Please do not request specific colors when ordering this assortment pack. Unfortunately, aquariums are closed ecosystems, where water balance can be easily disturbed.

Healthy mollies can spawn new fry several times throughout their lives. They can survive in either the saltwater aquarium or freshwater aquarium. They will often reach lengths that are closer to five or six inches. Make sure the females outnumber the males to keep this behavior to a minimum. This will help you to fully recycle your aquarium. Males are usually smaller and have a pointy anal fin. As they can manage in a small tank, but it largely affects their water condition.

Dalmatian Molly Lifespan; Overview. There are a couple of unique ailments you have to watch out for. Mollies don’t display any parental instincts, and most will attempt to eat the babies. For simplicity, dry commercial flakes and pellets are a good food source to consider as well. It features the same fanned shape as other mollies. There are several things to be taken into consideration while picking a reliable aquarium for mollies. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. With the exception of the Endler’s livebearer and the guppy, every fish in this genus is a molly! Even when not pregnant, the belly takes on a round and bulbous shape. Below, I discuss some of the ways you can prolong the lives of your molly fish. The content of this website is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Life expectancy can be maximized with proper care. As you can guess, these mollies are covered in black! Also, they can cope with varieties of salt levels in an aquarium. Live-bearers like mollies breed a lot and male mollies tend to pursue females constantly, thus, stressing them out.

Mollies get along with just about anything! In addition a deaf Dalmatian can still be trained so not all hope is lost. They can survive in either the saltwater aquarium or freshwater aquarium. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. These fish are known for their low-maintenance care requirements and wide selection of possible species to choose from. This means adding plenty of plants and lots of places to seek shelter. There isn’t any evidence that males molly fish live longer or less than female molly fish, however, a female molly fish that spawn constantly will have a shorter lifespan. This molly breed has an altered causal fin structure and is rare to find. The mom and dad got eaten and I moved the baby one to its own tank immediately. When opting for commercially available foods, choose a quality brand and offer your mollies flakes, freeze-dried brine shrimp, frozen bloodworms, tubifex, spirulina tablets and veggie tablets. Separate the pregnant Dalmatian molly – You should place the pregnant molly in another tank when she is close to giving birth. The habitat of mollies in the wild can vary quite a bit. For if there is no structure among them, you might just expect to see dropped-dead fish every day. Read more….

So if you’re looking for information on specific types of molly fish, check back soon! ).

Mollies will accept live or frozen bloodworms, daphnia, and brine shrimp. Overall, mollies are easy-going fish. Mollies are not demanding, and they are pretty easy to keep. Compatible tank mates for mollies include; Guppies, Cherry barbs. If you’re looking for something a bit less popular, you’ll probably have to do a little digging (since they might not be at your local fish store). The good thing about their food preference is the ability to eat almost anything you give them. Minimum quantity for “Molly – Dalmation Molly” is 3. Rarely mollies live longer and grow bigger. Our mission is to educate and share aquascaping knowledge with others, and to show the mainstream audience that aquascaping can be beautiful. As they are not picky eaters.

With big aquariums, caring for your Dalmatian molly will be an easy task. They have a short life span and susceptible to health problems.

One thing you will need is a strong filtration system since mollies are big waste producers. Today we are going to talk about how long Dalmatian mollies live and what you can do to extend their lifespan. Peaceful by nature, the molly is great for freshwater community tanks.

They won’t spend too much time down near the substrate. Minimum quantity for “Molly – Dalmation Molly” is 3 . However, you should avoid keeping them in pairs.

Male and female molly fish are pretty easy to differentiate. Moreover, selective breeding has produced a variety of color, body, and fin shapes. Often, fish with a bad genetic profile don’t even live long enough to become adults. The anal fin of the female is broad and fanned. With the disease, the molly fish is unable to swim properly.

Also, male mollies can be aggressive towards each other. They are golden in color. They like warm waters, neutral pH, and hard water. On the other end, the body tapers slightly towards the base of the fan-shaped tail. As males have a larger dorsal fin and a pointed anal fin than females. Very popular in fish stores, the Dalmation molly is covered with a base color of white. However, the number of fish largely determines the tank size you will be making use of. Moreover, this will prevent bigger fish from bullying the smaller ones. Whereby, many varieties are results of cross-breeding sailfin and short-finned. Rather than laying eggs, the female will hold them in her belly until the babies are ready to hatch. Buy more, you’ll get more colors! If you own both male and female black mollies, expect these prolific breeders to populate their tank with molly fry. These are presumed to be a rich source of vitamins, minerals and proteins. As long as you follow the following established care guidelines, your mollies should thrive! Common Goldfish Diseases – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments. © 2020 Arizona Aquatic Gardens. This length is rather manageable, and allows them to be kept in reasonably small aquariums. Molly Fish come in a variety of colors and are easy to care for and breed. In your research on molly fish, you’ve probably searched information on how long mollies live for and what can you do to improve molly fish lifespan. The sailfin molly has the standard body shape. Min 3 Qty Purchase for this incredible purchase price! That said, there are differences in life expectancy between the various molly fish breeds, however, on average, molly fish live 3-5 years. Group Size: Mollies are schooling fish that need a lot of company, and are happy when you keep them in large groups.

It covers the water quality, usage of heater and filter, plants and decorations, and many more.

However, they are known for bulling their babies, and that of other fish in the tank. It’s also important to change 25 to 35 percent of the water weekly to ensure that ammonia and nitrate levels don’t rise. And death in severe cases. : A silver colored in nature breed in molly species with black speckles. However, mollies can thrive in various environments. If you have any questions feel free to contact me or leave a comment below. Black babies are the absolute cutest! However, you should know that most mollies you see today are results of selective breeding. What Is The Expected Lifespan of Black Mollies? Best Food for Molly Fish – How to Feed Mollies? Get the newsletter for bi-weekly updates on news & events in the Aquascaping world. Using the substrate as an anchor, add several live plants (mollies use these plants for shelter). It has been a success story for aquarists who have kept Dalmatian mollies.

Sometimes, Dalmatian mollies exhibit a color combination of the white and black body. However, ensure these are not too clumsy. If you want to raise and breed healthy molly fish, following the tips I discussed in this article will go a long way in expanding the lives of your fish. Molly fish mostly consume plant-based foods. When they become pregnant, they take on a bulging appearance and their fins are shorter and the anal fins are triangular.

Wide at the mid-section, the body tapers down to a narrow point at the snout.

Needless to say, mollies can release about 40-100 fry at once. In conclusion, Dalmatian mollies are wonderful species, that every aquarist love to have around. Avoid any fish that’s known to exhibit aggressive behavior. The males will court the females before she allows them to fertilize the eggs. Instead, they “shimmy” and wiggle in one place. As it contains information that will help sustain the general well-being of your fish. Since their introduction to the world of fishkeeping, mollies have been cross-bred a lot!

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