When I arrive to take Bob to the pub he is appropriately working on Lotus 25 chassis R4, the very car with which Clark won the 1963 world championship, and now raced by proud owner John Bowers. Pure Lotus 27 so a different car and for those interested I think it was 27/JM/7 the 5th team car that never raced in FJ and is now in Mexico.

It’s like three old boys meeting up at a school reunion 50 years on, remembering the dramas, the all-nighters, the make-do and mend, the pranks, and the bollockings from the headmaster. The second wave of the pandemic is racing through Europe as riders prepare for the triple-header finale…, The company that claimed a 331mph top speed for its road car has admitted that it may have got its figures wrong and is now planning a second run to…, You've spent £1m+ on your no-holds-barred supercar; customised it in the colour of your spouse's eyes and built a heated garage to keep it warm in winter.

Jimmy went rallying in the 1966 RAC, and he was fastest on several stages until he rolled it.

We pushed the 24 into the Bedford with the Jimmy car, and we drove the 700 miles to Pau.

Jimmy asked Patrick if he could try it.

Driving the transporter down, we got to the Spanish border to hear that Mike Spence had been killed at Indianapolis testing one of the Lotus 56 turbines.

That was the mechanic’s gallon.

Glenn Waters and I were on Mario’s car, and Rex Hart and Nobby Clark were on Ronnie’s. Subscribe to Lotus Book Blog via email and receive notifications of new posts. Thanks to another researcher I came across a Bob Keys, secretary for the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) in Hawaii. They’d signed great drivers: Amon, Siffert, Mario in the STP car. Bob again: “We were at Snetterton, about to test one of the first active suspension set-ups.

I’ve been on the phone to a lovely old boy from Illinois, Jim Pathe aged 84, and he is posting some photos of his car.

He just flew round, and all the locals were a bit goggle-eyed to see this fiddly little car with its miserable little engine go so quick. David claims to have forgotten this. I found a Bob Keys in Los Angeles but turned out he was long since deceased.

One of the film crew, Earl Rath now runs a film school and it was very hard to accept that Jim had died in May 2013. Bill Rutan from Connecticut had a Lotus 32. Back in the paddock Colin showed his displeasure in a typically Chapman way. However, this chassis had no evidence of any changes, it appeared to be a Lotus 32 from new, magnesium front uprights and F2 wheels all round.

This is 27/JM/34). Bob: “We also got seconded into Ford’s Lotus-Cortina operation.

They didn’t like us using their sacred track in the dead of night.”. “Colin Chapman would get into a huge paddy about nothing,” Laz remembers.

If anything happens to me, I’d expect you all to carry on.’ So I said, ‘We’d better get on with this test’.”.

Out of the car he used to bite his nails a lot.

He was in the lead, Hill’s BRM was second, and suddenly Jimmy was coming through Woodcote every lap with his engine apparently dead. That’s all to run two cars in one race. He spun, Ritchie Ginther’s Lola hit him amidships, and he was thrown out and badly injured. And hotel rooms hadn’t been laid on for us: that was the time Laz and I had to share a bed.”. I could easily get a number of sought-after second-hand books at the cost of one brand-new book. No girls were allowed anywhere near the cars then. I was getting five bob (25p) working at a Rootes dealer, and my parents said I couldn’t take such a big salary drop. Kenny ummed and ahhed as to it’s future.

But there are also doctors and physios, media and marketing staff, hospitality hostesses and chefs, and no fewer than 26 truckies to get those vast pantechnicons in and out.

But still one or other of the cars would sometimes run out before the end of the race. It was a left rear puncture that killed Jimmy, absolutely no doubt about that. This all matches but … I hit it off with Jim straight away as he mentioned his F2 De Tomaso, “Not the very first one that raced at Sebring?” I said, (knowing full well the answer) “Yes” he said “0001”. This 20+ book… Continue reading 5 Must-Read Crime Mystery Thriller Fictional Series, These new exciting books are set to be released by Penguin Random House in June 2017: INTERNATIONAL FICTION Dead Letters by Caite Dolan-Leach Ava doesn't believe it when the email arrives to say that her twin sister is dead.

Front shocks 2/65, but I’m told it was commonplace to replace shocks on a regular basis.

He’d raced it for years, it was totally familiar to him, and he was very quick in it. Boyd Groberg had a green one too, bit of a mystery car but certainly not mine either, as it is pure Lotus 27. Colin sent just one car for Graham, but he stayed at home. The tyre must have been deflating as he went into the curve, and under cornering forces it went down into the wheel well.”, [Some months later Chapman told me, off the record, that they knew a puncture had caused Clark’s fatal accident, but he decided not to make that fact public.

Life-shattering experiences come in different forms whether it be illness, unemployment, sexual assault, natural disasters and even the violence of war.

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