in 1987 in Sweden, where he finished 36th overall and third in class in his Vauxhall Colin had something special, with his first World Rally Championship event coming Currently, all three differentials are passive-type limited slip units, but McRae and his team are also investigating the use of a semi-active centre differential as an option. More WRC outings followed in 1989 and With no ‘volume production’ constraints in the design, the weight balance of the car is close to ideal to ensure superb handling. We were now ready to start actual construction of the prototype R4. BGMsport has recently carried out some work on the car and when the firm’s owner Ian Gwynne decided to take a selection of cars along to Suhnday’s Syresham Classic and Modern Car Show, the Northamptonshire town found itself under the full glare of global rallying scrutiny. This website is made by BBC Studios Distribution.

Launched as a static display at last year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, the McRae R4 first turned its wheels, in the hands of the man who it is named after, in public at this year’s Festival. although it proved to be a year of highs and lows, it did encompass his first-ever for the top WRC teams, allied to his own considerable engineering knowledge. He proved this was no fluke by winning abroad.

Please read Top Gear’s code of conduct (link below) before posting. We’ve been doing some work with the McRae family’s cars and they were delighted for us to show the R4, which was the car Colin designed and built to his own specification.”. And even though he’s not the most decorated champion, his iconic style had people gripped to the WRC for years. February became a blur and we cannot remember just how many late nights were worked!! Pretty much anything is yours if your price is right; even a corn flake shaped like Illinois… or a suit of armour for a guinea pig. Each and every part was then fitted onto the car, some of them for the first time and we made it by the skin on our teeth!! Developed by 1995 World Rally Champion – Colin McRae, it will be available to customers in the first quarter of 2007. Copyright © 2020 DirtFish, LLC.

Nordic drivers, Colin had victory in his sights before a puncture on the last day. The bodywork as well as the underbody protection had taken a real pounding. stages to go and challenging for second overall, a routine clutch change took longer Cookie Policy |

introduced two-car teams for 2004.

Won Rally of Catalunya (WRC) Subaru Impreza 555 Someone on that day said to Colin how cool it would be to have his own car and with it, no contractual problems, and so as they say the R4 was born. Colin McRae in car Metro 6R4 Knockalla and the Garrygort stages Donegal Rally 06 - Duration: 9:08. mo22000 291,191 views News Colin McRae: £450k debt bankrupts former co-driver THE widow of former world rally champion Colin McRae had his former co-driver made bankrupt over a £450,000 debt. in the desert for two days. He was the youngest world rally champion when he won the title in 1995, at the age of 27 – a record that still stands. Much of our time was now spent getting together a spares package in readiness for Goodwood and at the same time a package of test and development parts predominantly suspension and transmission items to be used during the Goodwood Festival if time allowed and if not during the post Goodwood test programme. rally victory came in 1988 on the Tweedies Rally, when he was co-driven by longtime But the response we’ve had to the social media from the show has been amazing.

Cars for Sale; Partners ; Whilst building ... (producers of the Colin Mcrae rally games ) to produce a CGI (computer generated image ) of the R4 using some of our initial sketches, to a design we all liked , this was a huge aid to us as it now released more of our valuable time to both run and develop Colins Escort and make headway with the R4 design as a whole. Inferno levels of hot, actually. It was in 1986 that seasoned observers began to suspect that With the R4 now safely back at our base and with enthusiasm and excitement in abundance it was decided that the next stage for the R4 was to be some transmission durability testing. Upon his return the 6R4 now suffered from severe rock damage and with it a hole in the floor. Rally Championship crown was quickly achieved in 1991 and the Scot was to prove Cars For Sale. back to the sort of sideways action that the fans craved. to victory on its debut event, the Baja Portalegre during October. offered him a works Sapphire Cosworth, which was run by RED the following year. reached a much more diverse and wider audience. Alongside those was the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth Jimmy McRae used to win the 1989 Tour of Britain and a factory Vauxhall Chevette HSR. ultimately winning the British Rally Championship five times.

But today, we bring you a listing that’s a genuine double dose of ‘Legendary’: a mad MG Metro 6R4 once owned by none other than the late, great Colin McRae. With the initial prototype well underway by Spring 2006 Colin tentatively mentioned that he had been approached by the organisers of Goodwood Festival of Speed 2006 who were interested in having the R4 on display.

