From knitting to jewelry, new patterns to timeless tutorials, our experts have you covered! Find chainmaille patterns for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings of all kinds.

Making your own chains can sound intimidating, but it’s really not. Further Explorations in Chain Making: Double, Two-Way, Two-Way Double, and Three-Way Loop-in-Loop with Ann Cahoon Video Download, Intro to Chain Making with Ann Cahoon: Single Loop-in-Loop Video Download, Easy Jewelry Chain Making with Janice Berkebile Video Download, Silver and Copper Link Necklace Project Download, Egyptian Squares Necklace Project Download. This Sophisticated Statement Necklace should be the next DIY jewelry project for you to make. This DIY jewelry piece also makes a great gift for your friends. Typically, orbital chainmaille jewelry patterns are indeed chains as opposed to sheets (although almost any chain can be made into a sheet). We’ll finish up with DragonBack, which is a weave that is rather unusual and not often seen. It uses simple soldering to create the links and then adds beads and charms to the double strands. The individual patterns are named and sorted by the number of times a single link in the pattern passes through another link and by whether the pattern forms a "Chain" or a "Mail". I don’t know where it came from, but you have to admit, it’s unusual! Here is the info on the jump rings and beads. This mesmerizing piece will entice eyes to look around and around the DIY pendant piece, and its many facets allow new discoveries each time. Thanks so much for reading this far, and happy maille-ing! Attach it to a plain bail and chain, and display it proudly.

(For more info, see the post on chain maille pliers.).

It consists of two video downloads which concentrate on different chain forms — Intro to Chain Making: Single Loop-in-Loop and Further Explorations in Chain Making: Double, Two-Way, Two-Way Double, and Three-Way Loop-in-Loop. Not to mention an absolutely gorgeous one! If you want to take a basic wireworked chain to the next level, adding a pendant or a large single focal bead turns your chain into a work of art. Get ready to put everyone…, Try out these lucky, golden earrings for a great accessory to add chicness to any outfit.

Enjoy!!!!! This magical project only requires toggle clasps, beads and wire.

It’s 37 pages and has 79 photos, so you have a lot of instructions and plenty of close-ups.

These standout statement earrings are sure to get you noticed, and they're so easy to put together. As for the small jump rings, you will only need two or so, depending on what kind of clasp you plan to use. And if you really want to get into making chain, check out Ann Cahoon’s video series. Check out these chain maille patterns and designs for inspiration on how to weave jump rings into beautiful adornments. The same technique will give you three completely unique looks. It would definitely be Kylie’s Fluid Necklace. Yeah, this is where it really starts to sound intimidating. We always wore lots of chains with our bell-bottom jeans and colorful shirts. Mount dazzling aqua beads six toggle clasps all wired together to form a polished silver ring. Perfect for beginners and experienced maillers alike. Chainmaille isn't traditionally thought of as the most feminine of jewelry-making techniques, but the Japanese 12-in-2 Bracelet and Ring completely turns that stereotype on its head. Mar 13, 2012 - Chainmaille jewelry is just so popular. While this type of project is great for DIY gift ideas, chances are you'll probably want these seed beads and charms wrapped around your wrist.

The base of this chain maille jewelry pattern is a simple one-in-one (sometimes called 2-in-2) chain. Two of my favorite chain maille designs were created by Kylie Jones, a frequent contributor to Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, Step By Step Wire Jewelry, and a number of our special interest magazines. Long chains.

Not that you can’t use it to make bracelets or necklaces, but the pattern shows itself best when hanging vertically. Jeanne Jerousek-McAninch’s Beaded Chain uses wireworked spirals, soldering, and forging to create a long, elegant clasp-less chain. Let’s see — which obvious chain-making technique have I left out? Chains around our ankles. Or you can get both of Ann’s videos together in one DVD — Chain Making with Ann Cahoon. Beaded Chainmaille Jewelry Tutorial — Video 1, Chain Maille Tutorial – HP 3in1, HP 4in1, DragonBack, how to make the Barrel chain maille pattern, Rhinos Shaken Not Stirred chain maille pattern, Chain Maille Christmas Ornament Tutorial 2, Tutorial – Chain Maille Ornament Covers 1, 18 gauge 6mm inside diameter rings (AR = 6). As a child of the 1970s, I love chains! (And you’ll join the rest of us chain freaks.)

Free jewelry patterns like this one are great for making a few beads go a long way. I tend to think of chain maille (which I love to do) as a category all on its own. So if you don’t have the 18 gauge 6mm IDs laying around, feel free to use whatever rings you have on hand. Cool! Beaded chainmaille is a change of pace — and I am looking forward to making a bracelet incorporating sterling and pearls. But up to this point I hadn’t done anything with beads, except as a dangle off an earring. No matter what the occasion you are sure to…. Ready…set…let’s get maille-ing with this beaded chainmaille bracelet! The Rhinos Snorting Drano tutorial was a lot of fun to put together. I’d suggest Erin Prais-Hintz’s AlphabetiQ Necklace. Learn how to make earrings that play with color and texture by incorporating bold blue glass drop beads and gold hammered oval hoops. Then like most weaves, once you have the rhythm, it’s not all that hard at all! Depending on your color choices and what ring sizes you choose, it can be anywhere from tailored to funky to elegant. . So how do the rings stay in place without going through another ring? So start by watching the video and then take a look at the supplies for the others if you like. Do you want to double your fun? (It’s a given that you will need earring findings and pliers.). Once you have the hang of that weave, time to move onto the HP 4in1. The chain maille HP (Half Persian) weaves are intriguing and DragonBack is exciting! Learn all there is to know about how to make chainmail jewelry and armor. Once you put this necklace on, you will never want to take it off and you will have all your friends asking you how you made such an elegant and sophisticated…. Once you’re ready to move onto more advanced techniques in chain making, soldering is the next logical step. It has 20 pages and 35 photos. That’s it.

