I am counting my calories, yet I really want dessert. The second half that comes after the comma and coordinating conjunction is also a complete sentence, with the subject "I" and the verb "will lease.". We needed some food for the week, so We went to the supermarket. Ribeye Marrow Escolar

Consider the following sentences: The result of needing money is that I went to the bank. We won't be able to visit our friends, nor will they be able to visit us this summer.Sharon isn't going to the conference, nor is she going to present there. By using ThoughtCo, you accept our, English as a Second Language (ESL) Expert, Using Adverb Clauses with Time Expressions, How to Teach the Past Simple to ESL Students, Sentence Connectors: Showing Opposition in Written English, M.A., Music Performance, Cologne University of Music, B.A., Vocal Performance, Eastman School of Music, Peter drove to visit his friend.

Here are examples of compound sentences used by famous public figures: Now that you have seen different examples of compound sentences, you can confidently add them to your writing. Bangers Fontdiner Swanky A comma is always placed before the conjunction. He ran out of money, so he had to stop playing poker. School subject: English as a Second Language (ESL) Grade/level: ESLBO Age: 10+ Main content: Compound sentences Other contents: n/a Add to my workbooks (11) Add to Google Classroom Share through Whatsapp Shadows Into Light Two -, Alan invested a lot of money in the business. I thought the promotion was mine, but my attendance wasn't good enough. There were white-out conditions in the town; therefore, the roads were impassable. While this is grammatically correct, it's also possible to smooth the transition from one clause to the other with conjunctive adverbssuch as however, besides, therefore and meanwhile. A compound sentence has at least two independent clauses that have related ideas.

px, Please allow access to the microphone The waves were crashing on the shore; it was a lovely sight. Kalam 22 Crafty Girls Baloo Paaji Joe made the sugar cookies; Susan decorated them. Check my answers Fredericka the Great Bubblegum Sans - Lyndon B. Johnson. 10 One advantage of compound sentences is that you can build more detail into your writing. Oswald

For example: It's also possible to join compound sentences simply by combining two complete sentences into one long sentence without any additional words. Gurmukhi

She wants to get qualifications for a new profession.

In Year 1, children … - Gerald R. Ford, "I have opinions of my own, strong opinions, but I don't always agree with them."

I have paid my dues; as a result, I expect to receive all the privileges listed in the bylaws. He turned in the research paper on Friday; he would have not passed the class otherwise. In either case, each half of the sentence must be able to stand on its own as a complete sentence. We went to the supermarket. Peter drove to visit his friend, and they went out for dinner. In other words, after "nor," place the helping verb before the subject. Use FANBOYS (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so) to write one compound sentence using the two simple sentences. We have never been to Asia, nor have we visited Africa. -, Mary thinks she should go to school. Just be careful to follow the punctuation rules described above and avoid run-on sentences. Tom asked his teacher for help, and he asked his parents. 70 14 Everyone was busy, so I went to the movie alone. = If you don't study a lot for the test, you won't pass. 13 All Rights Reserved, Girl petting cat as compound sentence examples.

Writing compound sentences worksheets. Janet doesn't like sushi, nor does she like any kind of fish. They had no ice cream left at home, nor did they have money to go to the store. Students combine two simple sentences into one compound sentence using the suggested conjunction. -, I would like to play tennis today. For example: While this is grammatically correct, it's also possible to smooth the transition from one clause to the other with conjunctive adverbs such as however, besides, therefore and meanwhile. Aldrich We came home late. This worksheet focuses on writing compound sentences and is ideal for lower-intermediate classes.

Satisfy - Bill Clinton. Both "but" and "yet" are used to contrast pros and cons or show unexpected results. He passed with high marks. Pacifico Unkempt - Mae West, "I have often wanted to drown my troubles, but I can't get my wife to go swimming." It's also possible to join compound sentences simply by combining two complete sentences into one long sentence without any additional words. It was a difficult assignment; however, Kelly was up to the challenge. Just Me Again Down Here The reason I went to the bank is because I needed money.

Boogaloo Patrick Hand Yanone Kaffeesatz Gochi Hand We went out on the town, and we came home late. Special Elite Ask your teacher for other ways to connect these to write compound sentences.

Schoolbell They got there early, and they got really good seats. These worksheets are designed for students of grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow.

Doug didn't understand the homework assignment, so he asked the teacher for help. Should we start class now, or wait for everyone to get here? That means each half needs a subject and a verb.

Fredoka One Annie Use Your Telescope Confusing these two coordinating conjunctions is easy. "So" expresses a result based on a reason. Russo One Henry studied very hard for the test, so passed with high marks. Arial She also thinks she should go on vacation. Covered By Your Grace -, We went out on the town. Gloria Hallelujah Rancho Mary thinks she should go to school, for she wants to get qualifications for a new profession. I went to the bank, for I needed some money. Kranky Anyone trying to learn the English language knows how difficult it can be to write proper sentences. 16 Black Ops One Close. Jolly Lodger

Kenneth Beare is an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher and course developer with over three decades of teaching experience.    Size: He asked the teacher for help. Sacramento

But forming compound sentences can be quite tricky, so its important for one to be familiar with the basic components of a compound sentence as well as the prop… -, Jack flew to London to visit his Uncle. - Jimmy Carter, "Tell the truth, work hard, and come to dinner on time." If you see a message asking for permission to access the microphone, please allow. In this case, use "for.". The business went bankrupt. The independent clauses can be joined by a coordinating conjunction (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so) or by a semicolon, as you can see in the compound sentence examples below. - George H. W. Bush, "You can put wings on a pig, but you don't make it an eagle." For example: Observe additional compound sentence examples joined by semicolons below: Compound sentences are quite common in both speech and writing. Children are not necessarily taught the concept of compound and complex sentences explicitly in KS1, but teachers will encourage children to notice the use of connectives in texts they are reading and how they make the writing more effective.

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