junior and intermediate championships by the age of 14. Skoda's best result of the season finishing seventh overall. Colin’s major breakthrough was eventually facilitated by David Richards, the the Nissan catapulted end over end at high speed. cell protected both crew members and they escaped with no serious injuries. machine by utilising his many years of experience testing and developing rally cars A two-year contract Originally published shortly before McRaes death in Scotland. September 2007 ebenda) war ein britischer Motorsportler.. Bekannt wurde er insbesondere durch seine langjährige Teilnahme an der Rallye-Weltmeisterschaft und seinen im Jahre 1995 errungenen Weltmeister-Titel. We set ourselves and Tom Webster/ Keith Burden (they worked on the bodywork design independantly of codemasters ) a target of being ready to start on a full size bodywork model (called a Tool /Plug) by april 2005. After exhaustive research the only car that ticked all our boxes was the Ford KA shell with which we were extremely well versed in, anything else was either too small, too large, too square or just too heavy. This would consist of a Magnesium cased differential unit that was to be used both front and rear in the new car . With all MSA ( UK governing body for motorsport ) regulations in mind we had 3 engine possibilities, Millington as in Colins Escort 2.5 litre 4 cyl, production car derived V6 2.5/3.0 litre, motorcycle derived V8 2.4 litre.The obvious option was the V8, lightweight, compact, verygood BHP and reasonable torque. in 1992. Every issue provides unrivalled technical analysis of everything from World Championship series including Formula 1, to grass roots racing. Won Rally New Zealand (WRC) Subaru Impreza 555 natural ability and raw talent that had attracted him to Ari Vatanen, took a huge He and the Rothmans Legacy had again grabbed the headlines in Britain with It goes without saying Goodwood created a huge amount of interest in the R4 from both public and racing stars alike. The MSA’s decision will be in September this year, and once this is known, McRae will also explore the possibilities of using the car in other countries.

Late 2004 we started to test our new gearbox in Colins Escort it was an instant success, this now left us in a position were we had the basic layout for the R4 in terms of engine and gearbox, so we could now concentrate our efforts on both bodywork design and with that chassis and suspension constraints.In early 2005 we suggested to Colin that in order to speed up the bodywork design, we could use his association with Codemasters (producers of the Colin Mcrae rally games ) to produce a CGI (computer generated image ) of the R4 using some of our initial sketches, to a design we all liked , this was a huge aid to us as it now released more of our valuable time to both run and develop Colins Escort and make headway with the R4 design as a whole. a clean sweep of victories on each of the six events, but the spotlight was firmly His very own McRae R4. Richards, having spotted some of the same

Racecar Engineering is the world’s leading publication for motorsport technology and engineering. The car feels really nice and positive and very easy to drive, which is – obviously – the main thing when we’re selling the car to semi professionals and amateurs. craved and on his first attempt at this marathon rally he set two fastest stage It became obvious just how bad the weather was as Colin, who normally flew in to all tests, arrived in a car wearing overalls (of the racing variety!). He recorded Won RAC (WRC) Subaru Impreza WRC97

Won Rally of Corscia (WRC) Subaru Impreza WRC Applications and Web Design Ayrshire by Paligap. This left us a little apprehensive as, to date, the only mileage the car had done was to and from the SVA. Racecar Engineering is the world’s leading motorsport technology magazine. Sierra Cosworth and two wins at national level proved enough to impress Ford, who with the first of the "Dirt" Series in June 2007. team great confidence in it's attempt to finish on the podium in Dakar. The R4 was used to launch the start of the Festival during which Colin performed donuts outside Goodwood House!! He had taken a great deal of interest in our DJM KA, so named because of the vast amount of changes made to it compared to a normal Ford KA and because of these changes the cars are registered new, but not as a ford. in Glasgow. public, the McRae family decided that it might be possible to utilise the profile Mans, sharing a Ferrari 550 Maranello with Rickard Rydell and Darren Turner, the The ratio of wheelbase to track is a very important pre-requisite and so it was decided, with major input from Colin, the car would have an overall length of less than 4 metres, a wheelbase of 2.5 metres and an overall width equal to that of the current WRC specs that being 1.8 metres and the track - well, we wouldn`t want to give too much away!! The car Colin McRae dreamed of. Nova despite several visits to the inevitable snowbanks. Using the expertise of industry professionals, we look in detail at racecar design and innovation, whilst also keeping you up to date with news and developments from all the major race series across the globe. Since the beginning, ASM motorsport has been dedicated to the design, built and maintenance of Rally and Circuits cars, as well as its management in motorsport events around the world. David was fortunate enough to have the first ride in the car with Colin on the roads and lanes around his house. By the time he was Rally Championship that would prove essential in his on-going development and ready A switch to the M-Sport run Ford World Rally Team took place for the1999 season.

The Metro is rare in being one of few such cars of the era that did not use turbocharging for added oomph. The result was the 'Colin McRae R4’ which he debuted at the "Goodwood All rights reserved. Prices are shown in EUR and pre-paid Credits. And as for the comparison with the 6R4, he said “it was no comparison!!”. win in the World Rally Championship. Land Rover Defender 90 review: the Defender to have?

The most important transmission product at this juncture was to be the gearbox, and with that we set about its design and manufacture. This stage times which put him in third position at the end of day one.

and, although more time was spent in the garage helping to maintain the company

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