MIT's Open CourseWare has a tutorial on homemade radar, and some success has been achieved using cheap USB TV-receiver dongles as software defined radios which may be suitable.

(I don't know) L. I believe in the 24th century they will have such a device. Hello Mr. StevenCould you send me the info on the GPR you built?I am building a quadcopter and I want to include a GPR in it.miron.banjac@gmail.comThank you in advance. Hi Steven, I am doing my graduation project for high school and want to do it on a GPR. If so, is there a better method of doing what I want? Density is one of variable can be used, resistance or capacitance are other factors can be used.

thanks in advance. Hello Mr. Steven , I am an engineering student and I am asked to build a simple GPR device,a one just to detect if there is an object burried or not,and i would be so thankful if you sent me an email ( )with resources i could use or books that could help.Thanks, Hello Steven could you send me the info on the GPR you built thanks. Magnetometers react very strongly to iron and steel, brick, burned soil, and many types of rock, and archaeological features composed of these materials are very detectable. Can I get included in your discussions?Thanks in advance! Another challenge is to detect subtle and often very small features - which may be as ephemeral as organic staining from decayed wooden posts - and distinguish them from rocks, roots, and other natural "clutter." The currents spur a secondary current in underground conductors that is picked up by a receiving coil. Read more about Public Lab's open source licensing here. This project has three components: the Open Ground Penetrating Radar (oGPR) system, the rover and software to process the data and plot in on OpenStreetMap. Thanks, Jonathan Are they in need of a sophisticated survey? This can be a disadvantage when the metal is extraneous to the archaeological record, but can be useful when the metal is of archaeological interest. Andrew Baer resides in the Washington, D.C., area and has been writing political and international affairs articles since 2006. Help sustain this resource & community: What I mean of 1,000 times more is relative to the surrounding matrix, i.e., inside the bone, REE concentration is about 1,000 times more than the surrounding matrix.

You're talking about ground-penetrating radar, which already exists, but the smallest available units are the size of a holdall. So, your basic tool set will likely be in the general tools of near-surface geophysics. Also, google for geophysical survey, possibly fine-tuning with words like archaeology or techniques. Data may be plotted as profiles, or as planview maps isolating specific depths. I am so much more interested in the reason WHY than the question you posed. Misuse of these instruments on archaeological sites by treasure hunters and artifact collectors has been a serious problem in archaeological preservation however cooperative efforts between skilled amateur operators and academic teams are emerging in the field.

Stud finder/ metal detector uses electric/magnetic field interruption for detection.Furthermore, hopefully, this can go as deep as 50 cm. 10ghz oscilator @$66au ea will need a gate and buffer, RF transmitter and receiver to be located. How many places have fossils less than 50 cm in depth under your feet? The UK TV series "Time Team" uses ground-penetrating radar for this: could we DIY-build similar equipment? greetings to all. My hobby is hunting Native American artifacts., Mathew Lippincott suggested "The normal route would be to use a "knocker" and a series of geophones to get a picture of the ground using reflection seismology. If some sort of signals are injected and the reflected are measured, what will be the result? Remote sensing and marine surveys are also used in archaeology, but are generally considered separate disciplines. the hardware isn't too expensive though: Geophysical instruments (notably metal detectors) may also used for less formally "scanning" areas of interest. Although generally used in archaeology for planview mapping, resistance methods also have a limited ability to discriminate depth and create vertical profiles (see Electrical resistivity tomography). I've got an old hunting camp the archeologists tell me has seen 6000 years of use or more, from the variations in obsidian chips. I think there are a lot of 'us' would like to have something that can 'peek' underneath the surface of the ground, not necessary very deep. Proton precession magnetometers have largely been superseded by faster and more sensitive fluxgate and cesium instruments. His work has appeared in "Global Security Monitor" and contributed to research by the Hudson Institute. With the corners of the grids as known reference points, the instrument operator uses tapes or marked ropes as a guide when collecting data. You're asking someone to create a device that doesn't exist? nice post, I like the fact that now ar 42 I'm a ham radio amateur just received my license, I was watching some tv and saw an article about the knights of the golden circle, got me curious about why nobody is building these babies anymore, now I know the answer, but as my father used to say, everything at its own time.

