- Phoenixmon (>= 60 Bird-AP; >= 12 Battles; >= 1 Egg-Reverts), Monzaemon - Rapidmon (>= 40 Beast-AP) Once your … In the example to the left, 2 effort hearts are required, but 3 or 4 will also work. Your name and email address will not be made public, these are purely for verification purposes and will not be reused in any way. When random encounters occur does not appear to be consistent, but they seem to happen most frequently in the first hour after your Digimon wakes up. There is no official term for the process in the English version. This evolution is represented similarly to Beast Spirit Evolutions, but instead of showing the armor pieces of the Spirit combining with the child, the Spirits are instead shown directly fusing with the child while transforming into the child's respective element, and their Fractal Code takes the shape of a sphere orbited by a ring.

On the Digital Pendulum Ver.20th, which Vaccine Digimon evolves into Marin Angemon? - Phantomon (>= 30 Darkness-AP) or "Digimental Up!". - Tortomon (>= 20 Water-AP), Gabumon "Hyper Spirit Evolution") is a form of digivolution. Raid Clash Battle! For Digimon World: Next Order on the PlayStation Vita, Digivolution Guide by Myxozoa. "Blast Evolution") appears in Digimon World 3, Pendulum X 3.0, and D-Cyber Ultimate. - Vademon (passing time) - RizeGreymon (>= 10 Battles; >= 50% Wins), Sukamon - Rapidmon (>= 40 Beast-AP), Greymon - Tentomon (>= 20 Insect-AP), Moonmon In order to unlock the aforementioned Digimon on your device, you must defeat it in one of these random encounters.

- Mammothmon (>= 40 Beast-AP), Mamemon - Gizamon (>= 20 Water-AP) This can either be a single number if only one level will work, or a range. of multiple Warp Evolved Digimon. In Digimon Adventure Taichi "Tai" Kamiya pressures his partner Greymon to digivolve to his Ultimate stage resulting in SkullGreymon. - Cyberdramon (>= 10 Battles; >= 50% Wins) There are multiple Digimon only available via Blast Digivolution. This evolution is represented identically to Beast Spirit Evolutions. - Parrotmon (>= 40 Bird-AP) - Wizardmon (>= 20 Darkness-AP) - Kuwagamon (>= 20 Insect-AP) - Armadillomon (>= 3 Battles) Once you have a 6 or 7, watch your Digimon closely after it wakes up. Also, with happiness and discipline, is the Virus Bar.

- BlueMeramon (>= 40 Water-AP) For example, if you have Tokomon X on the Black device, and you get 1 care mistake, but only get 3 effort hearts, you will get Agumon X.

https://digimon.fandom.com/wiki/Fan:Digimon_World_-_Digivolution_Guide?oldid=154457, Happy Mushroom = 1 (quite rare, but increase happiness and 35% of the time it makes them sick), Deluxe Mushroom = 4 (very rare, but go as it raises all parameters), Ice Mushroom = 2 (quite rare, but increases discipline), Red Berry = 2 (quite rare, but decreases tiredness and increases happiness and discipline), Orange Banana = 2 (quite rare, fully restores HP and MP), Prickly Pear = -5 (quite rare, but 1% of the time it makes them sick), Chained Melon (only obtainable if beaten Machinedramon, Sweet Nut = 2 (quite rare but restores HP), Super Veggy = 2 (quite rare but restores MP), Black Trout = -2 (but also raises parameters slightly), DigiSeaBass = 4 (but also restores HP and MP, increases life expectancy and 25% of the time is could make them sick), DigiCatFish = 5 (very good for increasing a Digimon's weight is is suppose to be very high), Not giving it bandages/medicine if they are injured or sick (which leds to death or getting sick if injured), Making it continue or train or battle if tired or wanting to go to sleep, Praising or scolding when not needed is not a care mistake, Feeding it too much is not a care mistake, Putting the digimon into an enviroment it doesn't like is not good but is not a care mistake. - Whamon (>= 10 Battles; >= 50% Wins), Gesomon - Vegiemon (passing time) Digivolution is divided into multiple Levels, made up of an egg form called the Digi-Egg (デジタマ, Digitama?) This is not to be confused with the dub term "Fusion Evolution" used in Digimon Frontier.

Also on the walking screen, the discipline bar is the bottom bar. First things first, I do not own any of the images of Digimon found on this site, which are all property of Bandai. The weight doesn't need to accurate, just so that it rounds up to the designated weight for the digimon you want. In few cases, particularly Agumon, Gabumon, and Angemon, they do not actually bypass any intermediate phases—they simply go through it very quickly. You also have to be careful at the number of care mistakes ( Not feeding, fail in potting , or giving them sleep ). - Geremon (>= 4 Penalties)

To perform a Jogress, the two Ultimate level Digimon that are needed must do Tag Battles together 5 times. The dub however, only refers to it as "digivolution".

The new mode is usually more powerful than the previous. This requirement is only used by Wingdramon and Groundramon. maximum attainable level), as well as to improve its stats generally when compared to a new Digimon of the same form and follow alternative Digivolution paths some Digivolution paths require the increase in Aptitude, as the necessary level is higher than the Digimon's initial Aptitude.

