Amended by Acts 1981 (69 G.A.) The confirmation shall be a receipt furnished by the office of the attending veterinarian. The veterinarian shall issue a tag with the certificate of vaccination, and such tag shall at all times be attached to the collar of the dog. 1 DOGSANDOTHERANIMALS,§351.28 CHAPTER351 DOGSANDOTHERANIMALS Referredtoin§331.381 351.1 through351.24 Repealedby94 Acts,ch1173,§42. A person who does not comply with the provisions of a sterilization agreement is guilty of a simple misdemeanor. An owner may redeem a dog by having it immediately vaccinated and paying the cost of impoundment. Animal Industry [Chs. 2. 351.1 to 351.24. b. Please report updates to this page here: . ch. It shall be the duty of the owner of any dog, cat or other animal which has bitten or attacked a person or any person having knowledge of such bite or attack to report this act to a local health or law enforcement official. Upon the third offense, the department may suspend or revoke a certificate of registration issued to the pound or animal shelter pursuant to this chapter. This section shall not apply if a police service dog or a horse used by a law enforcement agency and acting in the performance of its duties has bitten a person. 311, § 1. |  Make a donation today », Page last modified: October 27, 2020  |  Sitemap, In the 15-year period of 2005 through 2019, canines killed 521 Americans. No.2004-2 - Cherokee County Secondary Roads Right-of-Way No.2004-3 - Cherokee County Zoning Ordinance Amendment No.2004-4 - Flood Plain Management: No.2005-1 - Establishing election precincts for Cherokee County No.2005-1A - Abate nuisances within the unincorporated are of Cherokee County No.2007-1 - Local Option Sales and Service Tax 3. Amended by Acts 1976 (66 G.A.) Such ordinances include animal cruelty and animal neglect. For Animal Control frequently asked questions click here. July 1, 2015; Acts 2016 (86 G.A.) Subtitle 6. The commission may charge a fee for such bands but the fee shall not exceed ten cents for each band. c. A pound or animal shelter shall transfer ownership of a dog or cat, conditioned upon the confirmation that the sterilization has been completed by a licensed veterinarian who performed the procedure.

Learn more about breed-specific legislation in our BSL FAQ. 193, § 9; Acts 1994 (75 G.A.) The return of a dog or cat to its owner by a pound or animal shelter. If a local board of health receives information that an animal has bitten a person or that a dog or animal is suspected of having rabies, the board shall order the owner to confine such animal in the manner it directs. Link to Title V. Agriculture [Chs.

25, S.F.

The commission shall have the power to adopt rules prohibiting the training of any hunting dog on any game bird, game animal, or fur-bearing animal in the wild at any time when it has been determined that such training might have an adverse effect on the populations of these species. If the owner of the impounded dog fails to redeem the dog within seven days from the date of the delivery of the notice to the dog's owner as provided in this section, the dog may be disposed of in accordance with law.

It shall be unlawful for any person to own or have a dog in the person's possession, six months of age or over, which has not been vaccinated against rabies. Dogs and Other Animals. July 1, 2017. 1. The local board of health or law enforcement official shall provide written notice to the owner if the local board of health or law enforcement official can reasonably determine the owner's name and current address by accessing a tag or other device that is on or a part of the dog. However, the animals when pursued to a tree or den shall not be further chased or removed in any manner from the tree or den. Sterilization.

Subtitle 2. Notwithstanding the provisions of section 481A.21 it shall be lawful to hold field meets or trials and retriever meets or trials where dogs are permitted to work in exhibition or contest whereby the skill of dogs is demonstrated by retrieving dead or wounded game birds which have been propagated by licensed game breeders within the state or secured from lawful sources outside the state and lawfully brought into the state. Not a limitation on power of municipalities and counties, Iowa Code Annotated. Such ordinances include animal cruelty and animal neglect. The class B dealer shall not transfer a dog to a research facility if the dog is a greyhound registered with the national greyhound association and the dog raced at a track associated with pari-mutuel racing unless the class B dealer receives written approval of the transfer from a person who owned an interest in the dog while the dog was racing. Title IX.

ch. ch. 159-215A]. 159-215A]. 311, § 1.

Subtitle 1. 1061, S.F. ch. All call back pens or live traps when in use shall have attached a metal tag plainly labeled with the owner's name and address. ch. The agreement shall contain the signature and address of the person receiving custody of the dog or cat, and the signature of the representative of the pound or animal shelter. Amended by Acts 1967 (62 G.A.) 3.

4. a.

Title V. Agriculture [Chs. Animal Control also enforces ordinances concerning stray or abandoned animals, animal attacks, animal bites, loose and unattended animals, vicious animals and nuisance animals. Acts 2007 (82 G.A.) 176, § 68. d. A person who fails to satisfy the terms of the sterilization agreement shall return the dog or cat within twenty-four hours following receipt of a demand letter which shall be delivered to the person by the pound or animal shelter personally or by certified mail. Such public officials shall not be responsible for any accident or disease of a dog resulting from the enforcement of the provisions of said sections. 1. Dogs and Other Animals. Amended by Acts 2008 (82 G.A.) 3. a. Through our work, we hope to protect both people and pets from future attacks. March 21, 1970. Title V. Agriculture [Chs. 311, § 1. 311, § 1. 311, § 1. 162-172E].

c. The transfer of a dog or cat to a research facility as defined in section 162.2 or a person licensed by the United States department of agriculture as a class B dealer pursuant to 9 C.F.R. Right and duty to kill untagged dog, 351.30 to 351.32. 163, § 41, eff. Care of Animals in Commercial Establishments 162.20. Cherokee (pop.

CreditsAdded by Acts 1965 (61 G.A.) 1, subch. 311, § 1.

2203, § 27. 111, S.F. Amended by Acts 2018 (87 G.A.) Conservation officers shall have authority to confiscate such traps when found in use and not properly labeled. Aug. 15, 1967; Acts 2018 (87 G.A.) § 162.20; § 481A.22; § 481A.56, IA ST 351.1 - .43; IA ST § 162.20; § 481A.22; § 481A.56. 59, H.F. 679, § 107, eff. If a local board of health believes rabies to be epidemic, or believes there is a threat of epidemic, in its jurisdiction, it may declare a quarantine in all or part of the area under its jurisdiction and such declaration shall be reported to the Iowa department of public health. ch. 1173, § 42, 351.26 . 162-172E]. Jan. 1, 1978; Acts 2018 (87 G.A.) ch. Local Government. § 351.1 - 43; I. C. A. CREDIT(S) Added by Acts 1965 (61 G.A.)

30, H.F. 536, § 157, eff. The Animal Control officers are guided by the ordinances enacted by the Cherokee County Government, laws and regulations of the State of Georgia, as well as the Constitution of the United States. Pit bulls contributed to 66% (346) of these deaths. 3. CreditsAdded by Acts 1965 (61 G.A.) Chapter 481A. The sterilization agreement may be on a form which shall be prescribed by the department. Amended by Acts 1967 (62 G.A.) A call back pen or live trap may be used for the purpose of retrieving banded birds when released in the wild for training purposes. Amended by Acts 2015 (86 G.A.) CreditsAdded by Acts 1965 (61 G.A.) This chapter does not limit the power of any city or county to prohibit dogs and other animals from running at large, whether or not they have been vaccinated for rabies, and does not limit the power of any city or county to provide additional measures for the restriction of dogs and other animals for the control of rabies and for other purposes.

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