Website Design by Small Businesses Resources. } The Big Lake is the carp syndicate and membership is open to all subject to availability. This means ample opportunity for you to take your angling experience to the next level and fish with like-minded people on those of quieter lakes.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'carpnbait_co_uk-medrectangle-3','ezslot_3',164,'0','0'])); Found in the Mansfield area of Nottingham, White House Fishery offers a carp syndicate which is better known as The Deeping Syndicate. line-height: 2.0; Syndicate Carp Lakes in Lincolnshire Well Worth Considering White House Fishery. Top quality carp were introduced and the 50 acre site has grown on for nearly forty years, resulting in the stunning natural surroundings that we enjoy today. Imagine a quiet, 10 acre estate lake that dates back to the 1600’s fringed with large Oaks, Norfolk reeds and large expanses of lily pads. Weekend rota – 10am Friday – 10am Monday. Roughs lake is a peaceful lake set on the edge of the Fens. From gravel bars, weed beds and islands to deep bays, plateaus and snags. With a big head of fish packing the weight on! } Approximately 25 acres of gin clear water, housing some of the most stunning carp you’re ever likely to see on the bank. Both lakes are stocked with stunning scaley carp and are included on the syndicate ticket. We offer five outstanding venues, from day ticket to syndicate waters, that cater for every carp angler's needs. Carp Fishing in the heart of Staffordshire . Being a part of a fishing syndicate means linking up with those anglers who are looking for a similar experience as yourself. This was my first lake, at just over an acre and with depths ranging from 2ft- 12ft, 2 islands, lillies, reed beds and overhanging trees, this is the ultimate in close quarter carping.

There’s one aim when you are fishing in […], So, they have the same last name, but […], What could be nicer than sitting down […], Having problems with your pole? These venues (unless stated) are run as individual syndicates split into weekday and weekend rota’s. Deepings No.2 has been replenished and restocked with carp in the low range doubles topping over 40 Ibs.

Furthermore, there are four individually designed carp lakes, which are all run through a syndicate.

£40k of investment. table#t1 thead tr th#t1.end {

4200m of fencing is protecting our entire fish stocks from flooding and predation.

All of our venues are run with the members and fishing experience at the forefront of what we do. padding: 5px; background: -webkit-linear-gradient(top, #FFFFFF 0%,#FFFFFF 100%); Imagine a lake that is quiet and peaceful and the only sound you will hear at night are the plentiful Owls hooting across the valley. If you would like more information on joining our 50 man carp syndicate in Kent, please get in touch and fill in our contact form. text-align: center;

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. background: -o-linear-gradient(top, #FFFFFF 0%,#FFFFFF 100%); We are a non publicity water based near Thetford but you will find all you need contained within this website including information about the lake, stocking, rules and just a few pictures of fish along with a short video on our Media page. Cawcutts offers some spectacular fishing just to the north of Cambridge.

Our carp lake holds stock of up to 35lb and you can find tench & perch and other species on our other lakes. Welcome to Ringstead Carp Fishery. Well known for its beautiful countryside areas and fascinating landscapes, the eastern England county of Lincolnshire also offers an excellent supply of carp fishing lakes. Though the syndicate doesn’t have a specific website, they do have a community Facebook page which anglers can become a part of. A mature gravel pit on the outskirts of West London. You may recognise neighbouring fisheries such as Chigboro Fisheries, Chigborough Carp Syndicate, Maldon Pool Syndicate, Slough House Farm Fishery, Rook Hall Fisheries and The Sanctuary Syndicate to name a few. Turn down the narrow gravel track, off Broad Street Green Road, onto what you would assume is a road to nowhere, and after a short drive your’ll be greeted by an epic site.

Car parking is also being enhanced with the syndicate looking to put as much of the membership money back into offering a fantastic destination for all members to enjoy. background: -moz-linear-gradient(top, #FFFFFF 0%, #FFFFFF 100%); We want you to enjoying your fishing, surrounded by peaceful, tranquil countryside, in a safe and secure environment. Our venues have proven very popular so lots of them have waiting lists in operation. Ralph Pool is the larger of syndicate lakes and well known for its stock levels and fish diversity. We have no public rights of way and have erected 2000m of perimeter fencing and high entrance gates. However, there is a small social cabin for anglers with basic facilities available. Membership is through an invitation to the fishery, and usually via current members and personal recommendations. Proper anglers who care about their waters don't leave any rubbish, twice yearly vermin control prevents any problems. We run a transparent waiting list, meaning there is no favouritism. The Carp Syndicate - Crowborough's cover photo As many of you are aware, I support the Fishery Management department and students from Plumpton College. Borwick, Carnforth (Not “Borwick fishing” which is a different fishery which can be found here Borwick Fishing )Tel: 01524 720844 Email: Not to be confused with the water over the other side of the road (Borwick Fishing) Borwick Lake is a syndicate water that allows limited tickets to non members, Bookable in advance. There’s also the chance to catch carp up to 30 Ibs here as well as catfish as big as 50 Ibs. table#t1 tbody tr td { Charlie's Syndicate. To find out more - use the map to navigate below the venues. ALL YEAR TICKET ENQUIRIES FROM FEB 2021, ALL WINTER TICKETS SOLD OUT. width: 35%; With an emphasis on encouraging long-term members looking for a friendly fishing environment in the most peaceful of surroundings, fees are worked on a reducing cost basis. Now used as a small fishing syndicate, it’s a 60 plus acre lake offering the most tranquil of angling experiences.

