Beginning in 1987 small block V8 engines were equipped with hydraulic roller cams. 1977 1/2-1987, 1988-1989 Trans Am, LS GEN IV Single-Bolt w/ VVT and AFM 8 Cylinder (2007-2015), LS GEN III/IV 3-Bolt 8 Cylinder (1997-2015), LS GEN IV Single Bolt w/ VVT (12606358) and w/ AFM 8 Cylinder (2008-2015), LS GEN IV Single Bolt w/ VVT (12606358) and w/o AFM 8 Cylinder (2008-2015), LS GEN IV Single-Bolt w/ VVT (12585994) and w/ AFM 8 Cylinder (2007-2008), LS GEN IV Single-Bolt w/ VVT (12585994) and w/o AFM 8 Cylinder (2007-2008), LS2/LS3 GEN IV Single-Bolt w/ AFM and w/o VVT 8 Cylinder (2005-2014), LT1 and LT4 350 c.i. To reduce your exposure, work in a well-ventilated area and with approved safety equipment, such as dust masks that are specially designed to filter out microscopic particles. 2020 JEGS High Performance. Proper rocker arm geometry is required to ensure the maximum benefit from any cam design. COMP Performance Group will be in attendance at many of the largest races & car shows across the country. Camshaft Sounds.

Buick Head, Splayed Valve GM and Dart Buick This engine was introduced in 1965 and with the exception of some of the very early 1965-1966 models, which had an oiling groove in the rear journal, the camshafts are interchangeable.

Factory valve springs are designed to work with stock, low lift camshafts, and since most aftermarket cams have higher lift, the springs must be replaced with compatible components. Available in different cores. Also on page 275 is a series of Magnum rocker arm kits engineered specifically for these engines that include this stud. 8 Cylinder (1996-1999), Grand National 231 The lifter bosses are taller to accommodate the lifter anti-rotation plates. The smaller your engine is, the more the Magnum Camshaft will affect your power accessories. Rocker Arm Geometry When installing a flat tappet cam in a block originally equipped with a hydraulic roller, it is necessary to change the entire system. 6 Cyl.

You are now signed up to receive JEGS Deals with text alerts! Several points must be considered when installing a roller cam in an earlier block designed for a flat tappet cam. Camshaft base circle, block deck height, cylinder head design and lifter design all contribute to possible errors in valve train geometry.

It can be confusing for the novice cam buyer – but that is to be expected of a highly technical product such as a camshaft.

This engine is the first real departure from GM's original small block design. COMP Cams Hydraulic Roller 54-446-11 XFI XE-R, XER281HR - Design for Standard Displacement LS6 and LS1. 4.3L 262 c.i. When using a standard block and SB2 head, use prefix “03”. Thank you! Designed for applications where a slight sacrifice in low end is acceptable for an increase in mid and upper range RPM horsepower. 11/23/2020 (3.8L) 90 Degree 6 Cylinder (1978-1984), 221, 260, 289, 302 c.i.

It is highly recommended and a requirement of the warranty that the suggested springs be installed along with any COMP Cams® cam. Flat Tappet Break-In 8 Cylinder (1949-1953), GEN VI 454 and 502 c.i. Not made for street use or vehicles requiring accessory drive equipment, such as power brakes, air conditioning, etc. Dyno Sheets. You should remember that the bigger the engine is, the less the cam will affect the vacuum which affects your power accessories.

A roller lifter, being physically longer, has a pushrod seat that sits closer to the rocker arm than a flat tappet lifter pushrod seat –necessitating a shorter pushrod. Promo Code discounts cannot be combined on orders with price matched items. With the V8 engine sizes ranging from 221-460, there is an engine size and configuration to cover just about any need or application.

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