While the damage boost is somewhat minor, it essentially serves as a free source of extra damage in bow users.

The damage reduction increase starts at 10% with a cap of 60% at 14+ Brutality. However, this mutation provides enough of a boost that shield users may want include it depending on how good they are on parrying. If your flask is empty it will refill after killing [12 base, 4 max] "Elite" enemies. Normal reflected shots deal 80 base damage, so this increases reflect damage by 50%. Good mutation if you are playing with a bow or turret as your primary damage dealing weapons. With a handful of points sunk into tactics, you can half the time between uses of skills. Successful parries and reflected shots inflict [120 base] damage. Dead Cells is an action platform role playing game which was released in the year 2018. It is best to just avoid this mutation entirely. The issue is there are very few times where it is advantageous strategically to keep swapping between ranged weapons and melee weapons and because of this it doesn't have as much utility as you may anticipate. Each area cleared in a run allows one more mutation, up to a total of 3 (unless in custom mode, where many more can be picked). Note that damage and DPS bonuses from mutations are not affected by gear-specific damage bonuses or Affixes. The main grenade in the last group is Hunter’s Grenade. Reduces the cooldown of your skills by [0.4 base] sec for each enemy killed in hand to hand combat. Replaces Sadism as of. However, if you are playing with extra Boss Stem Cells active, this can be an excellent source of extra healing since health fountains don't appear as often (if at all). Each instance of healing occurs over 2 seconds.

You only get this once every 120 sec and it only last for six seances, which isn't as long as you may thing. Necromancy heals a % of your total HP after killing an enemy, starting at 0.2% and capping at 1.7% with 33+ Survival. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Your next melee attack after using a skill inflict +[180 base] damage. The damage boost is nice, but the drawback here is best case scenario gives you four total potions in your inventory per level. +[65 base] DPS if there is no enemy near you. Hand to hand attacks cause 3 arrows stuck in the attacked enemy to fall out, each one dealing [95 base] damage. Acknowledgments and Additional Information. It doubles the time you have to recover lost health after a hit, and this is especially useful when playing on harder difficulties with less health fountains. Bomb takes 0.7 seconds to detonate. Some weapons in the last group are Beginner’s Bow and Boomerang. However, this can be useful on high difficulty levels when food become a major healing source. Running speed duration bonus (for kill combo) multiplied by 3. Average mutation.

The player can only have a certain number of mutations at once. Proximity is checked once every o.2 seconds, and damage is added at most once every 0.33 seconds. The slower recovery time is going to leave you vulnerable, so just stay away from this one entirely. Extremely useful. This can be a bit hit or miss and certainly isn't a top tier mutation. In this table, you will find the effect value (in seconds) of the cooldown reduction mutations based on your Stats. Proximity is checked every 0.2 seconds, and damage is added at most once every 0.33 seconds. Your health flask heals 85%, its effect is spread over 15 seconds and you deal + [25% base] damage during this time. dead cells weapons tier list Posted by October 18, 2020 Most melee weapons' DPS increase based on the player's Brutality Stat, (except Scythe Claws which only scale with ), but some weapons also have alternate scaling with Tactics (e.g. Consuming food curses you. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. -[30% base] cool down delay when using your Grenades.

As of version 1.9, skills can no longer be used to activate cooldown based mutations such as Hunter's Instinct. By itself, this isn't too remarkable. The weapons in the Dead Cells game are categorized into six main groups, we update the Dead Cells tier list on a monthly basis. The most powers in group S are Tonic and Vampirism. Dropped by the Time Keeper after 3rd kill. In this table, you will find the scaling of Melee, Berserker, Tainted Flask, Predator and Frostbite. The most prominent powers in group B are Lightspeed and Wave of Denial. This is a fairly solid mutation, but the time restriction here limits its utility.

The most prominent grenades in group B are Infantry Grenade and Swarm. Obviously, if you aren't using a shield this mutation is entirely useless. Decreases skill cooldowns by [0.3 base] sec for each enemy killed without using melee attacks. You have to explore the world and you will be asked to achieve some objectives. It has a 6-tile explosion radius. The main weapons in group C are Wrenching Whip and Balanced Blade. Most mutations are associated with and scale their benefits with a specific stat. Predator grants short invisibility after killing an enemy with melee strike. The attack following a successful parry inflicts +[130 base] damage. Reduces the cooldown on your skills by [2.5 base, 5 max] sec with each successful. You will be headed on to the next level after completing the one. Cannot be dropped once picked up. Mutations, introduced in the Foundry Update, are passive modifiers that replace the Stat-based secondary effects from the Brutal Update. Even with some moderate brutality stat boosting, you can get a signifiant reduction in cool down time. Retrieving your projectiles is nice, but there are better mutations. Healing can only occur once per enemy. Useless for melee builds. The amount of health this recovers is incredibly low and thus not worth it even in shield builds. Removing a curse requires killing 50% less enemies. This is a really good option. Reduces by 50% the number of enemies you need to eliminate to lift a curse. It can be hard to build around that, however, so this mutation is very situational at best. This is a meaningless amount of health per enemy. Decent mutation if you are using multiple non-grenade skills.

