The CZ Scorpion Micro Folder ditches the collapsible brace and adds in a folding brace from SB Tactical for an incredibly compact 9mm package. The non-reciprocating charging handle is swappable for either left- to right-handed use. This model also comes with 3.75” rails on both right and left sides. The Scorpion, of the K configuration, is a tried and true favorite of PCC shooters. Then there is the Micro. [Review] CZ Scorpion EVO Three S2 Pistol Micro with Brace. It’s all very quick and, to me, it doesn’t detract from accuracy much, but the carbine’s light but odd recoil impulse is worth mentioning.

©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. It’s quick and easy to grab and rack, and it’s easy to use when clearing the weapon, locking the bolt to the rear, or fixing a malfunction. The CZ Scorpion comes with a limited five-year warranty against defects due to materials or workmanship (except wood components, which have a one-year warranty). Lastly, if you want a CZ SBR (preferably with a pistol caliber suppressor), this is the cheaper route than buying the stock and 922R kit. Now the moment we’ve all been waiting for…. If you want a review for any gun, feel free to leave a comment below! We are the original gun news source. I’ve shot several competitions and range sessions with it totaling almost 1,000 rounds. The low profile aluminum iron sights of the CZ Scorpion are outstanding. The little 9mm round is a lot quieter than any rifle round. The gun has the recoil impulse of a blowback gun. Most of the controls on the Scorpion are ambidextrous, meaning it’s suitable for both right- and left-handed people. Share Tweet Pin Email [Trending]: Best Concealed Carry Guns, Best AR-15, and Where to Buy Ammo (Maybe) Pistol Caliber Carbines are the hot ticket in town these days, from competition to plinking at the range and even in a home defense role.

The reset is long as well. Instead it offers slots for M-Lok after-market rails. Not a single malfunction even with the super cheap Tula ammo. Pin the stock and add one of those grip wraps and it'll work. For purposes of clarity, I consent to Athlon's collection, storage, processing, and transfer of my Personal Data and Non-Personal Data (as defined in the Privacy Policy) for the purpose of signing up for the email newsletter.

The CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S2 Micro-K, a Sublime Stinger. Since the CZ is a blowback weapon…underloaded ammo isn’t going to function well. A lot of companies are introducing more and more custom parts for the Scorpion such as companies like.

With a 20-round capacity, the Scorpion holds more rounds than most defensive pistols, giving you an edge for home defense.

10, 20, and 30 round magazine capacity choices are available (Travis Pike for TTAG). This makes shooting accurately easy. If I had to live in California, I’d go SKS and/or stoxi Saiga rifle. Overall the CZ Scorpion design is very ergonomically pleasing. Do you just want something that you can plink around with and target shoot, while not breaking the bank on ammo cost? For fun, I did a number of drills while writing this review and one included seven 3-inch circles at 25 yards. My Scorpion Carbine has seen a wide variety of ammo, including some less-than-stellar steel case stuff. Today we are specifically talking about the rifle, or carbine variantwith 16.2″ barrel. Any left-hander will certainly appreciate this feature! Customization * * *You can change a lot of little things with this gun like the charging handle, magazine release, the safety, and the trigger springs. 10, 20, and 30 round magazine capacity choices are available (Travis Pike for TTAG). In the age of the braced pistol, you may be asking what’s the point of a full-sized 9mm carbine (overall length is 36 inches)? After market replacement levers are rumored to be available to remedy this. I’m pretty sure it was underloaded for low recoil. A lot of companies are introducing more and more custom parts for the Scorpion such as companies like Manticore, Yeti Wurks, Lage, and HB Industries. I would recommend the gen 2 version. Easy to shoot well.4.5 stars from me. CZ-USA updates the line pretty frequently. it’s cheap to shoot and has proven itself to be one of the more modular platforms in the PCC market. The Scorpion has become popular enough that even Magpul is making accessories for it if you don’t like a particular part. Additionally, this gun, with some minor modification, is California legal while the pistols are not.

They also use Glock mags and fold in half. I’ve seen the Franchi Instinct L for about that new online too. Best of all the sights are made of metal. Rather it is descended from a different line of design developments and the only aesthetic resemblance to the 61 is the forward swept magazine in front of the trigger guard and the manufacturer. It might be worthwhile to get in touch with Timney and ask if they have any upcoming products related to the Scorpion. Manticore Arms and Prepper Gun Shop make and sell a polymer mag with metal feed lips, Magpul is producing a magazine, and there are even drums available for the platform. The Scorpion carbine has a much longer sight radius than the pistol variants. Fit, Finish, And Style * * * * * The reset is long as well. Overall, this is a great gun, maybe a little pointless, but many of my guns can be called that. The odd recoil impulse aside, it’s a very comfortable gun to shoot with low recoil that makes rapid fire accurate as well. Now for pistols a Carbine is longer than normal. by Ben Branam Posted on September 19, 2019 September 18, 2019. In fact, at 50 yards, you’ll get a respectable grouping, but at 100 yards, forget it. There are two primary classes that are determined by their select fire capability: the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 is designed for military and police use and is full auto capable while the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 variant only has two positions on the selector switch for safe and semi-automatic. This becomes important in home defense situations, where you may be trying to move through your home, complete with rooms and furniture. Required fields are marked *. The Scorpion does come with an ambidextrous thumb safety, but if you have small children, you’ll want to lock it up, perhaps even leaving it unloaded. Subscribe to Pew Pew Tactical's sales and deals email. The thing is just a ton of fun too shoot and probably a good rifle for a younger shooter who is moving up from a .22. The Scorpion EVO 3 S1 from CZ has a reputation to live up to. As of now, after a year of use and well over a thousand rounds I have only experienced failures with some reloaded ammo I was given.

The Scorpion carbine can actually be quite the little tack driver, even with just iron sights though there’s lots of top Picatinny rail space for a red dot.

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