Prevent error in combat when doing items restack. Use default texture for ConsolidatedBuffsIcon. Also skinned wow token turotial frame. This author has set up a donation account.

Added GarrisonCapacitiveDisplayFrame skin. Enabled Recount, Skada and TinyDPS skins. Changed frame level for SelfBuffsReminder. Cleanup and improve raid/solo buffs reminder. Changed color for upgrades in SlotItemLevel. Attempted to guess Lei Shen's alt power bar texture name. So wayyyy back I used to like using a UI called Lorti UI for pvp. Implemented month and weekday localization.

Better way to hide realm name everywhere. Changed Cenarion Ward =>Rejuvenation (Germination). Renamed channel name and changed command. A small performance improvement for Mail. Fixed HandyNotes icon if enabled ButtonCollect. Optional addons (stylization by Shestak, Wetxius): Temporary commented some line to fix tapped color bug.

Here is a pic any ideas? Close. Enable tooltip skin for Garrison and PetJournal permanent. Changed position of master looter icon for Raid DPS. All questions, suggestions and bugs you can write only, Все вопросы, предложения и замечания вы можете оставить. Safely change talents, no more blocks. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. I don't know what addons Snutz is using but the closest I could find in my search is this ui. Classcolor changed to dark grey color how primary color. Added new option - Panels under ActionBars. ToolBar: blue button left click - toggle loot chat, right click - LootHistoryFrame, red button - damagemeter, green - CombatLogging. Added clear focus on middle-click for Arena and Boss frames. Fixed DebuffHighlight to show magic dispel on login.

Added PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD event for TabBinder. Update ShestakUI_Config.toc Version 5.07. Added TrainAllButton to ClassTrainerFrame.

Raise Reagent button width. Some cleanup, changes and fixes for 5.2 patch. Delete LOOKING_FOR_RAID line from minimap dropdown menu. Hide Gryphons; Hide Keybindings; Hide Macronames; Larger Player / Target Frames; Larger Health Bars; Class Colored Frames; Custom Color Picker for Frames; Class Color Target Frames; Class Color Arena Frames; In-Game Options Menu Minimap Buttons Added CTRL/ALT abandon/share for ObjectiveTrackerFrame. Added sorting on duration for RaidCD and EnemyCD. Updated gold position for cargBags_Nivaya. 8. Some changes in CombatLogQuickButtonFrame_Custom skin. Skin EquipmentFlyoutFrameNavigationFrame. Extract DarkUI.rar to desktop.

So wayyyy back I used to like using a UI called Lorti UI for pvp. Fixed skin for ObjectiveTrackerFrame.HeaderMenu.MinimizeButton. Updated Talents to prevent wrong check symbiosis. Added new option "Auto equip Safari Hat". lua, no longer needed. Fixed TrainAllButton for non current profession. Fixed friends dropdown menu in LiteStats. ActionBarButton macro names now have a width. Collections.lua Skinning of new collection frame. Added new option "Ignore Player and Target frames for click2cast". Added some global locales to fix tooltip line. Update MultiItemRef.luaReverted back changes. Slightly changed count position for Filger icons. Changed spec text for arena preparation frame. Prevent errors when open the option for the first time in combat. Originally Posted by Shestak ShestakUI is a modular, lightweight, all-in-one overhaul for the World of Warcraft interface. Awhile back that stopped being updated. Adjust position and width. • Added "Mind Flay (Insanity)" to ChannelingTicks. Set texture for RaidBuffsReminder only once. Added more "Polymorph" and "Arcane Torrent" spells to Diminishing.

For install optional addon: Copy all from archive to your World of Warcraft folder(WoW\Interface\AddOns\). Changed defaults, positions of some elements. Update Others.lua Skinned ReadyCheckPopup for Arena/Pvp. Fixed extra statistics for MoP's BG and added new BG. Awhile back that stopped being updated. Updated CopyChat: remove all icon except of raid mark. Set the color of a border instead of creating second frame for some of the icons. Added "Biting Cold" to Filger and Raid Debuffs. Slightly changed view of locked instance. Added new portals and Blingtron 5000 to Announcements. Added TransmogrifyConfirmationPopup skin. Changed texture and added border for ticket button. Fixed spiral for Trinkets and AutoButton. Added LFGListFrame.ApplicationViewer skin. Disable LossOfControl if ShestakUI_Filger is loaded. Use default icon for type pet instead of long text. Added new option - Check bad gear in instance by Shestak. Some cleanup, changes and fixes for 5.1 patch. Delete PET_DISMISS line from UnitPopupMenu. Changed to register UNIT_HEALTH_FREQUENT for HealPrediction. Changed reset button for TimeManager skin. Added "Shadow Infusion" on 5 count and "Blood Charge" on 10 count to Filger. If you like this AddOn why not consider supporting the author? Allowed clicking any mouse button for AutoButton. Added Neck subcategory to Bad gear announce. Added "Burden of Guilt" on player to Filger. Fixed GameMenuFrame. Fixed AltPowerBar color for Amber-Shaper Un'sok. Added dummies totems to nameplates black list.,, This modification is based on ShestakUI 5.0.7. LFG queue timer moved to a separate file and added DBM check. Thank you! Update MultiItemRef.lua Quick Fix for Taint error. Cleanup WorldMap and fixed floors scroll. It pretty much was the default UI but with black textures. Fixed "Disable mail buttons of loaded TradeSkillMaster_Mailing". Removed unnecessary events in SelfBuffReminder.lua. Resort minimap menu. Added "Auto opening of items in bag" option. Don't show raid reminders when solo in raid instances.