Before v1.1, this mutation also reduced flask healing to 30% of maximum health, and before v1.2, this mutation did not refill itself after killing certain amount of Elites. The price to do this starts at 1,000 and greatly increases each time, up to 100,000. "Nearby" is defined as close enough to power a deployed skill (within 9 tiles of the deployable).

It can be re-obtained immediately after resetting mutations.

The healing percentage that mutation provides starts at 0.0012% and is capped at 0.008% at 37+ Brutality. Does not work on summoned enemies. Mutation Tier List So, I'm a bit of a new player to the game, trying to figure out good builds to make with my character during runs. The formula is [base value] + [(stats - 1) x 0,11]. Skill cooldowns are reduced at most once every 0.45 seconds. Fireworks Technician/Efficiency's scaling with Brutality/Tactics are given in the following table: Gear • Biomes (Map) • Enemies • Bosses • Mutations • Runes • MechanicsNPCs • Pickups • Objects • Outfits • Boss Stem Cell • Malaise • Curse • UpgradesChallenge Rift • Daily Run • Lore • Stats • Modifiers • Achievements • Status Effects • Alpha Branch. 12/03/2020: Deathslinger update added. Causes a bomb [65 base] to appear when you kill an enemy with a non-melee attack. Berserker grants a % of damage reduction following a melee kill, which starts at 10% and caps at 60% with 14+ Brutality. Dead Cells Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Percentage provided by mutation starts at 0.0015% and is capped at 0.015% with 30+ Brutality. Final added DPS is always rounded up. Food and Small Cough Syrups still heal 1 infection (was 1). Blind Faith starts at 2.5 seconds and caps at 5 seconds CDR with 25+ Survival. What Doesn't Kill Me heals a % of your total HP after a parry, starting at 1% and capping at 5% with 24+ Survival. The top powers in the group A are Knife Dance and Corrupted Power.

Damage buff wears off after 8 seconds of not attacking.

Colorless mutations have fixed benefits unaffected by Stats, except for Instinct of the Master of Arms. Starts at 1 second with a cap of 3 seconds at 21+ Survival. Using it with Emergency Triage will make the effects merge: 65% healing spread over 15 seconds, scaling damage boost from Extended, elites have a chance to heal some malaise, use speed is 300% faster and it protects you for 3 seconds. Recover [0.2% base, 1.7% max] HP when an enemy dies, up to 50% HP. On the other hand, Adrenalin, Frenzy, What Doesn't Kill Me and Necromancy scale based on slightly different formulas, which are base value × 1.085(Stats-1), base value × 1.055(Stats-1), base value × 1.05(Stats-1) and base value × 1.07(Stats-1), respectively. The effect starts at 0.3 sec with a cap of 2.5 seconds at 19+ Tactics. The main weapons in group C are Fire blast and Hemorrhage. Your email address will not be published. Enemies suffer [40 base] DPS while they are. Eating food provides +[100 base] DPS for 30 sec. In the game, you have to fight with enemies and their bosses. You cannot be infected by the Malaise for 3 sec. Before v1.2, this mutation did not increase the cooldown time before you could get infected again. Dropped by the Time Keeper after 6th kill. Mediocre mutation by mid game. Grenades are a great skill, so if you are using some this becomes a must have mutation. The most highlighted weapons in group S are Heavy Crossbow and Barrel Launcher. This is another one that is build dependent, but even if you are focusing more on ranged attacks or skills, the bonus damage from the bomb is not good enough (or consistent enough) to warrant space equipped mutations. If your HP falls below 20%, a force field protects you for 5 sec. The food's effect increases by 200%. The most highlighted weapons in group S are Giantkiller and Flint. Dead Cells Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Either a good mutation or completely useless, depending on loadout. 15/12/2018: Rating changes. Other Dead Cells Guides: Extended Healing: Health potions heal you over time (15 sec) but adds +[160 base] DPS for this period. This is a fairly good mutation, especially if you are good with a shield and can parry successfully more often than not. Your melee attacks give you back a small amount of HP depending on attack damage for 3 seconds after dodging an attack at the last moment. The weapons in the Dead Cells game are categorized into six main groups. Without it though, there is no reason to have it. Killer Instinct starts at 0.4 second and caps at 3 seconds CDR with 25+ Brutality. Final added damage is always rounded up. Saves you ONCE in the event of a premature death.

25/09/2018: Roulette pages added. Reduces your infection level when you kill a boss. Search . This page was last edited on 2 October 2020, at 14:34. Before v1.1, healed a set number instead of a percentage. The formula [base value] + [(stats - 1) x 0,04].

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