He walked into Belinda in London to lay down a few songs to acetate. Harry Balk produced the session, running around the place with an iron fist. Shannon had another hit and a different sound.

[13] In 1986 he had a top-ten hit as a songwriter when the pop-country singer Juice Newton released her cover of Shannon's "Cheap Love" as a single, which reached number 9 on the Billboard Hot Country chart. The session was over. The song was strong enough, but it just didn’t happen. In 1972, he signed to United Artists and recorded Live In England, released in June 1973. Not one or two, but a whole box of 45’s! “Mira was inferior to Bell Sound, but Bell was booked solid, so we had to go with Mira. In early '67, Shannon recorded the album Home And Away in England, with Rolling Stones producer Andrew Loog Oldham at the helm.

When the album was nearly completed, Shannon; who'd suffered bouts of depression and alcoholism for thirty years, fatally shot himself. P.P. Tom Petty referenced Shannon and his song "Runaway" on Petty's song "Runnin' Down a Dream" on Full Moon Fever, which was co-produced by Jeff Lynne. His talents ended on the sad day of February 8, 1990. “Danny,” Shannon said, “Can you help Shirley winterize the house and help move her and the kids out here? He was a young songwriter somewhat like a British version of a Brian Hyland.

Among the tracks wereNothin’, Pursuit, and Torture, an instrumental with overdubbed vocals by Del and the Teenbeats being “whipped” and begging for water.

McLaughlin took the group's demos to Harry Balk and Irving Micahnik of Talent Artists in Detroit. Shannon recorded his last album ‘Rock On' with accompaniment by Petty and the Heartbreakers. The Robbs were also signed to Dunhill at the time, and they collaborated on tracks for most of the early 1970s. In the latter part of 1964, Shannon produced a demo recording session for a young fellow Michigander named Bob Seger, who would go onto his own stardom much later. It was released as a compilation with three other tracks in the late 1970s as ‘And The Music Plays On.’ He grew up in Coopersville, a small town near Grand Rapids. The Swiss Maid soon followed, missing completely with the U.S. market, but breaking in at #2 in the U.K., and doing very well all across Europe. Shannon called Liberty Records and was told, “Yes, whatever the expense. This is why the phasing effect is only available on the mono take. Shannon, depressed about the failing session, was encouraged by McLaughlin and Balk to write something a little more uptempo. Balk got out on the studio floor himself with a big fat cigar dangling from his mouth and clapped two wooden ‘two-by-fours’ blocks together for added effect.

He declined. If you Boots Randolph and the Jordanaires were featured, among other Nashville regulars. In 1954, he was drafted into the Army, and while in Germany played guitar in a band called The Cool Flames. This was not an uncommon practice.

Ginny In the Mirror bombed miserably, and soured Harry Balk who was against the session to begin with. He kicked off the summer with this rocker but it didn’t prevail.

Shannon followed with "Hats Off to Larry", which peaked at #5 (Billboard) and #2 on Cashbox in 1961, and the less popular "So Long, Baby," another song of breakup bitterness. Here were all of these now famous session men like Al Caiola, Milt Hinton, and Bill Ramal who could read music charts and play licks like you wouldn’t believe.

Shannon declined. Little Girl also broke the American Top 40 at #38, giving Shannon a string of four hits in just his first year as a recording artist.

Shannon opened for Ike and Tina Turner at Dave Hull's Hullabaloo club in Los Angeles, California, on December 22, 1965.[7].

Parker pushed Westover to at least audition this organist, who had a little organ that made “other worldly sounds.” Enter Max Crook from Ann Arbor, Michigan, who attended college in Kalamazoo. Shannon was blackballed in the music business, and his only solution was to form his own record label, Ber-Lee Records, named after his parents. Westover made many friends as a guitarist and drinker at the Hi-Lo Club. “I liked the guy, but he had a gambling problem and played the ponies. He was encouraged to kick back, take it easy, and let Liberty take care of it.

Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. Del continued to write successfully when, inspired by his friends Stephen Monahan and Dan Bourgoise one night in his home basement, he was encouraged to write another song in A-minor. He was writing jazz tunes, country songs, rock numbers, and struggled with what vein of music he should stay with or move into.

‘Runaway with Del Shannon’ was released in late summer, with 10,000 units being pressed (9,000 in mono and 1,000 in true stereo).

McKenzie wrote Casanova Brown/My Guy for the Young Sisters about the same time that Shannon recorded The Swiss Maid.

It was not until 1978 that all of the tracks were eventually issued (with three non-related tracks) on a British album titled And The Music Plays On. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? The second single, "That's The Way Love Is", did not chart, and Shannon patched things up with his managers soon after.

Runaway was released on Bigtop Records in February of 1961 and it began immediately to climb the charts. Bucky Pizzarelli replaced Al Caiola as session guitarist, and a session pianist replaced Max Crook. He was proud of it, played it everywhere.

With an arrangement change, the song had more feel, and Shannon was both excited and devastated, for his song was a hit, but he wasn’t the one who recorded it. This was an early sign of Westover’s compassionate side.

[10], A 1976 article on Shannon's concert at the Roxy Theatre described the singer as "personal, pure and simple rock 'n' roll, dated but gratifyingly undiluted."

