The lower portion of this formation contains clasts from the youngest part of the stratigraphic section (Oligocene Uvas Basaltic Andesite and Bell Top Tuff), while the upper part of the formation consists of clasts derived from the older Eocene Palm Park and Love Ranch Formations.

The uppermost carbonates in the unit were deposited in shallow water, perhaps in a lagoonal or tidal setting (Pope, 2002). The metamorphic rocks were later intruded by 1.4(?)

URL:,DATETIME,72020,62614,62615 Notes: Water release schedules are updated periodically throughout the day.

Finally, the sea retreated from the region, and the deltaic Gallup Sandstone and fluvial Crevasse Canyon Formation were deposited. Seager, W.R., Shafiqullah, M., Hawley, J.W., and Marvin, R.F., 1984, New K-Ar dates from basalts and the evolution of the southern Rio Grande rift: Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 95, p. 87-99. The bluish gray limestone, dolomite, and cherty limestone of the Lake Valley Formation was deposited on a south-dipping marine ramp during the transgression that began in Late Devonian time. The campgrounds are nice and more or less secluded and peaceful. Please contact the campground.

A stomatolite bed occurs near the top of the unit (Seagar and Mack, 2003).

The lowest part of the section is composed of sand and shale deposits indicative of rivers flowing toward the east to northeast. A regional drop in sea level is indicated by the stromatolite bed that was deposited near the end of Early Ordovician time. Covid-19 Status: The upper McRae Formation contains fewer plant fossils and pedogenic horizons more characteristic of a dry climate (Buck and Mack, 1995). Learn more window zoom in, Tap Into Campground Reviews via iOS or Android. Caballo Lake State Park is the third largest state park in New Mexico. Triassic, Jurassic, and Early to Middle Cretaceous rocks are not preserved in the Caballo Mountains because the area was on the northeastern flank of a Jurassic to middle Cretaceous rift basin (Bisbee Basin/Chihuahua trough). The latest Cretaceous McRae Formation is an interesting unit that records sedimentation associated with Late Cretaceous arc volcanism and the earliest phases of Laramide deformation. FOIA The basal part of the Palm Park Formation is a poorly-sorted conglomerate with clasts of Paleozoic sedimentary, Proterozoic basement, and intermediate composition porphyritic volcanic rocks in a tuffacous muddy matrix.

575-743-3942, Saul Baquera The retreat of the sea was oscillatory, so that the contact between the Magdalena Group and the Abo Formation is gradational, with limestone interfingering with Abo redbeds. Warning: Javascript must be enabled to use all the features on this page! Privacy

The upper Cretaceous Dakota Sandstone rests unconformably on the Yeso Formation. Shallow seas advanced and retreated across the area several times between 510 and 340 million years ago, depositing limestone, dolomite, shale and sandstone, until the second mountain building event, Ancestral Rockies deformation, began. Page Last Modified: 2020-11-03 18:56:31 EST The basal part of the overlying Rincon Valley Formation (about 16 to 6 million years old) is similar to the Hayner Ranch Formation in that it includes Uvas, Bell Top, Palm Park, and Love Ranch clasts.

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