The whole clump does not have to be lifted. But, if you are also like me, you have not had time to invest in learning the intricacy of... How To Make Modern Macrame Wall Hanging on Embroidery Hoop. Remember the adage: “Every good garden has been in a wheelbarrow at least three times.”. When this happens, not only do plants struggle to grow, their blooming cycles diminish, or in some cases, stop all together. Garden knife, trowel, or hatchet. Or maybe you just feel like digging. Hi - I grew up outdoors in nature - hiking, fishing, hunting. So what if you don’t have a place for your new plants just yet? The quicker a divided perennial is planted, the better chance it has to settle in and establish a few roots before winter. Most gardeners have a spring ritual that includes walking their garden in search of emerging plants. Got questions as to how and when to divide perennials? Smaller divisions may not bloom as well for a couple of years. For most perennials, their root zone will be equal to the outer most edge of the foliage. The plant will have plenty of time to establish new roots before it blooms. But by getting these plants split and in the ground in the fall, it allows the roots to be ready to grow strong the following spring. Don’t attempt to transplant after heavy rains or watering. In early Spring when new foliage and shoots emerge, and in early Fall. Epimedium ‘Amber Queen’ – produces a mass of amber-yellow … Happy Gardening – Jim and Mary.

Shove the spade into the soil on the outside of the plant and continue all the way around the outside. (Be sure to see video below for more on that subject!). Splitting or cutting this root usually causes too much damage that the ‘divisions’ will not make it.

I enjoy designing/building projects (with hand tools when I can!).

( Log Out /  How To Create An Incredible Fall Compost Pile Now To Power Next Year’s Garden. When it comes to digging up, dividing, and transplanting perennials from your flowerbeds – fall is the time for action. When transplanting, always add compost into the new planting hole along with the soil in the beds. I've been growing plants from seed and designing native plant gardens for over six years. Product Link : Hori Hori Horticultural Knife. Dividing can be an invigorating process for plants in which the center tends to die out. I often have to jump on the spade to get through thick stems. Thus, it is time for the great perennial divide! #4 Divide Perennials From The Bottom. As always, feel free to email us at with comments, questions, or to simply say hello! I just finished dividing some perennials and thought I would share the steps you need to know to divide perennial flowers successfully! If you are like me, you have been loving the revival macrame has been enjoying the last few years. He with a love & extensive self-taught knowledge of NATIVE PLANTS, GARDENING, and woodworking. Cut the plant into the size of sections you want. Herbaceous perennial sunflowers are generally less taller and more bushier than their giant annual cousins. Here, Carol Klein explains how to divide epidemiums to reinvigorate and increase your stock of them: White Epimedium pubigerum. ); We are a husband and wife duo. How to divide perennials. Then create a holding bed! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The main concern when dividing perennials is that if the flower is blooming, or about to bloom then it won’t devote as much energy to root growth. The large Aster I divided should bloom thoroughly, as each section was quite large. Once your perennial has been lifted from the ground, turn it over so the foliage is face down. Select larger plants with good foliage and strong growth habits. I prefer a small sharp spade to divide large clumps. Holding beds are a great way to establish and keep new plants over winter. Adding mulch around your perennial can also help retain moisture. Perennial sunflowers of the Helianthus genus (as opposed to annuals) can be planted in spring or fall.

Dividing perennial plants on a regular basis has a whole slew of advantages for both the gardener and their plants. It will have ample time to make roots before winter. Next, using a sharp shovel or knife, divide by cutting down through the roots. Other April gardening activities include removing last year’s perennial stems, trim butterfly bush, caryopteris and Russian sage back to 6-8 inches and remove any winter mulch from perennials and roses. April is an ideal time to move/divide most perennials.

Other common names showy sunflower perennial sunflower . In this example I will be dividing a New England Aster perennial, similar to the one pictured below. And one thing is for sure, that action will pay huge dividends next year in the performance of your flowerbeds. Compost is not only full of nutrients, it also helps retain moisture around the roots of plants. A Hori-Hori knife is excellent for splitting and dividing perennials. Instead of trying to split perennial plants from the top down, split from the roots through the plant. It is very difficult, as all blooms and stems come from a single root crown. The best way to create a strong new start from a perennial plant is dividing from a healthy, mature plant. Even a pruning saw can work. Most perennials do not flower as well the year they are divided, so don’t be discouraged. When transplanting, we fill all of our transplant holes back in with a 50/50 mix of soil and compost.

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