The Trump administration later asks the Supreme Court to review the decision. , you can still renew but will need to file the renewal as if it were an initial application. , including your money order and all supporting documentation, as well as any receipt for mailing your filing, and keep the copy in a safe place. 23, which required dialysis clinics to employ at least one doctor who would be on site whenever patients are receiving treatment. Voters deciding board of supervisors seat and a measure to increasing funds for social services. Holly Mitchell and Herb Wesson in tight race for seat on L.A. Board of Supervisors. Related: Trump ended DACA. since your DACA expired, then you can still file your renewal normally. The case opened a new legal front in the battle over DACA. Citing Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke calls DACA “an open-ended circumvention of immigration laws” that “was an unconstitutional exercise of authority by the executive branch.” Multiple lawsuits are filed around the country challenging the Trump administration’s move. We also strongly advise that you mail using priority shipping that includes a tracking number. He said it was “based on a flawed legal premise” that the Obama-era policy was illegal.

DACA renewals are allowed to continue, but new applicants are no longer allowed to apply. Filing before the 150 days will cause USCIS to reject DACA renewal … Purchase your money order from your local U.S. Post Office or bank—we strongly advise using a money order because USCIS does not accept cash. A marriage divided. June 2012: The Obama administration creates the DACA program. It is recommended that you fill out the forms digitally to make sure all information is readable. Early results are in for Prop.

You should strongly consider. There is a lot of confusion about how the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic might affect immigration policy. Package and send your DACA renewal filing. David G. Savage has covered the Supreme Court and legal issues for the Los Angeles Times in the Washington bureau since 1986. You trust the coverage brought to you by The World because of the intelligent, engaging conversations you hear every weekday on topics from the US presidential election to the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone’s case is different, which is why, we strongly urge you to consider seeking out assistance from. . When you support The World’s fall fundraiser, you ensure we can continue this critical work. Instead, use paper clips. on where to send your renewal request based on your location. Meanwhile, in a dissent, Justice Clarence Thomas said the ruling makes way for political battles to be fought within the court rather than the executive and legislative branches. Create a cover letter. This is an approximation. 5. When submitting your DACA renewal take in consideration processing delays with the USPS considering COVID-19 delays and other possible changes. The Obama-era program grants qualified undocumented immigrants who entered the country as minors two-year periods of deportation deferrals and eligibility for work permits. The Supreme Court heard oral arguments on DACA in November. City Council candidates square off in L.A.'s 4th and 10th Districts. Department of Homeland Security” (do not use abbreviations like “DHS”). Donate today to support our freely available journalism. 8. We know this can be overwhelming but some things to also keep in mind while you consider renewing: Based on the August 21, 2020 guidance from USCIS, DACA recipients should file renewal’s between 150-120 days from expiration. Unfortunately, at this time, no first-time DACA applications are being accepted, so if you were never approved for DACA, you cannot apply now. The California ballot measure would authorize $5.5 billion in new funding for stem cell research. If you are a college or university student contact your Diversity & Inclusion, Dream Center, or financial aid office for emergency assistance programs. Three lawsuits were combined into one: Department of Homeland Security, et al., v. Regents of the University of California, et al. Latest news: Live blogPresident Senate | House Governors California | L.A. CountyOrange | Ventura, Bay Area weighs 2-week quarantine for residents who travel over the holidays. The court agreed to decide “whether DHS’s decision to wind down DACA is lawful.” The oral arguments were scheduled for Nov. 12, but a decision is not likely until early in 2020.

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