Jokes about this have been featured in such pop culture works as the 1999 film Being John Malkovich and the NBC comedy series 30 Rock. The song is played at the scene where Leslie takes Tom to the glitter factory to make him feel better about his divorce. Leslie accidentally finds out that Tom is getting a divorce and tries to lift his spirits by sending him to dinner and a strip club, but Tom doesn't tell her that it was just a sham Green Card marriage. DVD release "Tom's Divorce", along with the other 23 second season episodes of Parks and Recreation, was released on a four-disc DVD set in the United States on November 30, 2010. It seems to me that as long as it didn’t involve an affair, chlamydia and a series of harassing posters on public property, it’s all good.

When Leslie sets up a social event to cheer him up, Tom suggests a strip club, but Leslie follows Jerry Gergich's suggestion they go to the dinosaur-themed restaurant, Jurassic Fork.

However, she said Andy's continued obsession with Ann was growing tiresome and expressed hope his character should go in a new direction. It’s a bad place!”, * “Eighteen bucks each, forty for the set.”.

It was a Parks and Recreation of mass consumption last night. This feature is not available right now. Leslie: That was weird, Jerry. This article contains spoilers for the Parks and Recreation show.

Ron Swanson sends Leslie Knope to run an errand at the DMV in Pawnee Hall's fourth floor, a dark and unsettling place that includes probation offices and divorce filings. The last ten episodes of Parks & Rec included some that were in the league of “Harvest Festival” (“Fancy Party”) and others that were just enjoyable, but always perfectly funny. Is it always like this? Please try again later. I called the factory, it's going to take a special order. Is it weighty enough to hang over another season of the show? "Tom's Divorce" is the eleventh episode of season 2 of the NBC television series Parks and Recreation. I get the feeling that every one of these women are running a low grade fever.

[3] GQ writer Dan Fierman praised the episode, particularly Ron's character and the singing telegram "divorce horse". 19.

Visionary riches baby, we got the eyes for it Caught up in the trace should you leave your design on it You look at your name like you should be down to die for it Or live a little, spill a little and represent Initially delighted, Andy becomes confused when Ann leaves with Mark anyway. "Tom's Divorce" "Hunting Trip" Tom confesses to Ron that his and Wendy’s nuptial was a Green Card Marriage. James Bond, Declassified: 50 Things You Didn’t Know About 007. Club said the episode addressed two of the show's more downbeat stories (Tom's divorce and Andy's failed attempts to woo Ann) but "managed to do so by keeping its plucky, upbeat sense of humor intact". Entertainment Weekly is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. As I wrote about “Harvest Festival,” the small horse—not a pony! A reluctant and frightened Leslie navigates past reprobates and blood stains on the floor and spots Tom Haverford leaving the divorce office with his wife Wendy Haverford. E. N. H. Entertainment Sitcoms Parks and Recreation. But as a scandal for a candidate in a city council or even mayoral race, would a Pawnee voter actually care about it?

Mark and Andy make one final wager: if Andy wins, he gets Ann, but if Mark wins he has to leave them alone.

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