Had she heard of it? She follows those tracks all the way to a stream where her boots are sitting nicely next to … Jamie! We’ve seen the scenes that went on that day, marvelled at Bree’s throwing skills and shed a few little tears for poor dear Roger, no doubt. Myers is getting ready to part with them to go trade tobacco for deer skins with the Indians. She thought he was going to ask for a strip search! Andrée has been an Outlander fan/addict since December 2015 when she took a friend’s advice to watch this “great show.” Well that was great advice and since then Andrée has travelled from Australia to Scotland twice and spent lots of time checking out the Outlander action. She learns some of her father’s traditions, including how to dance a ceilidh. Here’s a little video, and you can sure see the family resemblance. Bree, let Roger keep his eyes (and hands!) And she has her and Roger’s portrait painted, wearing the clan Mackenzie tartan and calling him her boyfriend. Other lodges in the park were used for some of the crew, catering and dressing. Claire and Jamie discuss their plans and Jamie wonders if she’d rather go to Boston, a place she’s more familiar with. Was Roger being too old-fashioned? (Note; I can confirm that, from my experience!). Roger is some sort of secret highlander - John Mayer type, so he’ll be playing some music. Check out Mary & Blake's new podcast dedicated to This Is Us on NBC! They asked if she’d heard of Outlander.

The White Stag was a bringer of omens, either good or ill.

Interesting side note, the wicker stag was created by Sam Heughan’s uncle Trevor Leat, who is the artist of the Wickerman.

Sadly, Brianna was not ready for that kind of commitment (yet! It’s the 1970s and they are sort of doing the long-distance thing, since you can’t really break up with the only other person who knows time travel is real.

Credit: That sounds very stressful Angie, your place sounds amazing and it must surely cost a lot to restore. Two of the lodges were called the “Hero” lodges. No one knows. Insisting Bree doesn’t love him, he leaves the room. They did this scene several times over, filming it from different angles, before moving on to the next bit.

He also wrote the theme songs for other shows such as The Walking Dead , … We found some fans in a car park who directed us to the River Edge Lodges but when we got there we were told by security that the whole thing had just wrapped up for the night. One of these was used to film outside and was the Green Room for the actors. She tells him about the ghost she saw in the night and shows him the skull — the ghost must’ve used her boots to lead them back to each other. He wears the same gemstone around his neck that Claire holds in her hand and when he turns around, she sees he’s been scalped, mirroring the wounds she traced in the skull. The two warm up to each other as they road-trip together, making jokes about the nonsensical naming of French fries (fair) and playing a round of “The Minister’s Cat.” The game ends with Bree looking at Roger lovingly and nearly causing a car accident when she kisses him while he’s driving. Brianna gets all hot and bothered after seeing Roger singing the sad, Scottish version of “Your Body Is a Wonderland” while wearing a kilt, so she makes some big, shirtless moves on him. I’ll start in the order we see the locations in the episode. Interesting side note, the wicker stag was created by Sam Heughan’s uncle Trevor Leat, who is the artist of the Wickerman.

Jocasta castigates Claire, telling her she’s doing Jamie a disservice by not allowing him the chance to be the man he was born to be — a laird. We want our Scots healthy too.

Have you ever had a film crew in your house, street, neighbourhood?

A survey of some of film’s best paranoid political thrillers. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Ian is apparently entirely his own man now because Jamie also signs off on this. Who would dream that Outlander would be filmed in your own backyard! Why do you hate love, thunderstorm? “I would lay the world at your feet, Claire, but I have nothing to give you,” he tells her as I wonder why I don’t have a fainting couch for moments just like these. All traffic had stopped again and nobody moved a muscle until the signal to stand down again.

Or should Bree have been more amenable to things? She takes shelter under a copse of leaves (Jamie is out in the rain searching for her in vain). Claire fiercely defends against the accusations, but silently they seem to hit home. Some of them were shot the day I watched the action at the beautiful Beecraigs Country Park, less than an hour from Glasgow.

He admits that being a printer isn’t, like #CareerGoals or anything, but it did keep both his mind and his body in shape. Outlander’s theme song was arranged by Bear McCreary, one of the top composers working in television today. I visited Scotland a few years ago and saw loads of the spots used for Outlander. She had read ALL the books some years ago after her Dutch friends introduced her to Cross Stitch (known as Outlander in the U.S.) She always thought that the combination of the Scottish landscape and history would be perfect for the screen. He stands to participate in the calling of the clans and when he looks back to the stands, Bree is gone. The crown and thistle conjoins the British Crown with the thistle, the flower of Scotland, signifying the fealty of the Scots to the British crown. Roger rocks a kilt (hello, ye beautiful kilts, we Sassenachs have missed ye) and makes viewers long to see Jamie in one again.

It is terrifying watching them move into your house. A figure with a torch approaches, but it’s not Jamie – it’s an Indian, or rather, an Indian ghost that goes in and out with the flashes of lightning. I made my husband stay with them the entire time to make sure they did not damage anything because I was just too nervous.

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