Straight credit is a form of a letter of credit.

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It cannot be revoked. The seller then ships the goods in accordance with the contract terms and prepares the shipping documents exactly as the letter of credit states. A tantalizing relationship with an HR representative at Condé Nast likewise turned out to be founded on what Cassidy calls ‘that Ralph Ellison kind of helpfulness, as in ‘keep that n—r boy running.’’

A bank may only make payment to the beneficiary named in the letter of credit (not to an intermediary or negotiating bank. As the buyer’s bank, the paying/issuing bank assures payment to the seller under the letter of credit.

Credit in the Straight World. I got some credit in the straight world I lost a leg, ... Credit In The Straight World song meanings Add your thoughts No Comments. Submit a query to the Proquest periodicals database on the search string ‘career change’ and you drown in canned advice, both stern and saccharine, to the joblorn, along with numerous inspirational tales of career transitions negotiated with spiritual courage and creative ingenuity. He is currently working on stories about the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, and energy market deregulation; doing journalistic translation from the Arabic press; preparing an English translation of the Brazilian writer Hilda Hilst; and maintaining a web site called The Hairy Eyeball. A bank letter of credit policy assures a company engaged in an international transaction of the creditworthiness of the buyer. The issuing bank examines the documents for full compliance with the credit terms, debits the buyer’s account and reimburses the paying bank.

So how do you wind up retooling from pornography to petrochemicals? ‘I’m enough of a realist to realize that I’m lucky that I’m writing,’ Cassidy says.

Stet the human element, however, and the story boils down to this: Despite having willfully ignored every single tenet of rational career planning, Cassidy's working, and you may well not be. The ’human element’ in the popular press wields an economic carrot and an economic stick: The happy or pedagogical bullshit in the job market section will lead you to the pie in the sky you aspire to. ‘Sure, I guess I get bitter sometimes: youthful dreams, bullshit bullshit, yada yada. Loyalty? ‘There are days when I turn to the guy in the next cube and say, I’m so bored my head is going to explode! On the eve of recession—though he admits the timing was sheer dumb luck—Cassidy reluctantly concluded that he’d be better off serving in heaven than reigning in hell: He traded in his keys to the kingdom of what he calls ‘turgid, tumescent smutland’ for a modest cubicle in ‘the beautiful, orderly, Germanic world of international chemicals,’ signing on as an associate editor for specialty chemicals at the Wall Street-based Chemical Market Reporter. Credit In The Straight World Lyrics: Go for credit in the straight world / Look a dealer in the eye / Go for credit in the real world / Won't you try? They can say it’s only a trade magazine if they want to. First, it’s a dead-on parody of the ‘spiritually adventurous investment banker chucks it all to start llama farm’ genre of popular job-market journalism.

Just ask Rupert Murdoch, or Jean Baudrillard, who observed as follows: Thus a story in one of the New York tabloids today, which tells of a woman who cut her own children’s throats because, she sobbed, she could not buy them new clothing for the first day of school. Means it is impossible for a drug addict to have the same confidence / attitude … ‘Well, this isn’t exactly my dream job,’ he deadpans.

"Go for credit in the real world, won't you try?" It’s a chameleon act, an amphibious existence between the worlds of the hip and the square, that’s familiar to thousands of New Yorkers working PowerPoint jobs by day and scribbling, taking 16 bars, or perfecting their Method by night—or vice versa. They were simply looking for someone with a track record of working on deadline who could demonstrate a certain level of writing ability.

‘Somehow, that stuck with me through all the weirdness.’ Nothing! To be is to do: Nietzsche.

Not only do dogs eat other dogs, they even eat their own young. The paying bank then transmits the documents to the issuing bank requesting reimbursement. I say if an actor’s in a maxipad ad, well, sure, it’s not King Lear, but it’s a paying gig.’

Straight credit is a form of a letter of credit. If I go to some cocktail party and say I’m a writer like every other wannabe in the room, I can say, Hey, no, you don’t get it: I get paid to write. It then forwards the shipping documents to the buyer, who uses them to receive the goods, thus completing the trade transaction. The story of Jonah Cassidy and his mid-career self-reinvention is replete with cheap irony—if you omit the human element, that is.

(Recall that ubiquitous toilet-stall grafitto: ‘To do is to be: Sartre. A Christmas-time editorial from the Houston Star on layoffs by a local employer is a locus classicus: ‘It’s hard to avoid the occasional letdown as you climb your way up the corporate ladder,’ observes USA Today, with its usual laser-like penetration into social trends.