Shannon would have to roll the window down and stick his head out of the car to smoke, just so Max wouldn’t get sick and cough. Shannon sang some of his new rock songs along with classics like "Endless Sleep" and "The Big Hurt." Shannon managed to work in an original, I Won’t Be There, which featured a roller coaster ride of soaring vocals. Milt Hinton played bass, Joe Marshall was on drums, Max Crook on piano and musitron, and Bill Ramal on saxophone. In August of 1964, Shannon tried to repeat the success of Handy Man with another revival, Bobby Freeman’s Do You Wanna Dance. Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall/Hunt Publ.. ISBN 9780787288549. He was well liked and in early 1959 he left to front a band at another Battle Creek bar, the El Grotto. He mailed letters and called all of the major record labels, threatening lawsuits if anyone signed Del Shannon. He soon graduated to lift truck driver but that bored him too. He kept Loren Dugger on bass, and hired two more players: Dick Pace on guitar, and Dick Parker on drums. Among the bunch were Sunny, Lightnin’ Strikes, The Joker Went Wild, and several others that dented the Top 20. He got Carver a contract with Liberty Records' subsidiary Imperial Records, writing, producing and arranging both sides of Carver's debut single, "One Way or the Other"/"Think About Her All the Time". The album included two hits: the Curtis Mayfield cover Gypsy Woman shot to #3 and was a big smash nationwide, followed up by the Jackie Wilson cover Lonely Teardrops, which made the Top 40. This session also included Shannon’s first attempt at recording I Go To Pieces. Arnold and Madelaine Bell made up Shannon’s vocal chorus, and Arthur Greenslade arranged the session. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni.

It was not until 1978 that all of the tracks were eventually issued (with three unrelated tracks) on a British album, And the Music Plays On. “I couldn’t deal with him any longer,” Harry explained. Hour Detroit.

His recording "Runaway" hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart. The three hour session was over, and Pieces wasn’t completed. "Little Town Flirt", in 1962 (with Bob Babbitt), reached #12 in 1963, as did the album of the same name. This session is being released in it’s entirety here for the first time by Bear Family for reasons of historical completion (We hope that Del would approve). As the newly christened Del Shannon, Westover was immediately flown to New York City to record his first single The Search/I’ll Always Love You. Shannon was still upset over legal battles, but eventually signed over his Ber-Lee sides to Micahnik. Kelly, although a B-side, received airplay in Liverpool where it became a hit.

The next evening, Shannon recorded four more songs, The Swiss Maid, Cindy Walker’s Dream Baby, and a song that Dickey Lee had cowritten for George Jones, She Thinks I Still Care.

Hats Off To Larry and Don’t Gild The Lily, Lily would have been a better choices, but it those days the record charts were still being driven by sales of singles, and Balk and Micahnik didn’t want an album to take away from the sales of the new single.

Following his death, the Traveling Wilburys honored him by recording a version of "Runaway". “What is he doing” they would ask. Bobby Vee, who was also signed to Liberty, was selling many albums for the company, and it was felt that Shannon too could sell a vast quantity of albums. In early 1967 Shannon recorded the album Home and Away in England, with Oldham at the helm. Shannon hooked up with Dick Clark and joined the bandwagon of his contemporaries on nostalgia and oldies shows, and cut his infamous ‘Live In England’ album in December 1972. December 5, 1967 Shannon returned to Liberty Studio to finish off 7 more tracks necessary for completing the ‘Charles Westover’ album. He found part-time work as a rhythm guitarist in singer Doug DeMott's group, The Moonlight Ramblers, working at the Hi-Lo Club. I finally had to allow him time to play in the boy’s locker room, so that he wouldn’t distract his fellow classmates.” Charles Weedon Westover (December 30, 1934 – February 8, 1990), better known by his stage name Del Shannon, was an American rock and roll country musician, singer and songwriter, best known for his 1961 number 1 Billboard hit "Runaway". In 1972, he signed with United Artists and recorded Live in England, released in June 1973.

The session was recorded at Bell Sound Studios with Harry Balk producing, Bill Ramal arranging, and Bill MacMeekin engineering. Seven songs are Shannon originals with covers of the Everly Brothers, Rolling Stones, Frankie Ford, and "Sea of Love" by Phil Phillips. Near the end of the summer of ’65, Balk called Shannon back to the studios to cut another session, with the intention of releasing a fourth album on Amy Records. Shannon negotiated a deal with the Trousdale Music publishing firm, and thus began the co-writing partnership of Shannon/Hyland. Shannon originally wrote I Go To Pieces for a black singer named Lloyd Brown, whom Shannon had discovered one night at a Battle Creek club called the Black and Tan.

Del returned to New York in May with Max in tow to record his follow-up single, Hats Off To Larry, a song he’d written in the dressing room at the Paramount, with Bobby Vee and Dion present. Bill Ramal was now out of the picture.

On May 6th, he entered American Studios in Studio City, California with Smith to record his own Sweet Mary Lou and four songs by Smith: I Just Wanna Make Love To You, Tell Him No (the Rod Argent hit Tell Her No), The Last Time, and something called The Dam Song. Two singles were issued: the apparently Four Seasons-inspired "Sue's Gotta Be Mine" was a moderate hit, making #71 in the US and #21 in the UK (where Shannon's records continued on the London label).

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