Roosendaal Your car was never designed to be a convertible, so the windshield rake angle was never tested for buffeting.

Without the roof to keep the chassis linked together, a unibody car will flex like a young Arnold showing you where the beach is. Home / RICHMOND / Richmond Custom Hardtop .

There’s an art to slicing open a car’s roof with a Sawzall, and part of that technique means knowing how close you can get to the top of the windshield frame with your initial cuts. A complete spare parts inventory is maintained for all conversions that we build. We are proud to say that we are 100 percent debt free! The roof’s gone, so it’s time to act like the Duke boys and just hope on in over the sill. Late Model T-Top Camaro Finally Available, Chevrolet Camaro T-Top Conversion Headed for SEMA, Eyespike Design: Photography & Creative Services. We offer a one-year, parts and labor warranty and an additional three-year warranty for mechanical parts. VAT: 8574.98.137.B01, BOND - Bauhofstrasse 3, A-3161 Interior Stelvio Brown Classic. A full-frame car gives you a bit more leeway, but not much, so you’ll want to make sure you do what you can to fight its newfound wet-noodle tendencies. +49 331 7435330 If you’re making a Sawzall convertible, chances are crash safety isn’t your biggest concern. Get in touch Get in touch. NCE creates both soft top, hard top and vehicles such as Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Range Rover, Tesla and others. Earplugs can help, and maybe try rolling up the windows at speeds where a vortex of terror won’t suck them right out of the door panels. T. +31 020 6650 050, Jan Hop - Keulsveld 2, 4705RS Our resume is impressive: We have done conversions on Cadillac, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Ferrari, Jaguar and other makes, and our masterpieces have been shipped to customers everywhere from California to Maine, and farther to places like Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Thailand, Switzerland, and Germany. Rosenheim

Newport Convertible Engineering – NCE will design and engineer any car to a Hardtop Convertible. October 5, 2016. You are invited to visit our facility at anytime. Just be warned, one of those monsters makes it easy to make mistakes in a hurry, so if you don’t want to be known as Lefty for the rest of your short, blood-spurting life, take added precautions.”. Too far forward and you run the risk of cracking the glass, and since the windshield is pretty much the only structural element you’ll have left on the topside of the car you’re really going to need it to stay in one piece. Subaru BRZ Convertible. 4 door hardtop H1 Hummers we’re never created by the factory so Predator built one.

Photos: Wikicommons, Posted August 10, 2017 in Events, Interviews, Speed Week Preview: Three Racers Talk Bonneville With Roadkill, Text: Eric Rood Drop Top Customs was originally founded in 1976 as “Coachbuilders Limited,” has over 41 years of experience. Our warranty is one year, parts and labor and an additional three years for mechanical parts only.

And in case you need any parts for your conversion in the future, we maintain a full inventory of spare parts.

Chrysler Crossfire Hardtop […] Do you like it? Potsdam

Every component in each conversion is designed for that specific model. Drop Top Customs by Convertible Builders LLC, originally founded in 1976 as “Coachbuilders Limited,” has over 41 years of experience. “Fortunately I learned from experience that the door locks, on even the rustiest Volvo are up to the task,” related Peter.

They are long, low, strong and sleek cars. Insulation, flakes of metal, sound-dampening material, plastic seals, rubber stuff, Cheetos from another era, it’s all part of the vortex generated by your custom convertible now, so again, maybe wear some safety glasses (or really cool goggles) the first few times you head out for a spin. First things first: don’t open the doors. We believe a happy customer is a repeat customer! Once you’ve rounded everything down, there are likely going to be at least a few areas that still seem kind of of dangerous.

Without the roof in place, chances are your ride will crumple like a tin can if it hits anything above the 15-mph mark, but that doesn’t mean you want to break your face open on the dashboard or steering wheel if you have to stop suddenly because someone cut you off while taking a picture of your topless majesty. It’ll probably crack, so wear safety glasses or something. Power 307. Our warranty covers the areas we affect, and the remaining areas are covered by the manufacturer’s factory warranty. Along with the windshield, they’re the only part of the car’s body that’s still valiantly fighting flex. With no roof in place there’s going to be a lot of wind blowing through the cabin, and since you opened up holes where previously there had been no holes, there’s a good chance random junk is going to start flying out of the A-pillar, B-pillar, C-pillar, and probably the rear deck, too.

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