[27] Cosby told Rashad she won the role because she acted "with a knowing look in [her] eye. [71] In the Season 3 episode "The Shower", Denise hosts a wedding shower for a close friend who gets pregnant on purpose to blackmail her parents into letting her marry her fiancé as soon as possible.

"[116] Vox's Lauren Williams credits the character with teaching "me about feminism before I knew what it was". [74] Sarah Galo of Mic observed that Clair demonstrates that motherhood and having a career are not "separate entities".

[48] Robert E. Johnson of Ebony observed that Clair's legal background "equipped her with rapid, razor-sharp retorts to counter" Cliff's humor. That's the kind of thing that goes on in a restaurant. [16][17], Clair's family eventually expands to include Sondra and Denise's love interests, husbands Elvin Tibideaux and Martin Kendall, respectively. Build your custom FanSided TV email newsletter with news and analysis on Outlander and all your favorite sports teams, TV shows, and more. [35] Several actresses auditioned for the role, the majority of whom tended to resort to angrily yelling and gesturing when scolding the child actors auditioning to play the character's children. [26] Despite their differences, Clair is willing to accept Elvin with confidence that his primitive opinions about women will eventually change,[26] and is never shown to be mistreating him.

Working as a lawyer, Clair values the importance of maintaining a successful career and strong household simultaneously. [54] Described as "graceful but assertive, dignified but devoted" by Encyclopædia Britannica,[35] Clair is an eloquent, elegant and intelligent character,[12][55] and appears to be as street as she is book smart. CLAIRE INCE, born 1908 CLAIRE INCE was born in 1908, to HENRY INCE and ELLEN INCE (born STANLEY). [3], Claire is portrayed by Irish actress Caitriona Balfe in the Starz television series Outlander. [18] The sixth season episode "Off to See the Wretched", in which Clair scolds Vanessa for traveling to Baltimore to see a rock concert against her parents' orders, features Rashad's most "uncontrolled" performance as the character. Kids learn by example, and I think we're very good ones. "[75] Writing for Paste, in 2014 Shannon M. Houston maintains that Clair remains beloved as a "feminist hero" by the same people who now try to disassociate themselves from both Cosby and The Cosby Show. [43] Originally, actress Clarice Taylor auditioned for the role of Carrie,[44] deliberately making herself over in attempt to look young enough to play Rashad's mother before Cosby ultimately cast her as his own character's. [39] Reviewing the character's conversation about pregnancy and marriage with Denise in season three's "The Shower", Slate's Aisha Harris wrote "written realistically and delivered beautifully by Rashad, the moment attains a level of artistry that spot-on TV lessons rarely reach. [98] The author went on to claim that while other famous television mothers such as June Cleaver, Carol Brady and Edith Bunker have gradually suffered a loss in "potency" over time, Clair instead remains a relevant maternal figure every television mother created since can only aspire to be like. [61] Passionate about her African American heritage and culture, Clair wins painter Ellis Wilson's – her "great uncle" in the series – original painting Funeral Procession at an auction, which she purchases for $11,000 and proudly hangs in her living room for the remainder of the series.

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