The species is overall similar to the anoles from Cuba known as the equestrian species complex. Knight anoles inhabit Cuba, and flourish very well in South Florida in the US, on resettlement. This species of anoles are native to Cuba but have been widely introduced into South Florida, where they reproduce and spread readily. The lizard species is the largest species in the Dactyloidae family. Using a dirt substrate of 3 to 4 inches is ideal. Knight anoles regularly take fruits and can function as seed dispersers in their ecosystem. Give them prey items daily or on alternate days and weekly once feed them with fruits. The small Cuban Knight Anoles when reared in confinement are generally small and attain only 13-15 inches in length when fully grown. Knight anoles are carnivores (insectivores) and their diet consists mainly of insects and snails. When they display a dark color, it shows the high stress level of the lizard that leads to sickness. Illuminate the cage with a 5.0 UVB bulb placed in the upper area, with an extra heat lamp at one end of the cage to allow the animals to bask. Size: This species is the largest of anoles and can attain lengths in the wild of 18-22 inches. The Knight anole is the biggest among the anoles and grows to about 18-22 inches in the deserts. Other common names include Cuban knight anole or Cuban giant anole, highlighting its native country, but it has also been introduced to Florida. These anoles are not dangerous for humans. Species is native to Cuba and this large anole is called Chipojo. They are not able to survive in the cold temperature as they freeze in Florida during winters. Knight Anoles do not respond happily when human beings hold them. We will really appreciate your contribution. These Knight anoles are unable to tolerate freezing temperatures; when South Florida freezes in winter, they become unconscious and fall from the treetops. Cuban knight anole, Cuban giant anole, Chipojo ( in Cuba). Give them a feeling of security by providing branches for climbing plants and vines in the cage. Peat moss or coconut fiber are preferred.

They occasionally were seen on warm asphalt, rocks, or sidewalks.

Substrate - Due to humidity requirements an absorbent substrate is desired. In Cuba, they live in a wide range of habitats with trees, such as forest, mangrove, savanna, cultivated areas, and gardens. Knight Anole is the largest anole species in lizard in the Dactyloidae family. © 2020 - All rights reserved.

The Knight Anole breed during the summer. Species is widely introduced into south Florida where they reproduce and spread readily.

Our articles are free for you to copy and distribute. However, they will descend to the ground to get from one tree to another, or for thermoregulation, when occasionally seen on warm asphalt, rocks, or sidewalks.

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