This is the perfect series for you if you’re looking for a millionaire mentor. An internet type business is what you could grow without a lot of infrastructure or without hiring a lot of people, and without a lot of overhead. 3. He is also an author of best-selling inspirational books. Whether you want to maximize the value of your business in order to SELL it, or you just want to dominate your industry and create a global empire, or anywhere in between, this is the place for you. This guy has taken money from thousands of people in the name of financial coaching and personal development.

Starting your life over. Not So Fast…, Why Cash Flow Is More Important Than Revenue. Credit Card vs Debit Card: Which One Is Better?

Dan Lok is not a scam though i can say this 100 % accurately because i have bought his course and it was very worth it and i think its really cheap for the value he gave to me , also most of the testimonial from coffezila and other about danlok is scammer is fake lol , how is he scamming people if he is not forcing you to buy into his program?? Watch until the end to get unique relationship insights from both Dan & Jennie Lok’s perspective. Dan will go through this word-for-word script for what’s working right now in sales. If Dan Lok let you down in the first instant with a clear non offer of a job why pay another 25k on another promise of a job. The course, by the way, is a basic sales course on how to sell high-ticket items (if I had read a few sales books that is; most of the people think the stuff is amazing) and Lok sets up this expectation for you to be paired with high-ticket sellers by the end of the course….. but he basically tells us to go FREELANCE. Live it.

Im serious.

Anyone can hire an expensive car for a few hours and get photos done. Even better, I’ll break down what is required of me on a daily basis. If you really want to be successful – find someone who has succeeded and you want to follow, read about them, learn their methods, and then WORK YOUR ASS OFF. He then build as a platform to bridge between influencers (with high ticket items to sell) to Dan’s own HTC graduates. -> Ehm…Not really cause without that i would be on sales and not making money today ( not a lot but growing ).

Listen In On Conversations With The Most Inspiring Founders & CEOs In The World As They Share The Secrets Behind Their Success.

then I don’t know which classes you took…. Would you go selling course 24/7? Sit in the living room. If one day he look here, Lok can can answer and we dont look for around…. Sell $1,000,000 items and get 10% = $100,000. This way, he can fool people easily and steal their money. Goals can be set at any time, as long as you know how to actually achieve them. The latter requires a higher level of finesse and intellect.

!”, Scale their business to 7-figures and beyond using social media…, Generate predictable and sustainable ROI every month…, And build a 7-figure business that runs with or without them…. Let them be rich as you! 13!!

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