I’ve got laughter to give, I’ve got money to raise. Just click on one, at random. The man we love to hate and also all hate to love, because let’s face it, that at one point or other in our lives, WE HAVE ALL come across a “David Brent”. I don’t care if you’re black, brown, yellow – Orientals make very good workers, for example. “Life is just a series of peaks and troughs, and you don't whether you're in a trough until you're … So, as good as. Finally we have a page dedicated to all the best songs from the album, Life On The Road, which was recorded by Brent’s band, Foregone Conclusion who were revived when Brent came in the film of the same name. People say I’m the best boss. He doesn’t polish his own boots. No.

‘Dutch girls must be punished for having big boobs.’ Now, you don’t punish anyone, Dutch or otherwise, for having big boobs. – Ricky Gervais He’s the man at the top of the food chain.

Some might say he’s also a misogynist. Just make sure it’s legal and be safe.” (Season 2, Episode 1), “You will never work in a place like this again. Do you know which ‘philosopher’ said that? Dr Dre, yeah. [giggles] Bit naughty, huh? I haven’t got a sign on the door that says, ‘White people only’, you know? Naming no names – I don’t know any – but women are dirty.

It’s brilliant. So, as good as.

David Brent: It could be worse. for you. The only site on the web bringing you the very best hand-picked David Brent Quotes from all three seasons of the much revered television series, The Office. Mouths to feed. One in 10, apparently. After it was me who saved others from redundancy. He’s 32 and still lives with his parents. You might be.

The world's defining voice in music and pop culture since 1952. If you were to ask me to name three geniuses, I probably wouldn’t say Einstein, Newton…you know. If it’s in you, I’ll find it. She’s got alopecia, so not a happy home life.” (Season 2, Episode 2), (Talking about The Corrs) “I’d push the brother out of the room, bend them all over, do the drummer, the lead singer, and that one who plays violin.” (Season 2, Episode 3), “Who says famine has to be depressing?” (Season 2, Episode 5), “I can wake up one morning and go, ‘I don’t feel like working today. Die old.

© 2020 NME is a member of the media division of BandLab Technologies. Winnersh. Live fast, sure, live too bloody fast sometimes, but die young? She’s got alopecia, so not a happy home life. All the quotes are split out by season: Season 1, Season 2, and the Xmas Special. David Brent: Cherish them. Rewind the clock and enjoy 21 of David Brent’s best quotes from The Office…, “When people say to me: would you rather be thought of as a funny man or a great boss? We can safely say that the toil has been worth it. They go, ‘Oh, we’ve never worked in a place like this before, you’re such a laugh. As Dawn is the office receptionist she also serves as David’s personal assistant. Who printed this out for Joan? The raison d’etre of this site is very much thanks to the man in the picture below. Who does your tampons? There is an entire section profiling all the main characters from The Office. If a good man comes to me and says, “thank you, David, for the opportunity and continued support in the work-related arena, but I’ve done that, I want to better meself, I want to move on,” then I can make that dream come true, too, a.k.a. And professionalism is…and that is what I want OK? He’s generally considered to be the best. He doesn’t polish … Trust, encouragement, reward, loyalty…satisfaction. I’m sort of fused Flashdance with MC Hammer sh*t. Dr Dre, yeah. I couldn’t do what…actually, I could do what they do, and I think they knew it back then. They’re looking in Oxford and Cambridge. Not the best of Brent’s work, but one way to keep the money rolling in I suppose. Dolly Parton. A man who has done five fun runs in two years and is mad enough without the gear. I’d go Milligan, Cleese, Everett. We had to let him go, he was rubbish. He is a renegade and unorthodox, and doesn’t play by, “The Rules”. Can I stay in bed?’ ‘You’d better ask the boss.’ ‘David, can I stay in bed?’ ‘Yes, David.’ Both me.

For us fans, he is all of the above and more. David Brent has been described as a delusional, cringeworthy, egotistic prick whilst also falling victim to the Dunning-Kruger effect. The Brentmeister General. Not as good as Beethoven. Brent, will you be the Godfather to my child?”, so. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay.

If that’s it, can you leave now, please? He was rubbish. No, I don’t have a great many ethnic employees, that’s true, but it’s not company policy. Once he’s done with Slough, he’ll move onto Reading, Aldershot, Bracknell, Didcot, Yateley. Trust people and they’ll be true to you. Well, Dad isn’t dead.

Well I’m angry. If you are, good luck to you. Yeah.

I can type in, say, ‘sex…fetish’. Interviewer: How would you like to be remembered?

An evangelist who’s spreading the word in Slough. These pages cover off the most important attributes of each character, their interactions with other characters in the series, and more detail on who actor was behind the given character. My answer’s always the same, to me, they’re not mutually exclusive.” (Season 1, Episode 1), “I’m sure Texas couldn’t run and manage a successful paper merchants. You get the best out of us.’ And I go, you know, ‘C’est la vie.’ If that’s true – excellent. The point is you talk the talk, but do not walk the walk, vis-a-vis you’ve not yet passed your forklift driver’s test. If you’re wondering what that meeting was just about in there…That’s it…I’ve been made redundant. Yes, we’ve spent hours trawling all three episodes of The Office in search the creme-de-la-creme of quotes to feature on this site. Don’t forget to also check our section comprising of a large range of David Brent Memes. Both of mine are dead. In our eyes, there is only one office, and that is the original office. I know an alcoholic and it’s no laughing matter – particularly for his wife. No, it’s not “The UK Office” or “The British Version”.

It takes a little while. This site covers them all. There’s a party in my trousers, baby, and everybody’s coming. I’m like a spiritual guide.

But he came to me and went, “Mr. Two of the most quotable men on the planet, David Brent and Donald Trump.

Those of you who are kept on will have to relocate to Swindon, if you wanna stay. The 12 episodes filmed over …

And people say she’s just a pair of tits.” (Season 2, Episode 6, “Can I ask you something? Probably what spurred them on.” (Season 1, Episode 4, after he reveals his band Foregone Conclusion were once supported by Texas), “A sergeant major spends his time training his men to be killers. Not my way. Sessions. I know, gutting.

getreading. And then it’s back…The good die young. He’s in a home. I’ve got stuff to do. And not because I’m in it, but because it degrades women which I hate.

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