- Ikkakumon (>= 20 Water-AP) - Andromon (>= 40 Machine-AP) In Digimon Data Squad Marcus's rage towards Thomas's defection caused ShineGreymon to transform into his Ruin Mode. Takuya uses the Spirits of Flame, Wind, Ice, Earth, and Wood to become EmperorGreymon, and Koji takes the Spirits of Light, Thunder, Darkness, Water, and Steel to digivolve into MagnaGarurumon. They then merge together into the center point between them as the Spirits circle them, forming Susanoomon. In Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth and Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory Mode Changes differ from standard Digivolutions in that they allow the Digimon to freely shift between Mode Change forms.

- Pandamon (passing time) - Tapirmon (>= 3 Battles) Xros Alliance!! Using a Digivice, humans can allow a Digimon to almost-instantaneously digivolve to a higher level by sharing their energy. You can see what improvements are currently being worked on by clicking here. - Candlemon (passing time) - Whamon (>= 40 Water-AP), Birdramon - Veedramon (>= 6 Battles) Overdrive!". - Piximon (>= 40 Holy-AP), Airdramon ), or De-Digivolution is the opposite of Digivolution. Charge".

- Mammothmon (passing time) However, the ultimate form of DigiFuse is the Final Fusion (ファイナルクロス, Fainaru Kurosu?, lit. In the example to the left, 1 care mistake is required, but 2 or 3 will also work, though 4 will not. Advanced Digimon Search; Evolution Chart; Move List; Support List; Stat Calculator; Community & Support; Evolution Chart - Machinedramon (>= 40 Machine-AP; >= 5 Egg-Reverts), MachGaogamon - Elecmon (passing time) Digimon who digivolve using a digivice will degenerate, or "de-digivolve" to a lower form after a certain amount of time or if sufficiently injured in a battle. The first is to win 200 battles total. In the anime and other media Digimon can only stay in their Digivolution until their energy or data drops to zero. That Digimon will be fully healed and have access to its personal finisher. - MetalTyrannomon (>= 40 Machine-AP; >= 8 Battles), D'arcmon - Motimon (>= 20 Insect-AP), Choromon It is an ancient form of Digivolution that was developed when the Digital World was young and it was almost impossible to digivolve even to the Champion level without assistance. Your Digimon needs to be awake for at least 48 hours following its most recent evolution. - Parrotmon (>= 40 Bird-AP), Garurumon Alternatively, you can battle your Digital Monster X Ver.2 with a Digital Monster X Ver.1 and Beelzebumon X will unlock after that battle. - MetalGreymon (Virus) (>= 40 Virus-AP), Gururumon - Dianamon (>= 40 Darkness-AP; >= 20 Battles; >= 50% Wins; >= 1 Egg-Reverts), Groundramon - Bukamon (>= 20 Water-AP) Once your … - Gatomon (passing time) - Airdramon (>= 20 Dragon-AP)

- Ankylomon (>= 20 Beast-AP) - DemiDevimon (>= 20 Darkness-AP), Bukamon Workarounds exist when Hunters cooperate with each other, as two can use Double Fusion to combine up to four Digimon A Targeted Taiki! You can see what improvements are currently being worked on by clicking here. If you raise a Digimon that doesn't meet the requirements for other evolutions, it will follow this path. - Sukamon (passing time) It then acts as a tagging maneuver, allowing the benched Digimon to take the place of the active one. Looks like this may be your first time using this chart, care for a tour? For example, if I did 4 trainings I would have 1 Effort Heart. Similar to Biomerge Digivolution, the DigiDestined's consciousnesses are depicted within Susanoomon as naked forms without visible genitalia. - Garbagemon (passing time) - Clockmon (>= 20 Machine-AP; >= 1 Egg-Reverts) - Bakemon (passing time) Like a Shooting Star!! First things first, I do not own any of the images of Digimon found on this site, which are all property of Bandai. - Guilmon (>= 20 Dragon-AP) The Boundary Shaken by Fury. - Pagumon (>= 20 Darkness-AP) Answering Yes will let you raise a Traited Kera Egg, while answering No will let you raise a normal Traited egg. This very old game, has been misunderstood by many people that attempt to get strong Digimon. - SnowAgumon (>= 20 Dragon-AP; passing time), Yokomon That counts as one Overfeed.

How many effort hearts are required to evolve. and Koji's is just "Execute! However, Yukimura instead dark digivolves into a SkullGreymon who goes on a rampage until killed by the Hero's partners. The Power of Friendship With a multitude of Generals, it is possible to form an Evolution Xros (エヴォリューションクロス, Evoryūshon Kurosu?) - Angewomon (>= 40 Holy-AP) Evolution Guide User Manual Complete Digimon List Colosseum Battles Versions and Exclusives. - Piximon (passing time)

It can be used to digivolve to a Champion stage, or used on a Rookie and have it digivolve straight to Ultimate. It does not matter if the Training is successful, it will count. Care mistakes include: These are quite important as they are normally included in the Bonus Conditions of champions and ultimates. - Cherrymon (>= 40 Insect-AP) Are Japanese and English Digital Monster Ver.20th devices compatible? The Spirits of the other children are returned to them when EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon revert to Takuya and Koji. After winning 200 battles, the next boss you beat will unlock Beelzebumon X's evolution. - DarkTyrannomon (passing time)

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