After a week or two maybe, you'd expect better time management skills. Psychology, Attention 24 Terms. laurenpailley. Do well on the first midterm, then you dont even have to write the second one. The only redeeming factor for me was the open book 60% exam. the material is very interesting and helpful if youre in a science field (especially nursing.)

He always finds a way to make content enjoyable and makes lectures very fun.

very entertaining! I highly recommend taking both Classics 2MT3 and 3MT3. laurenpailley. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. moodle and the 3hr lectures are a bit cumbersome but helpful. This is the funniest guy ever. I love him to death. his genuine enthusiasm for medical terminology is just delightful. You've reached the end of your free preview.

View Notes - Class 2 - 3MT3 to post.pptx from CLASSICS 3MT3 at McMaster University. (79 Documents), CLASSICS 2E03 - Greek Myths prof is amazing and helpful, and you will do better if you attend.

DO MOODLE AHEAD OF TIME. FREE study guides and infographics! The Music of South Asia 14 Terms. Lowkey also rly helps for future hth sci type courses (ie anatomy), this was a class i took as an elective, and i loved it! In terms of the course, you do have to put the work in but it's all worth it as he tells you exactly what will be expected on tests and assignments! 7 pages. (93 Documents), CLASSICS 1M03 - History of Greece and Rome On StuDocu you find all the study guides, past exams and lecture notes for this course ... Exam-Review - Lecture notes all. as long as you do the daily vocab and moodle (which is mandatory anyways), you are set for this class. CLASSICS 3MT3 ADVANCED ANCIENT ROOTS OF MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY CLASS 2 1 HOMEWORK AFTER CLASS 1 (LAST WEEK) • Start. he makes it easy if u do the work.

Exam is open book. He is the only prof who has ever instilled in me a love, interest, and curiosity for the classics.

Studying Classics 2Mt3 Ancient Roots of Medical Terminology at McMaster University? KIN 3B03, Midterm 1 62 Terms. he's very enthusiastic but the man thought it is acceptable to go an hour over lecture time EVERY WEEK in the middle of a pandemic and that hurts my soul. I took 2MT3 in Fall 2018 and did not know latin at all. Winter 2019. His jokes are funny and when you go to his office he really gives you good feedback and tries to help you out. But great prof that really cares about his students! he really cares. Thanks Dr. Russell! But for 3MT3, I actually learned the latin since and the new terms were pretty helpful.

Classics 3MT3 Exam Review 415 Terms. I had him for 2MT3 and 3MT3 online and his lectures were engaging and fun - though I did watch them at 2x speed :) tests are fair and clear, doesn't confuse you with more info than you need to know, and is super generous if you do the work. Go to lectures, he gives test answers in class as well as very generous tips on the tests themselves. (17 Documents), CLASSICS 1a0 - If I could tag Lots of reading 2 more times on this site I would. If you haven't taken Anatomy then your work load doubles and you struggle to do well. I just looooveee his courses! best prof to date! I took this course as an elective because I saw Russell had a good rating. Do well on test 1 and get that 12 baby! laurenpailley. The Prof is funny but really boring. If Dr. Russell was one of my profs in first year, I would have switched to a Classics major. Dr. Russell is an excellent professor. (103 Documents), CLASSICS 2d03 - GREEK AND ROMAN MYTHOLOGY I wish I could take more courses with him! This prof is hands down one of the best profs that makes a 3 hour lecture feel less tiring. Learn more about characters, symbols, and themes in all your favorite books with Course Hero's Dr. Russell is one of my favourite profs. laurenpailley. 2MT3 was not easy, but Dr. Russell made it so enjoyable! (13 Documents), CLASSICS 2K03 - Society of Greece and Rome

Dr. Russell is by far the best professor I have had over my 5 years of university. Want to read all 390 pages? great and funny prof, makes material super understandable IF you go to class. Classics 3MT3 Important Notes. CLASSICS 103 CHAPTER 1 1. x-ize: to (do the action of) x to make (something) x 2. x-al: pertaining to x Latin: M -alis, F -alis, N -ale 3. x-ic: pertaining to x Latin: M -icus, F -ica, N -icum 4. x-ous: pertaining to x Latin: M -osus, F -osa, N -osum 5. x-ary: pertaining to x Latin: M -aris, F -aris, N … (277 Documents), CLASSICS 1b03 - an introduction to ancient myth and litretuare I enjoyed Russell's lecturing style and his enthusiasm is infectious. CLASSICS 1b03 - an introduction to ancient myth and litretuare, CLASSICS 2d03 - GREEK AND ROMAN MYTHOLOGY, CLASSICS 1M03 - History of Greece and Rome, CLASSICS 1A03 - Intro to Classical Archaeology, CLASSICS 2K03 - Society of Greece and Rome, CLASSICS 3MT3 (22 Documents), CLASSICS 2LC3 - History of Ancient Rome

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