With the diverse species in the particular, the Columbian exchange. Columbian Exchange Essay. The “Columbian exchange” resulted in the recognition of the Sunday as an important day of worship.

The Pre Columbian Indians used to live in the groups and they usually marriages with in the tribes but when small pox and meseals spread across the America and death rate increased resulted in marriages between diverse societies which occasioned in the development of the new communities1 (Cowey 1991, 54-56). The Columbian Exchange and its Effects In 1492 C.E., Christopher Columbus, an Italian sailor, set sail hoping to find a sea route to India for King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain (Spielvogel 410). his death and the process of trade he initiated between Europe, Africa, and the Americas would come to bare his name: the Columbian Exchange. Throughout the development and growth of America there was been several disease outbreaks both equally endemic and epidemic including small pox, measles, yellow-colored fever, and malaria. The source of those epidemics were due to low resistance, poor sanitation, and inadequate medical knowledge- “more die in the practitioner than of the all-natural course of the condition (Duffy). It included exchange of diseases, ideas, technology, people, culture, plants, and animals.

“Old World globalization and the Columbian exchange: comparison and contrast.” World Archaeology 44.3 (2012): 452-469. VAT Registration No: 842417633. Columbian Exchange Essay. This makes the demand for tobacco grew rapidly in the course of the cultural exchanges and consistently increased contacts among people. During the Columbian exchange when, discovered new some new islands,which lead to the start of the Columbian Exchange, the Columbian exchange was between the Old World (Europe, Africa) and the New World (  North and South America). + 1 (817) 953 0426, Order your paper today and save 30% with the discount code SAVVY, Don't use plagiarized sources. Mercantilism supported state power by enhancing the government regulation of the economy. 800 Words 4 Pages. The Columbian exchange resulted in the production of the variety of the traditional condiments and spices such as, cardamom ginger, almonds and clove.Milk,Cheese,Pork and beef were made a major part of the American Cusine.The meat of Sheep, chicken and goat also became the major staple of the New world. Different kinds of foreign diseases including typhus, influenza and smallpox were exchanged between the Americas and the Europeans (McAlister 192). Lots of domestic animals and the domestic plants were also transferred from the new world to the old world 4 (Schwartz, 1991). No plagiarism, guaranteed! The Columbian exchange was the transfer of plants, animals, ideas and more between the Americas and the old world during the 15th and 16th century. However, harsh climatic conditions in Europe affected the thriving of sugar plantations (Earle 352). Overall the old world benefited most through Columbian exchange because there were less human death in old world as compared to the new world where the death rate was very huge.Secondy the American culture and the food were also transferred from the new world to the old world.

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