When you reach the top floor, you will have to fight your way to the laptop. Take them both out and get the access codes off of the head of security's body. Either way he will be marked so you don't have to worry about it. Do not go in there, just take cover by the wall and kill all the soldiers from this position.

Drive into the tunnel, and you have to fight with enemies here.

According to the objective, you have to damage the Avon’s jet. There are a total of 12 SAM turrets you need to destroy and you will also face some resistance as enemy choppers will try to defend the SAM turrets by attacking you, but your friend can easily take care of them using the mounted machine gun. In this prep mission you need to go to a certain location and identify a target.

Once you've shot it down twice the Hydra will crash underwater. You can run as long as you are not nearby any guard. Chernobog. Don’t forget our complete GTA 5 cheats lists either. Two missile shots should do the trick. After killing the Juggernauts, proceed forward through the base. Currently, 35 percent of the entire Northern Ireland milk pool is processed at facilities in the Republic. Rush to the Sandy Shores Airfield in your ATV and try to destroy the incoming enemies from a distance because as soon as they are beside you, they do a lot of damage.

Although, you can do the prep missions solo, it is highly recommended that you carry out the prep missions with at least one friend, as it will be much faster. Go slow here, keep moving behind each other, so that in case you are attacked, one can defend you from backside. Along with GTA games, I am a huge fan of the Call Of Duty series, as well as Assassins Creed and the recently released Red Dead Redemption 2. After taking out all of Avon's goons, the crew head to the Orbital Cannon controls upstairs to destroy the four mobile cloud servers around the state, being Brickade trucks. If you have a sniper you can spot them from distance. Once the task is done, Agent 14 instructs the crew to regroup at the Galileo Observatory, after which the mission is completed. Setup: Air Defenses. The Doomsday Day Heist Act 3 is called 'The Doomsday Scenario' and has 5 setup missions, each having their own prep missions and leading up to the finale called The Doomsday Scenario. The location will be random here. As the crew manages to destroy the supplies, they are instructed to go to the blast doors, but suddenly, through Avon and Cliffford's conversation, Cliffford activates the launch protocol for the missile. You will see an opening on the right hand side, at the end of the hangar room. As you move outside, you will see three more on your right side and three more to your left. Keep driving until you pass the road block and also remember to keep your inventory menu opened up. After you get the key, unlock the garage and take one of the Deluxos to LS Customs and change the color. Not just for the finale, but the whole heist in general. • ­Out of lives.• ­Barrage/TM-02 Khanjali destroyed.• ­Unable to stop the launch sequence.• ­Failing to stop Avon Hertz.• ­Thruster destroyed. Objective: Steal a duffel bag of marked bills from a dead drop being watched by the FIB. As the cutscene ends, the crew is instructed to chase and kill Avon while taking care of enemies in Buzzard Attack Choppers and Akulas. Once you reach the spot wait for Agent ULP. So take it and drive it to the facility. Your team can assist you in the path to deliver the vehicle to the landing site. After hacking all four servers, the enemies will stop spawning and you just need to kill the remaining ones. We recommend you choose the Khanjali, since it will provide more protection when going inside. One team is a paramedics team while the other one is a pilot. When you have the Kumara you and your friend can hop into it and kill everyone at the airfield. You will be attacked by some enemy choppers but you can hack and ask your friend to take care of the choppers or vice versa. Each act is progressively harder than the previous one. 3. It will reset the error count, but it will also reset the pattern, so the nodes which connected together previously, might not connect again due to the change in the node pattern. Once you're inside, you will need to sneak to the four servers and hack them. Once you are out of the vehicle you have to deal with the Juggernauts. First, you and your team mates need to go to Grapeseed and choose either the Khanjali tank or the ATV. Once you are done killing the guards you have to get in Chernobog. Once you reach the airfield, this is where your personal vehicle the Armored Kumara comes in.

Ask your friend to stay in cover to avoid getting shot at. Once you're outside, quickly get into any nearby vehicle and head to an open area where your friend can land and pick you up. When you are driving to the airfield there will be a lot of road blocks as well. That room is actually a 'War Room'. GTA 5 And Crossplay - Does GTA Online Support Crossplay? If you're doing this mission solo then it will take a very long time and you will need to return back to the house several times to get the other Deluxos. Use the RPG to destroy the equipment inside, just make sure you stand far away and don't accidentally blow yourself up. You just need to break the blue colored nodes by passing the signal through them, while avoiding the red nodes. Kill the tea first and then take the Chernobog. Quickly head back into your Armored Kumara and ask your friend to do the same. In this way you can side by side complete the server objective. The vehicle is slow but it is strong, just keep it driving ignoring the one who are chasing you.

“Obviously, as people would expect, we have a duty to protect people’s lives, so if we have intelligence about threats to people from other agencies such as customs or the border force working in a particular place where they are vulnerable to attack, we will send officers to protect them. Your Buzzard/Oppressor Mark II is now your quick getaway vehicle. This does not mean you won't have to kill any soldiers, you will still need to kill a couple of them.

Finished Act III finale as an associate with just the host (200's) a lower level (40's) and myself just over 100. Keep killing the guards and moving forward. Objective: Retrieve the test site location of the Khanjali tank from the house of one Avon’s employees.

Once you get the location on the map reach the place, it will be some construction yard. That is when your finale successfully ends, followed by a cut scene. You will also see IAA Defense's "health" bar on the bottom right corner of your screen - you need to ensure the Defenses do not get low or else the mission will fail.

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