Straight Credit and Other Types of Letters of Credit, What You Should Know About Letters of Credit, Irrevocable Letter of Credit (ILOC) definition. Don’t have an account? to tell us what you think this song means. The beneficiary named in a straight credit must present documents at the paying bank or named drawee bank on or before the expiration date.

Once the bank verifies the buyer’s credit standing, the institution will issue a letter of credit and transmit it to a correspondent bank, located in the seller’s jurisdiction. In an article for the New York webzine Plasmotica, for example, titled ‘The Rewrite Stuff: Making Silk Purses Out of Sows’ Ears in the Land of Smut,’ Cassidy describes long hours of unpaid overtime spent redacting reader-submitted erotica that’s subliterate but has a decent ‘dramatic’ premise (the graveyard shift pathologist and the emergency room nurse, with an unmentionable implement, on the autopsy table, in the morgue) into a publishable, if not Pulitzer-grade, item. The paying bank will check the documents to determine that they are fully in accordance with the terms of the letter of credit, and if they are, will pay the beneficiary (seller). It can be a precarious existence, however, which is why many of us find it necessary to pack it in for the time being and run for cover, as Jonah Cassidy did—and just in time, too, the lucky bastard. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more.

So, dealing with the issue of skills transfer at the new job once he landed it? Jonah Cassidy is probably best known to a certain segment of New York society as the long-time executive editor of Screw, the in-your-face, would-be Variety of the pornography trade. ‘Well, no, a little more … adult than that.’ And secretly, no one wants to believe the oft-repeated adage that what you do is not necessarily who you are. ‘If I had ever had a career plan, or a clue of any kind, I’d probably be going postal now myself,’ laughs Cassidy, a Westlake admirer who’s working on a series of reviews of the author’s pseudonymous works. But then a week later I’m at a conference on nanotechnology—not the sci-fi stuff, but what they’re really doing with it now—and I’m just totally fascinated.’ The straight credit process works much like that for a standard letter of credit. Do be do be do: Sinatra.’) Westlake’s mad, middle-aged middle manager merely follows these unspoken beliefs to their logical conclusion. What’s his secret?

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‘My bartender makes as much money as I do,’ Cassidy, a Queens native, complains wryly. The answer, grasshopper, according to Cassidy, is that there is no answer, except to hang on to your sense of professional pride no matter what and learn simply to shrug your shoulders at the mysterious spasms of the chaosmos.

A letter of credit is a letter from a bank guaranteeing that a buyer's payment to a seller will be received on time and for the correct amount. Since this is a straight credit, the seller presents the shipping documents to the paying bank or another bank, which has the authorization to make the payment. Change or die!’ But he soon discovered a culture of collegiality that eased the transition. The Rooster has crowed! How come?

Photographs from a cross-country trip to document streets named after the American icon. Let me email you the contact info for so and so, who knows all about that stuff. Straight credit differs from negotiable credit in that it restricts payment to the beneficiary only. Relive all the action of last month's Super Rooster, presented by Bookshop! They really just wanted me to succeed and make their crazy lives easier.’ Log in now to tell us what you think this song means.

The letter of credit thus substitutes the buyer’s credit worthiness with that of the bank.

Ex-Screw editor Jonah Cassidy is still writing, though now about petroleum, not porn. It's the Super Rooster, presented by Bookshop. "Go for credit in the straight world / Look a dealer in the eye" Means a person can say apply for a credit card at a bank with confidence, etc. But no longer. by Colin Brayton. The term straight credit reflects that payment is made straight or directly to the beneficiary. In both cases the buyer and seller agree to transact business, but to guarantee payment, the seller may require a letter of credit. At that point, the spiritual journey becomes an unaffordable luxury, as Cassidy will tell you. Some of the world’s largest, oldest fish live in Oregon.

‘Find the human element in the story—and cut it out.’

A sight draft is a type of bill of exchange, in which the exporter holds the title to the transported goods until the importer receives and pays for them. ‘I mean, the guy would buy Joey Buttafuocco dinner at Nobu and we’d get nothing! Cassidy now spends his weekday nine-to-fives producing tight, cut-to-the-chase, five-Ws business journalism—‘Coatings Industry Faces Uncertainty over Lead Paint Litigation’—on an unforgiving deadline.

Tipped off to an opening at Screw while working as a production assistant at Midnight Blue—during a trip to the late, lamented Worldwide Cinema for a showing of Unforgiven—Cassidy ends up passing the writing test, lands the job, gets his head more or less together, and ascends to the top job by a process of rapid attrition.

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