Emma's new look probably won't transfer over onto Shameless, but it's still nice to know that she's looking hot these days. The past couple of years have been all about selfies, all of which show her changing style in clothes, makeup, and hairstyles. In fact, the T-shirt that Emma's wearing suggests that you should adopt instead of buying puppies from Puppy mills. Apparently, Emma had the biggest crush on Jeremy Allen White, who plays her older brother Lip, on Shameless. Meanwhile, did you ever wonder how a Gallagher would celebrate her 18th birthday? Emma Kenney is an actress who is famous for her roles in Shameless, Epic and others.

Dying hair is something most teen girls do, mainly to experiment with their looks.

She just turned 18 on September 14th. However, the given amount isn't the official figure. In a 2014 interview, Emma went on about how she had the biggest crush on her older co-star, and that even four years later, she could barely speak to him without blushing.

The people surrounding her always appear to be having an awesome time or completely interested in what she's doing. PETA2 is the youth version of PETA, which is designed for those who are 22 years old and younger and interested in getting involved with animal rights. It is said that she took up improve classes when she was young.

When she was eight, she found her manager who got her a role in a short film, ‘The New Girl in Town’. Although, Debbie's look is more designed to make her look overweight, lumpy, and without a clue. However, she did just get scooped up to act as Darlene and David's daughter, Harris, on the upcoming Roseanne reboot. She's one of the most underrated actresses of her time.

It’s like your face gives everyone around you insight into your soul. The one where they channel their inner Kylie Jenner—the tight-fitting clothes, matching makeup, and pose. Following that, Kenney began acting in short films. By 2008, she had appeared in two short movies, Lyre Liar and Bittersweet. Asides from that, it's amazing how little we know about Shameless teen star Emma Kenney. She's not leaving Shameless...just yet.

Debbie was a cute and caring child, but these days, she’s full of spite and ready to do things her way. Kenney captioned this Twitter image, "Coachella fitting at @LFstores today with my girls!!!!" Emma Kenney's all grown up, and it's almost as if it happened overnight! She's hilarious, cute, and to the point. So, in honor of her recent accomplishments in making us love to hate Debbie Gallagher, here are 15 Things You Didn't Know About Shameless Teen Star Emma Kenney. She does not have any siblings. Debbie "Debs" Gallagher might have been the worst character of Shameless' 7th season, but it was Shameless teen star, Emma Kenney, who was behind making you hate her. Shameless star Emma Kenney's character, Debbie, has had storylines like dating a much older guy. As seen in the image above, Emma Kenney definitely enjoys her pasta. She's said that making Debbie Gallagher the most annoying teen on TV is just what she was aiming for. She gives out little information about her childhood in snapchat to her fans. Yet, Emma Kenney has many hidden assets, as you can see above. Kenney says she is ''dating her career''. However, she's "super, super anemic." Well, almost.

Yes! Emma Kenney started hers off on the set of Shameless and followed up by going to dinner with her Shameless family afterwards. In fact, she's packing enough to make you look twice, maybe three times, as you pass. She also has a weekly column 'On The Couch' in Closer Magazine, and runs a … She even showed off her creative side by comparing the inbreeding of puppy mill dogs to American Horror Story or the Lannister family from Game of Thrones. This is one girl who's not scared to be photographed while eating. You can call Emma's Shameless cast members her co-stars, mentors, and even her second family, but they're not her girl squad. Yep! Eating fish is how she keeps her iron up. Plus, you should be smiling the next time Debbie Gallagher gets on your nerves or if Emma's making you feel like you hate her character. Later, she appeared in many movies and TV series like A (Not So) the Civil Union, Three Little Puppets, Day Camp and Broadwalk Empire among others. Kennedy made her acting debut in the movie, The New Girl In Town. Now, she's ungrateful, egotistical, and thinks she knows it all. However, a look at her social media feed will give you a great view of her greatest asset.

Emma Kenney, 18, … Emma Kenny is a Manchester-based psychologist who regularly appears on This Morning.

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