I feel like it’s hard to mess up a quesadilla. She’s stronger than I expected. “Tonight, I’m looking to see if Meredith is mistake free, if Kat is dependable in pregame, and I’m also going to be looking to see if Julia is top 36.”.

They had trouble figuring out a look for me. This is the first time she’s watched the ladies since the final auditions. “We’re going to make two more cuts, and they’re not going to be obvious or easy,” Kelli admits.

Neal McCoy remarks that if she does have the uniform on, it’ll be with grace and poise. Kelli says it’s not an easy journey, and this is her first challenge. – Marty Kudelka, Here comes my girlfriend, everyone… Man I wish I could do that.


Julia should absolutely come back next year.

The girls will be dancing right in front of the Jones family, and there are crazy costume changes and technical hiccups. – J, Madeline prances her little feet precise. She talked the talk and now she’s walking the walk.

So, what will Kelli and Judy decide?

But it was time for the inevitable office call, and this might be the most emotional one we’ve seen all season. A night to remember for sure. That’s a really nerve-wracking feeling, to know that I could be dancing right in front of Mr. Jerry Jones himself. – K, [Makeover] I love the tones with her eyes. She’s gonna be sidelined for the rest of rehearsal to prevent long-term injury, and we’re just praying and sending all our good vibes that she heals QUICKLY. It does make me nervous that tonight could be a cut night. Group 4 was thrown for an understandable loop. She’s not the most dynamic.” Finally, it’s time for the iconic DCC kick line, and after the ladies finish, things really fall apart. “I want all of you to show Charlotte why you are still here!” Kelli declared. I’ve started to get shaky, and there’s a pit in my stomach. So, the dances begin, and everything is going really well so far. She has some visible spasms in her back and opts to sit out and go to the doctor before risking further injury and Kelli and Judy agree with her. TOO CUTE! – Neal McCoy/ Glad you said that Neal, because I wouldn’t. – Charlotte, She personifies everything this tryout is about. – J, [Setting “first” triangle] She was in this position last year.

I like to think I’m an okay cook, so everyone else is going down. – Jennifer, Lots of mistakes. Now that I’ve got the DCC look, I feel like I could bring the DCC style to my dancing a little bit more, and I think that will definitely help going into training camp again. She’s an articulate dancer with very good control of her body. Just a pretty, pleasant, fun smile. I think Lily is stronger on the field. If the makeover isn’t successful for Madeline, it could be the stop sign for this training camp. [After Kitty praises her] So relieved, like a million pounds of weight off my shoulder. Soon after, she became a dancer for the Phoenix Suns… and now a hopeful for DCC just trying to make her grandpa proud. That is precious.

AKA Please pass the tissues. [Before office] Kelli called me into the office tonight.

High five! – J, Maddie’s grabbing her leg and is in pain… yeah, Maddie’s hurt. [Julia]’s boring me. From Rookie Season They could be concerned about my kicks again or that I’m not necessarily getting the style yet. Melissa thinks she did good tonight, and asks if she thought she’d just get it perfectly? Like, just soften it up. Tonight, I still didn’t do my best, [.

It was a hard rehearsal for her. Another surprise this week—the first performance from show group! Because you’re almost too quick on all this. – Melissa, [Asked who he’d make point, also mentioning, [Giving stickers] Maddie is incredible. She was a great soloist at auditions. Rehearsals get right to the point tonight right out of the gate: Kelli and Judy have two cuts left and one week before the game. 69.3k Followers, 1,464 Following, 330 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Mads (@madeline_massingill) “Her dark hair and bright smile show up to me. But overall, Charlotte was impressed. – Tyce Diorio/ Oh, we love her style. © Copyright 2020 HollywoodLife, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. [Fan vote] Last time I check, I was in the top 10. “Meredith has pretty legs on the entrance,” she tells Judy. But you’ve got this Judy… and we love it when your inner Kelli comes out! Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

Kelli hopes she can smooth those edges. [About Kacey Musgraves] They completely shocked us.

