The game hangs for some seconds then starts playing again frequently, bad performance, very high bloom and sound issues like crackling and white noise.In other words it's unplayable.. The game is playable with crashing every hour until entering sylvalum. Other than the usual graphical issues, everything is working excellently. Did a few run throughs of the start of the game but I still don't have the hang of it.

Stuck on black "Loading" Screen during startup.

When selecting the manual from the in game menu, you will be taken to a FrontierNav background page that is empty. Looks better than I've seen previously. 1. First cutscene still has to be skipped and is not played, following cutscenes play with improper audio and appear to maintain a stable fps for the most part. Voices are still too low to hear due to high sound effects and music(see known issues). After a song is played in game, further replays will h… Voices being overpowered by the comparatively louder music during cut scenes was a common issue in the original game on the Wii U. Surprisingly, besides the character and enemy models flickering in and out of view, the environment looks very spot-on to the original. Xenoblade Chronicles X is an action role-playing video game developed by Monolith Soft and published by Nintendo. Lots of freezes during gameplay, pre-recorded cinematics not working at all, they freeze right away, ingame cinematics are fine. It tends to disappear when moving a significant distance, and is slight enough go potentially unnoticed. Runs pretty good on 1440p sometimes in battle the fps may drop little.You can play from beginning to end with no issues at all. Was unplayable after initial landing, constantly crashing every 1-5min. I may perform additional testing to see if I can replicate the crash. Music and voices are too low compared to other sounds. Music volume can be adjusted with this.

), killing a enemy made cubes in the air above them and the game is too white (didn't change the brightness) and changing from the first area made some textures go white, Substantially improved performance and stability.

However, after a couple loading screens, I had alt-tabbed away from the game... while alt-tabbed away CEMU crashed. Can't go past entering character name (how to confirm? 1.1.

CEMU 1.15.2 - Over An Hour of Xenoblade Chronicles X 4K 60 FPS However it might also be a Cemu Err-Eula popup, which requires a restart of Cemu. Playing at 4K. I made it as far as to NLA without any crashes and I didn't play anything after that. Would stick to 1.11.3. High quality textures and models seem to take too long to load in New LA, some textures have black rectangles until the high quality ones load, house roofs in the distance have black tops until you get close to them, I am running Vulkan but I noticed the same issues on OpenGL. However it can be mitigated by removing the 60fps patch and underclocking to 2500 mhz in Ryzen Master. Sometime, some visuals glitches appear on face, body and hairs for characters. For some reason this issue always goes away when you're close enough for the game to load the highest quality versions of textures. Broken starting space cutscenes, constant small audio stuttering.

Some random FPS drop at 1080p, but mainly during entering new areas – very smooth otherwise. Optionally, there are graphic packs available. The Cemu team has confirmed that they are working on this. 30fps in title screen and cutscenes, 25-30fps in-game. Fortunately, it's actually kind of pretty, rather than an annoyance.

Overall, 1.14.0c runs Xenoblade Chronicles X extremely well. The mini-map has been disabled in-game along with other information like the Skell Fuel Gauge as I prefer a more minimal UI.Performance is pretty much perfect, but there is some random flickering which happens because of the 60FPS patch and rendering with Vulkan. Fps stays at 30 as long as buffer cache accuracy is at low. Graphical bugs still exist such as purple and missing textures. Stretched polygons everywhere, takes a good while to load after starting a new game.

This issue was also in 1.7.4. 15-30fps in title screen, 15-30fps in cutscenes, 10-15fps in-game, many character model/texture issues, environment/background and weather looks decent. Encountered audio issues until I switched from DirectSound to XAudio2. The known issues still persist in this version. (May be fixed in 1.20.X, May be caused by multi-core).

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