[& Cage Considerations], Can Guinea Pigs Eat Corn? Not rated yetMy rabbit has unexpectedly given birth (we were told they were both boys). The older female is the younger female and younger males mother but the older male is unrelated.

Its the result of certain foods, like carrots, which are high in pigments like beta-carotene. They are all perfect and beautiful! If your rabbit has kidney disease, you should look for signs of straining. Rabbits will lactate after giving birth as a way to feed their kits. …, My Rabbit Pulling Fur Not rated yetMy Rabbit has just turned one. This would not only be very stressful for your rabbit, but would also prevent it from caring for newborns during their lactation period. I didn't witness her giving birth until probably 30 minutes later. She is moving around the hay in her nest box but not pulling fur. I got 2 bunnies around July 11th. She is huge and should have a large litter. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. The bunnies got along really well so I ended up leaving them together …, Rabbit digs holes and refills them I have a doe and a buck, I wanna know if shez pregnant. Thanks(: Diet is specifically the most common cause. * …, Nesting Troubles Hello!

OK he's freaking out i don't have a spare cage so i used a laundry basket flipped over he looks fine but i don't know? Click the Pic! No nest ready. The gestation period in rabbits is usually quite calm. Building a nest far too soon? Enjoy! The 3 little ones died, but we didn't know who the dad was to them.

Not rated yetWhat's wrong? Not rated yetSo I mated my two harlequins 30 days ago and I'm beginning to stress XD I have built …, Worried about my rabbit and her possible pregnancy Not rated yetHi I have a 3 and a half year dwarf lop doe who was introduced to a male about 5 months ago. During this stage, she is very delicate and careless handling could cause an accidental abortion. I just found four newborn rabbits in the inside of the hutch with some fur around them. Red urine is generally caused by a pigment from a plant food, particularly the colors of any vegetables that they are to consume. The 1st time didn't go well at all. With a life expectancy of somewhere around 8 - 10 years, this can mean a lot of procreation. AnimalWised does not have the authority to prescribe any veterinary treatment or create a diagnosis. The pet store kept their rabbits male and female together. This is both to protect the kits and to prevent fertilization again, as conception is possible in the the first 72 hours after birth. If they are unable to pass any urine at all then an emergency visit to the vet will be required. Three days ago one of the rabbits dug a burrow and although she initially came up for food and company she now hasn't been …, Anti Social Bunny I'm worried about my bunny... She is about just under a year old, and in January she lost her mate (the only other rabbit she has successfully bonded with) …, Can a mommy bunny feed two litters at once? What a nice …, Weirdest part of my life Not rated yetHi my name is Emily Thanks!

At first I thought both of them were does. If you're still seeing bunny-feet kicks and day 35 has come and gone, consider getting a vet's opinion on whether the doe needs additional help, or whether you only need to be patient.). Unlike other mammals, the rabbit does not go through cycles of heat. This is exactly the reason why they breed so quickly and proficiently. This helps the birthing happen smoothly and go faster. However, it is better to avoid this, as their bodies are not fully ready to bear the physical strain of pregnancy. Do you think she did not take when we bred her?

Your scent on a kit could cause the rabbit to reject it. If passing urine is very difficult or problematic, a urinalysis is generally required. There are certain things to pay attention to, and it is best to provide your bunny with the best conditions for a a smooth and safe pregnancy.

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