These might be changes in the household, trying a new cat food or simply the aging process — cats can grow less active as they mature, and development can lead to personality traits coming out more or calming down more. We use Mailchimp as our marketing platform.

This is not common after a spay surgery but it can happen. While she will be sore for a few weeks, your kitty should be social, hungry and alert within 48 hours of returning home. Creative commons photos used in posts must be shared with original artist credits intact. “There is no statistical evidence of behavior change due to surgery,” she adds.

They'd cry if you separated them for any length of time. One of them, Harlow, is “alpha” and they all know it. Thomas: If play, pheromone diffusers and increasing vertical territory don’t stop the redirected aggression, you may have to go through the process of reintroducing the cats. This is a typical behavior seen in cats after being spayed. Although thoroughly researched, articles are not written or edited by a veterinarian. So my 4 year old female cat, Ingrid, was spayed on June 30. :). I was the one to take her to the vet and the one to pick her up. My friends male cat just gave birth ...Is that strange . Learn more about Mailchimp's privacy practices here. HELP!! Have you had a situation like hers, and what did you do about it? Bach added that if your cat appears hesitant to jump after a few days, give your vet a call. “A lot of the unaltered behaviors are undesirable for owners.”. To start with, Mikel Delgado, a certified cat behavior consultant and co-owner of Feline Minds in Berkley, California, confirms that no research shows any negative effects on a cat’s personality after spay. Since your cat no longer goes into heat, she won't actively seek out mates during the height of her reproductive cycle. You did the right and responsible thing for your cat.

Some cats show more aggression when in pain and feeling vulnerable, so Maria Brömme, DVM, a veterinarian at Alicia Pet Care Center in Mission Viejo, California, recommends providing her with a quiet and warm location in which to recover. Our favorites are Neko Flies and Da Bird, and you can get these at pet stores and online, too. Thomas: We recommend using “thing on a string” toys.

Bella: You also want to make sure that there’s plenty of vertical territory. Something startled her, and she lashed out at the nearest object–which, in this case, is your old boy kitty. I would take her back to get the stitches out, they can become more of a problem if you don't. After some researching I found out that female cats can have a clingy period after being spayed, a spay is taking away all her hormones and like her fellow female humans; hormones being removed is quite a psychological mountain to overcome. Not only that, an operation is quite a traumatic thing for cats and they can lose some confidence from it as they see it as a battle wound, an injury per say. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. I had my cat spayed. Thanks in advance! HELP!! So my 4 year old female cat, Ingrid, was spayed on June 30.

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