Luna Loud | Bobby • Girl Clyde has long black hair with a blue ribbon in it.

Perfect Attendance (by Wilbur Huggins)Sugar(by Cheryl)Mr. He is socially inept, but ultimately a very friendly and kind person.

Goals Spike •

Saraline Timbers • He is voiced by Caleel Harris in the show's premiere, and later by Andre Robinson due to the former's voice changing as he hit puberty. Howard is sensitive and neurotic, often getting over … One-Eyed Jack (cosplay)Nosebleeder (by Lincoln)Little Bo Sleep (by Lincoln)Two Seats (by Lincoln)Safe Haven (by Lincoln)Claude (by Leni)Clark (by Leni)Clydesdale (by Bobby and Lynn)Bro (by Lincoln)Clydey (by Lola and Leni)Honey (by Harold)Son (by Harold)Snookie-Booboo-Sugarbear (by Lori in a dream sequence)Hercules (by Lincoln)Dr. Nigel • Clockwork • The Loud House Intelligent, cowardly, neurotic, merciful, pathetic, worrisome, loyal, incompetent Murray "The Mule" Marconi • Clyde is allergic to all kinds of nuts, especially peanuts, as well as gluten (possibly non-celiac gluten sensitivity).

Mr. Sunspock • Katie, The Loud Siblings Skye • Clyde McBride is Lincoln's best friend and one of the main characters of The Loud House. Rusty Spokes | The Chief • Debbie • Sid Chang | Rex X •

To marry Lori and became successful enough to treat her to the style she deserves. However, Clyde's glasses are somewhat more oval-shaped and less thick. Zix, Travoltron and Tee • Character information Background information Sparky • This eventually quietly came to an end during the third season; the episode "Absent Minded" and the storybook Campaign Chaos! Polly Pain |

He occasionally faints as well. Pip • Maria Santiago • Lori Loud |

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Lincoln Loud | Full name Frida Puga Casagrande • He is the best friend of Lincoln Loud and he has a crush on Lincoln's oldest sister, Lori Loud. Clyde is awkward, caring, and nerdy, but sweet and supportive at the same time, and Lincoln can always count on him for help. Howard is cautious and overly dramatic. McBride House, Royal Woods, Michigan, United States Tuesday X • Puff • Clyde rarely removes his glasses. However, they eventually learn that one is never too old. Lila • Mr. Turner • Sergio, To marry Lori and became successful enough to treat her to the style she deserves (formerly).

Mick Swagger |

She also has glasses identical to Clyde's and purple hoop earrings similar to Leni's red ones. Chuckie •

Dot and Randy | Pearl • He is a nerdy, intelligent African-American boy who is the adopted only child of same-gender couple, Howard and Harold McBride. Hector Casagrande | Leni • Buhdeuce • Rita • Albert |

He has a one-sided rivalry with Lori's boyfriend Bobby. At the Loud House we know every family is different & all children deserve a loving home!

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