Maddie’s knee has been bothering her for a few nights now. She can often be found on a red carpet or at a late-night guitar pull. And you’re letting it show all in your face. ‘Cause I want this so bad. – J/ No. – K, Maddie’s overheating.

Right now, she looks like a little girl in a bad, black wig. Two cuts still have to be made before the final team of 36 is put together on season 14 of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team. My first rehearsal was rough last night. We need to just make sure we’re fueling our bodies the right way. I had been fighting my naturally curly hair forever, so it feels good to just be myself [. Overall, Kelli was really happy and so was Judy. She talks about her best friend who has Down Syndrome, and how she got two boots for him before he passed away.

It’s definitely difficult.

– J, What do you think about Madeline?

– Melissa, Maddie is crushing.

Back to the field: Julia, oh girl. change her hair, and we change her makeup, she could make it, because she’s a good dancer. “The field has been her friend,” Kelli said, and Judy agreed.

I went home and worked hard. But she pulls through and she thanks them for the experience and the friendships that camp gave her. 2

You have to know your natural tendencies, strengths, and weakness to learn how to be a better teammate. One of the most important lessons from the meeting was the realization that for some girls, the emotions that come from a teammate being cut stick around longer than normal. – Melissa Rycroft, It totally breaks my heart to see a girl like this crying emotionally on the first night of training camp. [Finals deliberations] She needs a makeover. “And then we did this *mimics motion* and it was just shooting up and down my leg. – K/ It did help. We get to know Taylor P tonight!

She had so many compliments for the girls, including Kat, Meredith, Amanda, Lisa, and more. It’s time to focus on who is consistent, dependable and shines on the field. I did not realize how far away from the DCC look I was. – J, I thought you did good tonight. Julia is asked to come back and immediately feels the sense of foreboding that this may not end well. Are you just being nice?”.

Judy made a very nonchalant formation change; wasn’t expecting it at all. Yes, ladies, you can do this. [Flashback to her getting invited to training camp this year] This year going into training, I just wanted to go in there and do my very best. Kelli and Judy then transition into a little game they like to call “Follow the Leader.” This is a brilliant move, because it teaches the girls how to jump into a routine at random when music comes on during an actual game.

They only want to see how she’s feeling (remember that Bridget gave everyone a scare when she passed out during the previous rehearsal.). Maddie appreciates their critiques.

But, as soon as I did, I used it as motivation to get me back here. I feel much better this morning. I went home, practiced a little bit more.

She has a conversation with Melissa Rycroft during a break in practice, who tells her that the last time she saw her, she was in tears. I was so excited. Oh Maddie—no, Maddie! We all expected Kitty to come in and  … okay, starstruck over here. – K/ Yeah, she’s just, you know how people get red around the mouth and white and their eyes are white? Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team. She tells Maddie it’s just a different style she has to do. Madeline

– K, Maddie definitely outdid everybody. Number of DCC Years It means so much to me to have this uniform on.

Gina is back this week to really break down the results of the CORE personality tests that the girls took earlier in the season. It’s really hard when we get to this point, and there’s still girls that are going to be cut.

But not before another injury pops up: this time, it’s Alexis. “She’s not ready to go on performing in tonight’s rehearsal. Let’s jump right into last Friday’s (Oct. 18) episode of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, because there is no time to waste. Going to do a little dance. I have loved her from day one. and perform a sideline routine and then have a costume change and perform one of Denise Dicharry’s routines.

Melissa interrupts Madeline’s confessional and asks why she’s crying. Kelli notices that Maddie is on the ground, grabbing her leg, and a trainer quickly runs over.

“Maddie’s knee has been bothering her for a few nights now, and tonight, she did the kick line and the jump split and it really got even more aggravated,” Judy says. Then come the pom drops, kickline, and jump splits, and we thought Judy was going to come out her seat. And you look at her now, and she’s going to be a star. – J, If Maddie goes down and we’re down one girl, then that’s going to be a problem. So, I’m really grateful that I have the support that I have at home. – K/ Dance comes easy to you, and you’re making mistakes now.

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