Let’s just act like he won in a couple days.’. 20 years later, Stone and Calvin set up a meeting with Trevor, who is able to track the offshore account for the auction, so they can get the deal's location. endstream endobj 164 0 obj <> endobj 165 0 obj <> endobj 166 0 obj <> endobj 167 0 obj <> endobj 168 0 obj <> endobj 169 0 obj <> endobj 170 0 obj <>stream Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson – ‘Central Intelligence’, Eurovision: Interviews With the Cast and Scenes From the Movie, Homecoming Season 2: Interviews With the Cast and Scenes From the Movie, 7500: Interviews With the Cast and Scenes From the Movie, Get on the Red Carpet with 'Mission Impossible: Fallout', Get the inside look at 'Crazy Rich Asians'. Alias HE’S almost two metres tall and 115 kilograms of pure muscle, but even Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson knows what it feels like to be bullied — and arrested. It’s hard to imagine The Rock as a pebble. You can communicate. ", How Kevin Hart Channeled His Inner Fourth Grader in Captain Underpants, Where Lin-Manuel Miranda Found Inspiration for the Songs in Moana, How Dwayne Johnson Overcame Nerves to Belt out a Song in Moana, Meet Auli'i Cravalho, the Dazzling 15-year-Old Hawaiian Star of Moana, The Secret Life of Pets Reviews: What the Critics Are Yapping About, Kevin Hart Makes No Secret Why He Voices Snowball in The Secret Life of Pets. With “Central Intelligence,” the question of high school is bound to come up. You don’t want the kid to be 18 and he’s approached with his first fight and he’s like, ‘Dad! “Twenty years later he’s become a very lethal CIA operative. He talks about an incident when was 11. “His personality, his mind never really matured beyond that traumatising moment (at school) so he’s this very earnest, childlike character who’s still looking for approval and validation. Then he turns off the shower by hitting the off button and he and his friends grab him and carry him to the gymnasium and throw him out in front of the audience and he becomes a laughing stock in front of the whole school, but Calvin Joyner (who was giving a speech to the school), gives him his jacket to cover his private parts and feels sympathy for him (along with Maggie, his love interest).

w�啛+^1�8��2hwtL�7`�\�*CcaR����S�hj��y�?ۣu��j���˪i�?G� ���[|;�]�b�Un�+������/�o Y First, it stresses empathy for others and forgiveness. ?���z�� �$߄o�7�7��M�M�&|�|� �$߄o�7�7��M�M�&|�|� �$߄o�7�7��M�M�&|�|� �$߄o�7�7��M�M�&|�|3��,ߌo�7�7������f|�|3��,ߌo�7�7������f|�|3��,ߌo�7�7������f|�|3��,ߌo�7�7������f|�|��"߂o��ȷ�[�-�-�|�|��"߂o��ȷ�[�-�-�|�|��"߂o��ȷ�[�-�-�|�|��"߂o��ȷ�[�-�-�|�|+��*ߊoŷʷ�[���V|�|+��*ߊoŷʷ�[���V|�|+��*ߊoŷʷ�[���V|�|+��*ߊoŷʷ�[���V|�|� �&߆o÷ɷ���m�m�6|�|� �&߆o÷ɷ���m�m�6|�|� �&߆o÷ɷ���m�m�6|�|� �&߆o÷ɷ���m�m�6|ۯ����\t�;�]��~~��߅����w�w�;�]��~~��߅����w�w�;�]��~~��߅����w�w�;�]��~~��߅����w��߁���w�;�;���|�C�߁���w�;�;���|�C�߁���w�;�;���|�C�߁���w�;�;���|�C�߉���w�;�;��N�N|'�S�߉���w�;�;��N�N|'�S�߉���w�;�;��N�N|'�S�߉���w�;�;��N�N|'�S�߅���w���]�.�.|�K�߅���w���]�.�.|�K�߅���w���]�.�.|�K�߅���w���]�.�.|���?������|��x����{ݎ���i��o�_/�};������� ~�� I love that unique twist.”. ", and one kid admired his dancing but then said he's different when his friends looked at him angrily. Hart’s Calvin was the most popular kid in school; he wound up a bored office drone. Hart’s story about the good old days is nice; Johnson’s is not.

“I spent a lot of time trying to get back on the right track,” Johnson explains. 060E4E5C697F41646F62654964656E74697479436F7079726967687420323030 In a sense, Central Intelligence is precisely that. I wouldn’t start them, but you know when you’re the new kid …,” Johnson said. %PDF-1.6 %����

0000002867 00000 n ", then Bob having enough of his bullying nature, punches him in the face, and Trevor falls to the ground unconscious while Bob says to him "I don't like bullies" and steps over him, and Calvin also says to him "And the name is Bob Stone b****! ?����G��#��(�~? It’s not unusual to talk about deeper stuff when talking “Central Intelligence,” which is on one hand a silly blockbuster (and one where Johnson gets to play the goofier character, prone to unicorn tees and creep-silly actions). Nos partenaires et nous-mêmes stockerons et/ou utiliserons des informations concernant votre appareil, par l’intermédiaire de cookies et de technologies similaires, afin d’afficher des annonces et des contenus personnalisés, de mesurer les audiences et les contenus, d’obtenir des informations sur les audiences et à des fins de développement de produit. Live pay cheque to pay cheque and that worry and anxiety and how it can rule your life, and dreaming big but worrying that you’re never going to get there. 0000002406 00000 n 159 0 obj <> endobj Goals With the aid of CGI, Johnson plays himself as an obese teenager being humiliated at high school, while Ride Along star Kevin Hart takes on the role of Calvin, the most popular kid in school. Central Intelligence (2016) Sign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York City. Ant Man and The Wasp: Interviews and scenes from the movie. To make Bob's life as miserable as possible. 05468B069F0A9F0B8C0C11FA7C14> “He is the definition of what the most popular kid in school was. Like everything else in Central Intelligence, it belly-flops. 0000001170 00000 n ", and shoves him saying "still a scared little b****! It’s hard to imagine The Rock as a pebble. And he’s just finished the big screen reboot of Baywatch with Zac Efron. Johnson also battled depression in his early 20s when he was passed over by the NFL and was cut from his team — the Calgary Stampeders — in the Canadian Football League at the age of 24. Type in your zip code to get the time and channel of "Made in Hollywood. “We were thinking of a couple of guys, big names and Kevin’s wasn’t even on the list,” he says.

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