The twists and turns were great and the more you think about it, the better the performances and directing get. What does this mean? Em has a conversation with Mike in which they talk about crossing the dark zone outside and ending up in another reality permanently, so that's what Em does in the end. To my mind, figuring out this sci-fi anomaly isn't exactly "the point" of the film. Everyone then decides to go look at the comet however Em1 suggests they stay inside, even using excuses such as, "it's really cold out there". Or is this another Emily from yet another reality who's stumbling into THIS Emily's reality -- meaning, in some other reality, another version of Emily is also cherry picking her destiny, drugs a version of herself who escapes but stumbles through the dark zone, only to wind up in the same reality as "our" Emily(s) ..? BUT in this reality, everything is fine. And the probability of her finding her way back to the reality that she escaped from is remote (that was the ending I was expecting). Schroedinger's Box wasn't only about the cat being dead or alive. If the final scene has 2 Em means there is 1 Em somewhere missing from another reality. I also edited my post. For this part we will refer Em's as -Em1(original Em) -Em2(Em that was was placed in the trunk) -Em3(Em that fainted at the end) -Em4(Em that crawls back into the house as everyone else is watching the comet). I was actually considering watching this movie today. The ending with the 'Emily's' is pretty hard to interpret. But here is where I'm lost, which Emily called?!?! So to answer your second question. My theory is that the Em who feinted was able to stay in the that reality because she interacted with that reality.

As for the final scene where Kevin receives the phone call from Em2. The Em we had been following the entire movie actually ended up just fine, and we the audience were shown what had happened in one of the alternative realities that Em had left some problems around.

In the context of Shrodinger's paradox it made sense, but it's not obvious, the movie is an interpretation of an already odd idea.

share. Wanted to create a thread to discuss the movie "Coherence" (Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Sony). Can someone help me with the ending? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Shouldn't everything be exactly the same considering the comet essentially creates the new realities? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, News & Discussion about Major Motion Pictures, Press J to jump to the feed.

This would ruin the movie for me. This forms a whole new reality where the Em in the trunk was still wearing the sweater that had her cell phone thus was then able to call Kevin in the morning. This is also why I think Kevin gets a call from yet another Emily after the movie is over. Therefore since she exhibits the same "state" as our-Emily (that is, she's still ALIVE), she also doesn't collapse when the comet passes, and this reality now has two Emily's (maybe even more) that are able to coexist in the same state. Em3 then notices another version of herself(Em4) crawling back inside as everyone is looking at the comet. The only way that our Emily, the Emily who's viewpoint we are getting can survive is if she manages to kill either all of her 7 other friends. This is the mind blowing part of the movie once you figure out the previous two key points of the plot. I thought what happened would be impossible. It also explains why Laurie even though never left anywhere by herself has memories doing yoga at one point in the movie but also has no recollection of it in the beginning. I've seen Coherence at least a half dozen times and your point #1 (and subsequently the rest of the points) never occurred to me. This changes everything. Highly recommend! 82% Upvoted. Her phone was in the sweater.

The meteor allowed them to interact with one each other so everyone that arrived to the dinner party were from alternate realities.

EmilyB crawls into bathroom gets beat up dies and disappears overnight. I wouldn't want that to be the explanation at least. You’re basically saying that the original Em left a mess in one of the realities, causing two other Ems to be left in the same reality. Em4 in the bathtub is gone in the morning because no one knew she was there, therefore the two realities did not collapse on each other.

Just keep both of them. Coherence in the academic writing task 1: There is a public version of Band descriptors which describes the criteria of coherence and Cohesion very clearly.

Took me awhile but I think I understand what you’re saying. Makes for a very different ending.

I think that Emily disappears because remember earlier in the movie the old lady says "this can't be my husband because I killed him yesterday", Dude i posted this a week ago, thanks for the reply. Mike's shirt being buttoned differently each time a different Mike appears). I just thought that there was another Emily who got stuck. Dead Emily doesn't happen, she goes away, never happened, was only a possibility - vanishes, only we know what happened in 'the box', but you know that. ref : Coherence Explained Emily Prime wants to replace the Emily from this reality and take on her life and be happy. After Em1 puts her alternate version of herself in her trunk, we see her put on that Em2's sweater. She is neither alive or dead because everyone outside does not know what happens in the bathroom. Seems like you easily enjoyed the movie if you got that sort of explanation.

The only way to move "forward" and not be stuck in a loop is to make the most of what you have instead of trying to find a better place to live in, because every place is as screwed up as the one you are in right now. Therefore, for anyone interested; this is what you should know about the movie after watching it: Everyone that arrives at the dinner party at different times are from their OWN different dimensions. She was not killed via toilet lid like dead-Emily. I thought this was a continuity error at first but they filmed specific shots of her with the sweater. I feel like if she could have gone to tell Kevin in person, she would have but because she was locked in the trunk, the only time she could call was in the morning when the comet passed. It's about it being in EVERY state possible until it's observed. Commenting because I ought to see coherence, Thanks op.

There are continuity errors every time(different wine in the glasses). The final "cut to black" actually isn't even a cut, though : the power goes out and you can hear constant talking and murmuring through the blackout. The ending itself is hard to analyze and I think there are several Emilys in this particular reality.

Em2 would not have had enough time to wake up and escape the trunk. Em3 interacted with the current universe by staying in the house overnight making herself part of Em2's universe after the comet passed. I loved the movie! I thought about the off camera thing with the sweater but she doesn't have pockets on her aside from on her sweater. We are led to believe that the dark void is the the box from Schrodinger's paradox but it's actually every instant where the outcome is unknown unless acted upon. Don't forget, it's also entirely plausible that "evil Em" took the sweater off once she got inside, off-camera. From what I started reading in your post, it reminds me of the movie triangle? She goes to kill her and leaves her in the bathtub. Exactly! I'd wake up the next morning and say "let's do that again next weekend!". But how do you explain the (presumably) dead-Emily's body missing from the tub the following morning? save. Spoilers below. The Em4 when we see her does not have her sweater on. It is the Em from the trunk because in this reality Em3 did not take Em2's sweater. I absolutely love this movie and I'm so glad someone else has out as much thought into it as I have. It implies that there are multiple universes happening all at once but coherence is what allows them to exist without collapsing on one another. Hey I saw the movie just now. Why no one ever thinks about that. One where Em1 does not take her sweater off Em2.

Coherence ending discussion. Hanging the plot of the movie on just 2 possible states, that only apply to a living/dead being, would just be an incorrect application of that theory. Rating: Pretty Damn Good. Coherence is an unassuming movie… at first. It means people could end up in different dimensions after the comet passes. This is obvious from the reality that our Emily ends up in where the Emily of that place has agreed to go with Kevin to Vietnam. She doesn't die or disappear, instead she escapes and calls the dude in the last scene o the film.

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