Two picturesque lakes situated just outside the village of Yaxley in Peterborough. You’ll also find small numbers of cats with 40 Ib weights.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'carpnbait_co_uk-box-4','ezslot_4',165,'0','0'])); This lake is around seven acres with new bivvy swims created around it for an enhanced fishing experience.

text-align: center; Embryo's venues are run with the future and members enjoyment at the heart of it. The Messingham Syndicate Lakes offer a choice of two stunning lakes and locations, and both can be found and easily accessed via the town of Scunthorpe. table#t1 tbody tr:hover td { fancy joining an Embryo Venue? We have now introduced some stunning new stock and we are adjusting the biomass to create the perfect environment for the carp to flourish. padding: 4px; […], If you have a long day of fishing ahead […], Pole Elastic Lubricant: Why It Is Essential.

The idea of the syndicate originated well over a decade ago when founding members considered the essential elements of a thriving fishery and combined them to make this a friendly group setting. Existing swims have been re-furbished and new ones built, with the angler very much in mind, and all offer comfortable fishing for short or long-stay sessions. Current stock has degree of mystery although as we near the conclusion of the first full year of the syndicate a clearer picture is being formed. The Carp Syndicate Membership enquiry . Our portfolio is ever expanding so keep your eyes peeled for new additions. } This was my first lake, at just over an acre and with depths ranging from 2ft- 12ft, 2 islands, lillies, reed beds and overhanging trees, this is the ultimate in close quarter carping. The gravel pit is now the home to a new but experienced syndicate. Over the years they have continuously produced some of the biggest carp and catfish seen in the UK. But, if it’s a pleasant and tranquil fishing experience you’re after with some friendly members keen on improving the angling experience for all, Barrow Mere is certainly a syndicate worth looking into. They provide a realistic idea of the type of angling that swarkestone offers.

An open, 17 acre lake with a fresh stock of carp and an existing stock of silver fish, creating a beautiful mixed fishery.

The home of the Bowl Carp Syndicate The home of the Bowl Carp Syndicate The home of the Bowl Carp Syndicate . Hyde Lane is a mature, 20 acre gravel pit located on the outskirts of Buckingham. }. table#t1 thead tr th#t1.start { table#t1 tbody tr { Located in Maldon Essex, it’s the ideal location for a carp syndicate.

We also offer open access to our syndicate waters during April and May which is often a prolific time, meaning you could have the chance of catching some of the best and biggest carp in the UK.

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One ticket covers both lakes. A large island dominates the majority of the lake and is riddled with snags, overhanging trees and other features. All invitations to join our waters are sent out via email so if you are on one of our waiting lists (lists can be viewed at the bottom of each venue file page), especially close to the top, please keep an eye on your emails around March/April time and don’t forget to check your junk mail folder, just in case it slips into there! vertical-align: top; Our Syndicate's. The chawston lakes syndicate is a 17 acre complex which offers its syndicate members all year fishing.

Those looking to join can contact the syndicate through their Facebook page. A lake that contains many beautiful old Leney mirrors full of character that date back to the 1970’s and hundreds of long, hard fighting commons. £40k of investment. Here at Embryo, the waiting list is the waiting list! } We offer five outstanding venues, from day ticket to syndicate waters, that cater for every carp angler's needs. Staffordshire Gems. The Lakes .

wellingborough lakes consists of three private syndicate carp fisheries located in northamptonshire. The Carp Society formed in 1981 with the primary aim to develop and promote Carp Angling, today the organisation still abides by the founding principles, as well as developing the Carp Society for the future. Carp syndicate in Kent.

A jewel of the Windrush valley with a stock of fish originating from the 1970's. color: #000000; However, potential members are also encouraged to check through the photos of the lake, which are displayed on their page first.

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