Added options for ToolBar and ButtonCollect mouseover to Settings.lua. Old error wasn't caused by addon.

Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ec970189ce37e6d Make Player Arrow under quest button on Map. Update Options.lua Added missing buttons and sliders. AbyssUI is a minimalist World of Warcraft interface. Nor perfect fix, opens 2 windows at start, but working without lua errors.

Fixed autocastable texture for SpellBook skin. Improved purchase button skin in GuildControl. Enhanced Dark WoW Interface.
Moved "Will of the Forsaken" to Cooldowns.
Rename WatchFrame.lua to ObjectiveTracker.lua. Updated displays items can not be transmogrified. Added caster name in "announce from all". Changed tooltip position for AltPowerBar. Togglemenu now automatically change position always. Added "Beacon of Insight" to RaidAuraWatch. Added new option "Merge auto attack" for CombatText. Added new feature "Enable Mousewheel to scroll the inbox". Disable "Sound when whisper" if loaded "ChatSounds".

Improved ShareButton skin. Fixed ExtraBarButton skin from ShestakUI_Extra. Changed to track on absID for "Thok's Tail Tip". Added some spells to CancelBadBuffs and cleanup. Fixed PlayerTalentFrameTalentsClearInfoFrameCount font and position. Another way to fix IsDisabledByParentalControls() taint. Added two warlock debuffs to Filger. A small improvement for Custom Lag Tolerance. Option for Loss of Control is now active, but disabled by default. Added battlepet link type to Hyperlink function. It pretty much was the default UI but with black textures. Reworked ObjectiveTrackerFrame.HeaderMenu.MinimizeButton skin. • Donations ensure that authors can continue to develop useful tools for everyone. Added Instance Chat support to SpamageMeters.

Extra check if enabled announce from all. Additional Features. Fixed "Dancing Steel" and "River's Song" in Filger. Added reset positions of some frames to reset move function. Fixed HealPrediction width on first logon and cleanup. Any help would be great! Fixed CTRL/ALT click to abandon/share quest.

If you have a DBM: In game use slash command. Better way to set icon for RaidBuffsReminder. Store always available. Fixed "Thundering Throw" spell id. Updated "Force other warning" and enabled for all. 234,831 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 25, 2020 Game Version: 9.0.1

Fixed (raid icons/color/debuffs/castbar) in nameplates. Minimap moved to topright corner, all elements around minimap moved, too. Change point for Garrison icon. Added new option - Check bad gear in instance. Revert d671c8f26dbfd4a15a00194a7d96a89c41bc3782 commit.

Enabled Bags. Fixed RAID_CLASS_COLORS error and cleanup. Revert 56186bc commit and added glyphs id in tooltip. Update Layout.lua Fixing issue with /fstack not working. Fixed an incorrect calculation of health.

Fixed SetItemButtonDesaturated. Added new option "Sorting players in group by role". Update Screenshots.lua Applying changes sugested by Sinaris. Create deathRecap.lua Skinning DeathRecap Frame. Don't hide resurrection bg pop-up on Esc. ShestakUI is a modular, lightweight, all-in-one overhaul for the World of Warcraft interface. Fixed LFGDungeonReadyStatusCloseButton skin. Prevent blocked errors while move ExtraActionBar in combat. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Added skin for new store button. Fixed Calendar, Inspect and Interface skins. Crop texture for ProfessionsDatabase dropdown menu. Added one more check for minimap buttons skin. Added CHAT_MSG_WHISPER_INFORM, to SpamageMeters. Fixed wrong icon in Core Ability Tab for SpellBook skin. No place in new PvPFrame for honorable kills toolip. If you want to customize what little you can in the UI then just type /DarkUI which will also allow you to change the transparency of the default windows.

Update Aura.lua Fixing issue that blocks usage of /fstack. Improved default settings for BigWigs skin. Update PetJournal.lua Reskinning of Collections frame - File should also be renamed. Added OpenMailFrame support for AlreadyKnown. Improved hover binding.

Update LoadFrames.xml Added DeathRecap skinning. Hi, I'm Yugen (Brazil), I really like to work on this UI (I did spend too much time editing textures tho lol), I hope you like AbyssUI. Implemented check for symbiosis disease dispel. Use better way to show vehicle exit button. Update Bags.luaReverted back changes. It aims to streamline and clean up the interface, removing unnecessary frills and wasted space as well as fill in some of the holes left in the default UI. Fixed SetDesaturated icon on target baffs. Fixed solve artifact for Pandaria's races. Fixed bags in the bank.

Added "Hand of Purity" on target to Filger. No need set backdrop color icons for the second time. Copy all from archive to your World of Warcraft folder(WoW\Interface\AddOns\). Set health and power value to 0, if dead/ghost/offline. AnnounceSpells.lua --> Announcements.lua and added BadGear list. Fixed double battle resurrection announce. Added manual fix for action bar during cooking daily quest. I recently noticed a few streamers using something super similar but couldn't get a response in chats. Added HighlightTexture for BlackMarket items. Changed addons name from ShestakUI to Dark ShestakUI. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed.

Update ShestakUI_Filger.toc Version 5.07. Remove weapon enchants from SelfBuffsReminder.

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