The tutorial is immediately available as a digital download. Give Scott David Plumlee’s Forged Arches Bracelet a shot.

on Just Cast On: Making Your First Sweater, on Free Wire Jewelry Video: Wire Link Charm Bracelets, How to Make Jewelry with Argentium Sterling Silver: Fold Forming, Soldering & More with Cynthia Eid, Jeweler’s Files: Filing Tips and Tricks for a Professional Finish, Argentium Sterling Silver Q & A with Argentium Expert Cynthia Eid, Jewelry Making: In the Studio Soldering, Fusing, and Creating with a Micro Torch and Butane, 5 Places to Wear Your Wildflower Necklaces this Summer, Free Wire Jewelry Video: Wire Link Charm Bracelets. Here is a sampling of what is in store for you. The tutorial is in ebook form — it is not a printed book. Clear out your seed bead stash and learn how to make easy Shaggy Loops chain maille earrings with the Cha Cha Chain Earrings tutorial. The geometric shape of these Lucky Lantern DIY Earrings are reminiscent of pretty Chinese paper lanterns.

Long chains. Login to post a comment. In this ebook I teach you DragonBack. So what’s next? It’s totally optional; I just like using it because it gives me a better grip on the jump rings, and prevents them from marring. This Shaggy Loops chain maille video tutorial is for a pair of earrings in this fun chainmaille jewelry pattern. This Graceful Crystal and Wire Necklace showcases simple wire-wrapping techniques at their finest. Plus, add a drop of crystal for extra sparkle.

. I also show two additional variations and talk about how I made them. Attach it to a plain bail and chain, and display it proudly. Check out these chain maille patterns and designs for inspiration on how to weave jump rings into beautiful adornments. You will need approximately 3 beads and 12 of the 6mm ID jump rings per inch of finished chain.

These loops only go through one jump ring. Lovely lavender and purple crystal hues weave are woven together to make a stunning pair of DIY earrings. For a more elegant design combining two metals, elegant curves, and more advanced soldering techniques, I highly recommend Judy Helfrich’s Silver and Copper Link Necklace . It’s available as a DVD or a video download. Naturally, I plan for more beaded chainmaille jewelry patterns! I also will show some other design options. For a good starting point, check out Jodi Bombardier’s Spiral Link Bracelet . (And hot.

Plus, this DIY jewelry project shows you a wire wrapping jewelry technique. And Rhinos Snorting Drano of course falls into that category. everything. Now I have a lot of different chainmaille bracelets — right now I’m wearing a roundmaille, a Turkish roundmaille and a Jens Pind. All of the ring gauges list below are AWG. You'll be a chainmaille expert once you try these free jewelry tutorials featuring chain maille jewelry instructions. I love the patterns and new creative uses chainmaille artists are coming up with! This DIY necklace is a great and stylish statement piece that you will never want to take off once you have assembled it. With a couple of tips in the very beginning on how to start the weave, it becomes a whole lot easier! If you want to make the green and gold bracelet, you’ll need more of the smaller jump rings and fewer of the large jump rings and bicone beads. Chains can make a great finishing touch to a jewelry design or they can stand alone as a piece unto themselves. well . 18 gauge 3.5mm or 4mm inside diameter (AR = 3.5 or 4), 18 black jump rings, 18 gauge with a 6mm ID, 32 gold jump rings, 18 gauge with a 6mm ID, 24 amethyst jump rings, 18 gauge 4.5mm ID. Once again I provide two different ways to start out the weave to make things that much easier! In the meanwhile, I’ll call it my own variation.

Well, almost! It, too, is a dense weave, and it makes a very substantial piece of jewelry. hbspt.forms.create({portalId: "6817144",formId: "f0f8d4c4-aae0-4df9-9443-19046428d6cb" Welcome to the HP world! The Barrel pattern is one variation, which when done in a tighter weave is quite a tailored look. With these weaves, I demonstrate each weave in at least two different color rings, so you can more easily see how the weave is put together. In actuality, you can pretty much use any gauge, any ID you’d like. Chainmaille patterns aren't just for armor anymore! But you can, in fact, keep it pretty simple — especially when you’re just getting started. If you want the supply info on the two variations I show, the list for these is below the video. All major credit cards are accepted. Of course, once you really get going, you’ll be hooked. So get your Chain Mail Tutorial for the Rhinos Snorting Drano weaves for just $5 and you can be learning in just a few minutes. . function EJEJC_lc(th) { return false; } Judy Freyer Thompson’s Double Jeopardy Necklace can get you started.

And I still am. The ebook is just $6, which is a small amount for everything you get, especially with the super-close-up photos — which many times I show multiple angles so you are sure where to put that next ring! As a child of the 1970s, I love chains! © Copyright 2020 Golden Peak Media. A beautiful blend of elegance and funky style, these Regal Hammered Hoop Bead Earrings certainly stand on their own. This Anthro Knockoff Earring Tutorial has a lot to offer a DIY jeweler.

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