Cats are more resistant than dogs, but can still be infected with one to two worms. If your cat has pulled a muscle you may notice him limping or walking on 3 legs. If so, is there heat? Cats with medial patellar luxation may walk with a bowlegged gait. He appeared to have no use of back legs.

Thank you for your question. He's not crying in pain and was given Meloxicam in the beginning. Even a non-venomous snake can inflict damage. Answered in 4 minutes by: 2/12/2011. As your cat walks, he may skip or hop on the affected leg, he frequently pulls the leg up towards the body and skips. You may notice him walking on three legs. Climbed on my bed last night but when getting off he just fell. Carefully trim the claw to remove shredded edges. Acute limping is lameness which has a sudden and recent onset within 24-48 hours and is most commonly caused by pain. Antigen tests: To look for antibodies for Lyme disease and anaplasmosis. Antibiotics for symptomatic cats. However, some heartworms can migrate to other parts of the body including the arteries of the legs.

Return to your veterinarian for follow up if the injury does not resolve. Middle-aged to senior cats are most commonly affected by osteoarthritis. She hasn't had any diarrhea or vomiting. Also called pillow foot or spongy pad, plasma cell pododermatitis is a rare and poorly understood condition in which inflammation occurs on the paw pad.

I did talk to a tech at the vet; said to wait....I can't. An abscess is a walled-off collection of pus most commonly due to a bite wound. It may be necessary to remove the nail plate (which will grow back) to help clear the infection. All her shots are up to date and before last week she was a happy healthy crazy kitty. Abscess . The treatment your veterinarian will prescribe for most soft tissue injury is rest. Antibiotics to treat bacterial infections, Stiffness, especially in cold weather or upon waking. They were born may 5 making them 4 months old. Carefully look over the affected limb for signs of cuts or abrasions. If one has grown into the paw pad, see your veterinarian as infection is common. It usually takes about two weeks for your cat to recover from a soft tissue injury, but you should restrict activity until several days after limping is gone. Bone infections, cancer, and hormonal imbalances can also weaken the bones and cause the bone to break. Soft tissue trauma in cats involves injury to the muscles, tendons and ligaments that surround the cat's bones and joints. The bone remains within the surrounding tissue if it is closed.

Roughhousing or play with other animals can result in injury, as being underfoot can result in injuries. It may be necessary to apply pins to support the bone. If an obvious cause cannot be determined (abscess, foreign body, injury, overgrown claw(s) etc), he may wish to perform the following tests. Drain, flush and pack the abscess, discharge with oral antibiotics. Some cases, spontaneously recover in a few weeks. There may be a pattern, such as upon waking, or when it is cold, but it is not there all the time, as with chronic limping. Cat limping can have a variety of causes. You need to ensure that your cat is left alone. Torn claws are a common injury which can occur if the cat has snagged the claw on something (such as carpet or tree bark). Was examined by vet right away, no injuries found but she is was favoring a front paw. Male cats who roam are at greatest risk due to a higher incidence of territorial fighting. If the veterinarian recommends rest, keep the cat in a small room or in a large dog crate. She was the more rambunctious one of the two and now rarely plays . Look at the claws for signs of damage.

I haven't seen her pee in days but has pooped alot and it's really light and runny I can't hardly get her to drink any water and her belly between her back legs is swelling really bad and all the way down her left leg and feels like a bag of jello that just keeps getting bigger and bigger by the day. The metacarpal (front) or metatarsal (rear) food pads are most commonly affected, which are the large pads behind the bean-shaped paw pads. Limping is an abnormal stance caused by a dysfunction of the cat’s locomotor system.

I dont see any bruising or bleeding but hes been licking the leg i feel more then normal and not really using his nails to pull himself when he rolls over or is stretching out on the bed. Red, inflamed pustules on the head and feet with areas of hair loss. Cats are very stoic creatures and may well be in far more pain than they let on.

In some cases, surgical debridement will be necessary to remove necrotic tissue. I hope that she is okay. Treatment of spinal injuries depends on the underlying cause but may include: Chronic limping is limping which develops over a prolonged period of time. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to reduce inflammation.

The disease can affect any part of the body including the feet and claws. Pemphigus is a rare group of autoimmune diseases in cats where the cat’s own immune system attacks the tissues due to an overproduction of autoantibodies affecting layers of the skin. Cats with congenital deformities may require surgery. The type of surgery depends on the age of the cat and the severity of the condition. Your cat should avoid playing, cat trees, stairs, outdoor activity and access to other animals that could cause your cat to re-injure themselves. She goes outside about 3x a day and does nothing but wander to our front porch and our back steps. Share this conversation. Cat Veterinarian: Dr. Drew, Cat Veterinarian replied 9 years ago. In order for healing of soft tissue trauma to occur, you should ensure your cat rests and restrict activity.

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