event 1052 = lose arbitrary (also event 1711) event 6050 = gain depressed trait I don't see anything in the chest giving code that would cause that, and I usually drive towards Absolute Cognatic, which seems to work.

culture = Change character culture (for example, "culture italian").religion = Change character religion (for example, "religion catholic").nickname = Change character nickname (nicknames on bottom of page). event WoL.530 Maidservant Lover event. Apart from the 2 usual options (risky or safe), there are a number of traits that allow you to get safe points. event 5036 = duelistevent 5037 = poetevent 5040 = hunter/falconer paths event 1000 = lustful/chaste How do I figure out which of my vassals are at war with each other? These are: Deceitful, schemer, strategist, quick, shrewd - get 1 point. event 1610 = gain humble event 500 = "royal dues" event, choice between money and prestige event event 8500 - create event chain which allow you to estabilish (or not) knights_hospitaler, event 8600 - same as previous , but for templars, event TOG.4001- create event chain which allow you to establish Jomsvikings (Norse holy-order), event RIP.21000 - begins the "search for immortality" event chain.

quickbuild = Player's construction are finished immediately (One day). (Reaper's Due), infamy -25 - Will boost your threat decay by 25%.

event 1530 = gain charitable (also event 6209) event 1990 = gain homosexual (female), event 1985 = lose homosexual (male)event 1995 = lose homosexual (female), event 5000 = scholar/mystic pathsevent 5002 = scholarevent 5003 = mysticevent 5020 = gardener/impaler paths event 1681 = lose gregarious The normal options are: Drunkard, hedonist, seducer, impaler - get 2 free points. however firing it without a character ID will initiate it for Bitanem (you go to bed with yourself). --Pregnancy by Accident--cuckoo (Mother) (Father) = Impregnates female by male (Husband thinks it's his).pollinate (Mother) (Father) = Impregnates female by male.

event 4045 = "kidnap" event, gives choice between permanent just, cruel or content traits.

Sacrifice - great/good/neutral/bad of 15/35/35/15 event 6201 = convert 50 gold into 100 piety. If you choose to play chess, you will have 3 rounds to accumulate at least 5 points. event 255 = "unnecessary violence" event, lose prestige and valor. With the announcement of Crusader Kings 3, CK2’s base game was made free for everyone. Enter. event 1057 = lose paranoid event 1660 = gain brave (also event 270) event 1051 = lose just (also event 1721)

How to maximise the odds of becoming Cathar? event 5042 = aspiring hunter How does one win the game? event CM.6112 = Eats for consolation and becomes a glutton Great moves net 2 points, good ones - 1 point, neutral doesn't affect the score, bad reduces your score by 1, terrible - by 2 (effectively nuking your character). Best method however is to just add very large amounts of stewardship to your character with the. event CM.6128 = Becomes poet

Crusader Kings II Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. event 1710 = gain arbitrary

event 6227 = lose chaste, event 6000 = gain syphilis trait event 6011 = lose leper trait for 25 gold. Below is a searchable list of all 399 artifacts from Crusader Kings 2, along with their artifact IDs in the "Artifact ID" column. CK2 Artifact IDs. help = Explains what a certain command does. event 1046 = lose craven (also event 1651)

event 5041 = aspiring falconer

event 6062 = lose sickly trait If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please click EDIT and add it.

add_lover = the player and specific character become lovers (Two character ID's can be input to belover two specific characters). How do I deal with Gavelkind inheritance? event 4000 = "Stolen Pigs" event, gives choice between permanent and temporary "just" trait. rev 2020.11.4.37941, The best answers are voted up and rise to the top, Arqade works best with JavaScript enabled, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site, Learn more about Stack Overflow the company, Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us. event 1017 = cruel/kind event 1690 = gain ambitious event 245 = gain incapable trait, event 8156 (Victim) = Poisoned Wine Dies, murderer(s) discovered event 1040 = lose humble (also event 1611) Will NOT work in IronMan Mode. This is where various cheating strategies can work. event 1016 = paranoid/trusting Are websites a good investment?

Safe play -> cheat: 0.25*(2/3)*0.5 + 0.55*(2/3)*0.15 = 13.8% For example: help succ, help techpoints. It only takes a minute to sign up. event 1550 = gain diligent event 1047 = lose gregarious (also event 1681)

real_fathers = Enables and disables (toggles) true fathers being shown in the characters family tree. The below will assume you've done this, and you only need 3 points to win, from a maximum of 6. add_friend = Befriends the player and specific character (Two character ID's can be input to befriend two specific characters). event 6223 = "voice of satan" event lose 30 church opinion, lose monthly piety, event 6300 = give realm a new law, sets off chain of events.

allow_laws = Toggle changing laws freely. event 20320 = Successful steal technology mission in the province where your leader is stationed.event 20392 = Random military tech improves 10%.event 20260 = Increase culture advances. event 6205 = gain chaste, event 1501 = lose gluttonous

event 1012 = ambitious/content event 1053 = lose zealous (also event 1631) Futa characters having both chest and penis sizes is a nice touch.

event 6111 = lose consumption trait

Self-answering, as this caused quite a bit of grief for me. High chance of "Lover's Pox." event 1650 = gain craven (also event 271)

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