Mr. Scratch | 1991, A Matter Of Degrees Robert Burke | Occupation Bill Thomas | First Appearance Gary and Ervin Robles | Curtis Banks |

1982-present Pablo Vargas |

The Opposite Sex And How To Live With Them, Here's where you can watch and stream coverage, The director also teases what a potential Season 2 would be about.

Grace Lynch | Saul Picard

He committed a series of murders in the late 70s but stopped.

"Arye found a visceral reality and the scene became filled with pathos and meaning.

1 Episode (2010), Grey Gardens Will Summers, Season 6 Alex Zorgen | Serial Killer, TortureAbductionFalse imprisonmentCapital murder.

In 1999, Gross acted in and directed The Prince and the Surfer; this was his film directorial debut. James Burke | Gross portrayed Donnie Mallick, a delusional serial killer who murdered Jason Gideon, in the Season Ten episode "Nelson's Sparrow". Howard Marks Michael Thompson |

Meanwhile, Mallick held Tara captive for the next 37 years, his fantasy having been fulfilled by her. Trevor Mills, Season 8 Mark Gregory |

Soumitra Chatterjee is currently not in the pink of his health. Kenneth Roberts | Hubert Arye Gross (born March 17, 1960) is an American actor, who has appeared on a variety of television shows in numerous roles, most notably Adam Greene in ABC Sitcom Ellen. Stuart Barker | Malcolm Ford | Prince of Darkness | Evil-doer William Lynch, Season 14 Casey Allen Pinkner | The Messiah |

Mr. Scratch | Danny Stokes | James Barrett |

Arthur Rykov |

Donald Allen Mallick

Charlie Wilkinson | This could possibly be because he was either forced into hiding after the FBI began investigating his murders, incarcerated for some other crime, or had moved away. Roderick Gless | The Reimanns |

Arthur Malcolm | Connor O'Brien | John Bradley |

Eddie Mays | Vincent DeMarcus Abraham Epstein Romani Family | Roy Woodridge | Alan Crawford |

Gross then became a member of the South Coast Repertory resident company for three years, followed by a year with El Teatro Campesino. Rhett Walden |

Gabriel Merza | Beaumont Unsub |

He has a high degree of knowledge about birds, so he may be in a bird lovers' club. 1 Episode (2009), Cold Case Sebastian Hurst | Drew Jacobs |

Greg On March 29, 1973,[1] Gertrude died from natural causes, leaving Mallick alone in their house. After Tara Barnett was kidnapped by him, her mother Mary Allen sent BAU Agents Jason Gideon and David Rossi to find Tara and arrest Donnie for his crimes, which resulted in a failed attempt to find him. John David Bates |

The Replicator | Hayes Cullinan |

Perlmutter Frank Cosgrove |

Steven Baleman | Barry

The Vigilante | Leland Duncan |

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