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I want to know because i w ant to be an intelligence officer. Sign up to receive The Evening, a daily brief on the news, events, and people shaping the world of international affairs. What would you have done differently? Carvin and Thomas Juneau of the University of Ottawa have interviewed dozens of workers in the intelligence community as part of their research, including about human resource issues. Sign up.

CSIS also had to battle bad press after it settled a lawsuit in 2017 launched by five employees who alleged, in documents filed with Federal Court, that management created a workplace rife with discrimination, harassment and bullying "through its tone at the top.".

"Nobody does it for king and country anymore," he said. With more than 13 years’ experience as an Intelligence Officer, I am adept in surveillance and equipment, regulatory compliance, and crisis management.

If it's struggling to recruit and retain staff, that's a "substantial" problem, said Stephanie Carvin, a former analyst for CSIS and an assistant professor of international affairs at Carleton University. She can be reached at or @cattunneyCBC. The second third of resumés are from people "convinced that CSIS is the spawn of Satan and they want to get on the inside to see how their minds are being controlled, and that kind of thing.".

People skills are important assets for intelligence officers (IO) whose main role is to collect and analyze national security-related information. Judd Devermont is the director of the Africa Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). To encourage thoughtful and respectful conversations, first and last names will appear with each submission to CBC/Radio-Canada's online communities (except in children and youth-oriented communities). According to Juneau-Katsuya, the salary remains the same whether the transfer is to Regina or Vancouver, cities with widely different cost of living. "If you don't have enough bodies to do investigations, whether surveillance or [intelligence] or whatever, then you know the bad guys can get away with more because there's not a sufficient number of good guys to keep tabs on them. Our role is to investigate activities suspected of constituting threats to the security of Canada and to report on these to the Government of Canada. Required fields are marked *. From 2013 to 2015, he was the Central Intelligence Agency’s senior political analyst on sub-Saharan Africa. Lucas Raymond Mother, After would-be workers make it through the required psychological assessment, security clearance and polygraph test —a process that can sometimes take 18 months — intelligence officers must also agree to relocate anywhere across Canada, according to CSIS's job requirements. Misuse or abuse of prescribed medication or any other substance is also incompatible with holding security clearance, which can be refused or withdrawn if this policy is not observed, so you must adhere to our policy from the point of application onwards.

"This is lower than the industry standard, especially in the technology field," Koronewski said, attributing the low rate to a positive work environment and employee development and support programs. "Diversity in background, diversity in professional experience, willingness to learn and a curious mind are the most important attributes in prospective candidates.". He is also a senior adviser at Kupanda Capital, a pan-African investment platform, and, Fraym, a data analytics firm. Share Feedback. They spend time building and managing relationships with people who could provide vital intelligence.

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