You can see bear, elk, cougar, and there have even been wolf sightings. Aconcagua mountain page is a child of the 'Aconcagua Group' and the 'Seven Summits.' © 2006-2020 For example, the From the junction the climber trail immediately starts going steeply uphill. The shortest and most popular path climbs the South Ridge and can be done in about half a day or so (10 to 12 miles).The first ascent was in 1852 by John Diamond (namesake) and William Macy. These rocks are loose so choose your footing wisely and just take it slow. Jefferson. McLoughlin to Mt. When thinking about the timing of your hike and making sure you have enough daylight hours, keep in mind that the last 1.5 miles of this hike (the actual climb) will take between 1.5-2 hours and it is pretty slow going on the way down too. Even though this is the Pacific Crest Trail, besides the few weeks that the bubble of thru-hikers come through, this area is not as well traveled as some other areas in Central Oregon because it is so remote.

The trailhead will be on your left. Stay on this road for a total of 10.3 miles. Pinnacled lava ridges connect the peaks. After 0.5 miles, turn, onto NF-398 for 2.1 miles. (12), Additions & Corrections The 6 miles of road NF-398 from Crescent Lake to Summit Lake is some of the roughest road you will ever experience in Oregon and the road gets worse every single year. The summit was carved by glaciers and has many cirques. Several locations are considered possible candidates for the true highest point in the county, but Diamond Peak is the only named summit in that group. It's a shield volcano unlike most of the other big classic Cascade peaks like Hood or Rainier which are stratovolcanoes.

USGS Topo Map with 40 foot increments is good.Geo Graphics one with 80 foot increments is good also and has history, driving directions from Oakridge, OR, picture and a 3-D rendering on reverse side.Have seen both of these in the Portland, OR area at REI and at The Mountain Shop.

Shortly after hitting timberline you will come to a very obvious spot where the rocky/boulder section starts.

(5), Images It is rated 'very difficult' only because there is route finding involved near the top as well as maneuvering around the spine's rock spires. onto US Forest Service Rd 21 then almost immediately turn, onto NF-21. For reference, a Subaru Crosstrek barely made it 3 years ago. Once you get back down to the PCT it is easy cruising though. Turn, to stay on NF-2154 for 2.5 miles. Camping is allowed on the mountain. There is a lot of wildlife here and in fall it is a popular hunting area. View Diamond Peak Image Gallery - 17 Images. It's a little further west than the other peaks in the Cascade Range which accounts for high snowfalls and a few glacial remnants near the peak. It's a little further west than the other peaks in the Cascade Range which accounts for high snowfalls and a few glacial remnants near the peak. (view to the south from Diamond Peak summit), *All pictures unless otherwise marked are taken by Franziska Weinheimer, Top One Night Backpacking Trips in Oregon, Park Meadow to Golden Lake (members only), Middle Fork Willamette Trail (members only), Flat Creek to Dead Mountain (members only), Blair Lake to Mule Mountain (members only), William Finley Wildlife Refuge (members only), Top Tips For Hiking With Infants And Toddlers, Outdoor Herbivore Backpacking Food Review, connector trail and would eventually take you to. It does sit in an area with some other shield volcanoes such as Sawtooth Mountain and Cowhorn Mountain.

It has a live webcam.Middle Fork Ranger District49098 Salmon Creek Rd.PO Box 1410Oakridge, OR 97464(541) 782-2283. If you are not wanting to maneuver the rock holds to get past the spires on the way to the summit you can stay at the false summit. (17), Climber's Log Entries The trail comes out from the woods and turns a sharp corner coming to a large open area with some rocks and a great view of Summit Lake, Cowhorn Mountain and Thielsen.

It's not a difficult summit but it is a more remote peak and the trails can be long (up to 21 miles round trip from the Willamette Pass and around 40 miles round trip fom the west trails). The summit was carved by glaciers and has many cirques. This is the latest conditions site for the Willamette Pass ski area located about 10 miles north of the mountain. ), onto OR-138 W and stay on this road for 9.4 miles. (5), Comments Ski mountaineering (see link above) in the winter and hiking in the warm months. Day and overnight visitors are required to obtain a permit between Memorial Day and October 1st.

21 for 0.5 miles, then turn, /US Frst Service Rd.

The This section of the Pacific Crest Trail is extremely mellow and only gains a total of 1,010 feet of elevation during the entire 4.45 miles that you are on it. The summit is fairly large and flat and during non-windy conditions (which is rare) you could even spend the night up there and witness a life changing sunset and sunrise. Keep in mind this area is infested with mosquitoes from mid-June to mid-August. Marie Lake, Divide Lake and Rockpile Lake are popular basecamps for the climb.

Children refers to the set of objects that logically fall under a given object. Diamond Peak summit trail is a difficult 11.25 mile hike that takes you to the summit of Diamond Peak via Summit Lake and the Pacific Crest Trail. (131), Climber's Log Entries

(However, beware of the sign that says Diamond Peak Trail 1 mile from Summit Lake as I tried it and a large tree blocked the way in July of 2002). See the South Ridge Route page for directions.Another popular route is from the Willamette Pass area. It's reachable by several trails and is a popular ski mountaineering peak in winter with over 4000 skiable vertical feet. No fees but check the Red Tape section for requirements.There are tons of camping sites along Road 21 which runs a bit west of Diamond Peak. It is true the south route up diamond peak is the most used. Images 380 for 4.1 miles, then at a sign for Summit Lake continue straight onto, NF-380 for 1.8 rough miles. These are free and are self-issued at the trailhead.

Parents refers to a larger category under which an object falls. The South Ridge is accessed through small gravel roads. Both of these bieng eight miles round trip from there respective traiheads. Bachelor in the distance to the north. The PCT runs along the east side of the mountain and you can pick up a climbers trail to the summit. Routes (view looking south of the false summit from the spine), (view to the north from Diamond Peak summit). As you get closer to the Diamond Peak climber trail junction, you will catch glimpses of the mountain through the trees. This road should not be attempted unless you have a very high clearance Jeep or 4Runner. Turn, /US Frst Service Rd. The spot where the climber trail meets the PCT is fairly obvious, even if there aren't rock cairns there yet.

From the false summit you will hike along Diamond Peak's spine another 0.4 miles to the top, gaining your last 545 feet of elevation. Parents refers to a larger category under which an object falls. The glaciers left behind dozens of lakes around this peak as well.While it is not one of the better-known Cascade Peaks, it's bulkiness can easily be seen from Mt. Even with these high clearance cars the 6 miles will likely take about 45 minutes to 1 hour to navigate.

around the rock spires, the only slightly sketchy part of this whole hike.

A Northwest Forest Pass is required to park at the trailhead. Once you crest the boulder field you will be at Diamond Peak's false summit. The trail takes you through a beautiful forest and past many small ponds.

The road will cross a bridge, stay right on NF-21 for another 21 paved miles. Thielsen). All Rights Reserved. Pinnacled lava ridges connect the peaks. The west ridge(corrigan lake) and the southwest ridge(pioneer gulch)are however the shortest roundtrip access to the summit of diamond peak. Diamond Peak stands above the Willamette Pass area of Oregon about 50 miles southwest of Bend. If you have trekking poles, put them away at the false summit so that you can have both of your hands free for maneuvering, (view of the spine from the false summit - picture by Holly Voltin). After 2 rough miles, the trailhead will be on your left. PCT thru-hikers have said that the mosquitoes at Summit Lake are some of the worst they have ever experienced! This is the last push to the false summit. Summit Lake has a small first come first serve campground if you want to spend the night after a long day of summiting.

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