by the Navajo Tribal Parks and Recreation Department and is on land owned by the Navajo Nation. Q: Can we use something else such as a paint bucket or other home-made device? Regardless of which marina you came from, you will likely need more gas to get back to where you came from. 86040. Once you reach the trail, you will be able to see the Rainbow Bridge. The tour is an all day excursion.

You will walk around a few corners on the dock prior to reaching the arch. This is one of the busier areas on the lake since you can reach it from either marina, so plan accordingly. Q: How long is it (time and distance wise) from Bullfrog to Boulder via the Burr Trail ? Office hours are weekdays 7am - 4pm MST. Page, AZ Note that this is not the same as Backpacking Reflection Canyon.

We're committed to building a better, more inclusive home for the modern outdoors. A: Lake Powell is only 13% of the National Recreation Area, but one of the largest man-made lakes in North America. After reviewing the number of serious injuries and fatalities related to cliff diving, it was the park's decision that this activity was too impactful to the safety of visitors and was incompatible with other recreational values of the park. A: Yes, some visitors make their own portable toilets using buckets, PVC pipe, or plastic ware.

Rate this Adventure adventures and follow local regulations. Please remember that this bridge is a sacred site for many Native Americans, and that it should be treated with respect. Receptionist at headquarters of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and Rainbow Bridge National Monument. As always, leave no trace so those that come after you can enjoy these amazing places! At current lake levels most of the Cathedral has again been inundated. A: There are no plans at this time to decommission the dam. Q: Where can I fish from the shore without a boat? The Hopis do not switch to Daylight Savings Time. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your As a general rule of thumb incase you miss a sign, you always want to be on the eastern most arm of the canyon.

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