A variety of probe configurations are used, most having four probes, often mounted on a rigid frame. This is for my hobby, so I'm looking for something reasonably priced or even DIY. That's right, a toy radar gun. It also has some less known applications, such as a technology known as ground-penetrating radar …

This site makes extensive use of the open source font Junction. The receiver can be linked to GPR computational software on a PC or tablet via an analog-to-digital converter. There are several cheap single-chip RF consumer "radar" sensors out there that might actually have the clocking/counters set up on the chip itself for the resolution and range you are talking about, but they all probably operate in the 2 to 4 GHz range, way to high for your application. GPR technology requires a complex understanding of the engineering principles involved, and you must be able to design equipment to match your purpose. Worksmart, inc has developed and is now ready to deploy a unique watercraft equipped with multiple technologies. For example , if you transmit say 10cycles at 100mhz, =100ns tx pulse duration and c=3.3ns metre, 100/3.3= 30metres that your transmit pulse has travelled before you even start listening for an echo. In this instance, the radar signal - an electromagnetic pulse - is directed into the ground. The Code of Conduct applies to all spaces managed by the Public Lab community and non-profit, both online and in person. In contrast, most archaeological sites are relatively near the surface, often within the top meter of earth. There might be some other uses for this, including amateur archaeology. I am having troubles trying to reply to your message via private email, i think i need to setup a google+ account to get access to your email.. if you can hold on for a day or so i will get this sorted.. Hi Steve,I'm definitely interested in your GPR. sign up to join the Public Lab community. LU2QMO, hay iam islam from egypt iwnt to make a gpr can you help me and sending circuits diagram my emahl \, Hello Steven could you send me the info on the GPR you built thanks. I'm looking for your reply.Regards, hello,did you ever get this working i am making a arduino due metal detector and this would go very well with itthanks. When geophysical data are rendered graphically, the interpreter can more intuitively recognize cultural and natural patterns and visualize the physical phenomena causing the detected anomalies. If anyone can help me, my email is

Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) is perhaps the best known of these methods (although it is not the most widely applied in archaeology). Ground Penetrating Radar Answered I am looking for any information regarding Ground Penetrating Radar (or GPR). What I have in mind in such gadget would be tied to one of the shoes (so, it must be very light weight), using wifi to transmit the signal to iPad/iPhone so that the user can just walk and know the place to dig. I havent actually made any progress on this to date, so far it has just been a thought exercise. But I have a family member who's an archeologist who would make the effort to use this for me properly (to avoid disturbance and enable digging some needed drainage ditches for mosquito control). The travel time of the reflected signal indicates the depth. Data collection is broadly similar regardless of the particular sensing instrument. The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments. At the time i thought no there is no way.. A few years have passed since and i … L. Too many.For example, the bad land of Montana, the hills of YunNan, China, many many thousands of square miles of dino-land. Stud finders work up to a point where it still gives a lot of false readings and only capable of wall thickness up to about an inch or a few cm. . Data processing was minimal and sample densities were necessarily low. Although not as commonly used in archaeology, sophisticated metal detectors are available having much greater sensitivity than hand-held models. I Built one with my son,If you send me an email address I can send you some scans we did. Don't be mislead by Jurassic Park - there is very little remotely-measurable difference in density or physical composition of most fossils compared to their matrix.Geophysics will help you find water, voids, buried structures and rock-type boundaries, but for non-metallic items, you're going to have to dig and hope. This is also completely legal in my state, as it is private property and not burial mounds. Cookies help us deliver our Services.

It can probe and scan distant planets and transport matter through time and space. At a loss with the compass my attention has wondered to a thought experiment regarding GPR or Ground Penetrating Radar. Apparently the important part, the transmitter/receiver chip, is actually the same thing as the police radars here in the US.

Thanks for the links, I will definitely check them out and do some research. Qualitative is more significant than quantative in this case. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AskEngineers community. worked with some hotshot engineers for years doing GPR for landmine detection. they probably have some utility, but for small stuff down close.... it was not apparently very effective.

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