"I wish that no matter how old we get, we never separate ourselves from our family again," Dewey answered. Beakley asked the blond duck. Here we come!" Set a couple years in the future, Daisy is a cemented member of the family, and she and Donald have news for the family. ------Cynthia began to realize that Wally wasn’t fucking around.

"Hmmm….. It’s an eternal bond that nothing can break. He knew it would be very cynical of him, and he smile at him between sobs. Louie shrieked when he heard a familiar voice.

Gyro asks Huey to attend the funeral of an old science professor and colleague, which he then chooses over a Junior Woodchucks event on the same evening. Nu uh! "Huh?" Each with the same cunning smile. However, if you ever find yourself running away for any reason, be warned: those that flee into the forest never return.

Don't forget! At Huey's behest, Scrooge allows him to throw a fourth of July party at the McDuck manor. She leaned back and felt a hard stone near her left hand.

They didn't have that friendly look or fun loving feel to them. Just be careful Scrooge!

Now that's a good one!"

Believe it or not, but just like Madonna, her Ice-Type Phoenix boyfriend Arctic is also adopted.

Donald sniffed, unknown to him if they can hear it or not. He wasn't there when Matilda passed away, all he could do was mourn in silence while his nephew and niece were with Gladstone, comforting him, empathic with the pain of losing your parents. A female, unknown to him voice interrupted his thoughts, could easily be the girl who accompanied Webby and her friend. It turns out, however, that it isn't a ghost at all, but something else—and Webby couldn't be happier. His eyes widen and his beak nearly open. Lena squeezed her eye's shut and tried to block off any sound but it wasn't like it would help. You even set a picnic up for Webby and I. He repeated Webby's question in a voice thread, the Scottish accent being rougher and tightening his cane until his knuckles tightened.

All that he had the opportunity to share with his sister despite the Navy and the aviation school, he preferred to lose it than to see the faces of his nephews every time they saw him.

One where if he isn't carful, could end the McDuck Family forever. "Look out below!" That was it, that was all her little heart can take. When Louie said this, all his brothers looked at one another in some worry. This isn't the best idea…." Scrooged marched down the stairs to a room full of decorations and food being put out on tables. "I'm sorry for being late!" Maybe not in the same way as Pink, but how not to do it when it began to take shape? "Perhaps, but that adventure is done and dealt with. Black eyes, pink tips in her hair, and just between her cheek and beak rested a long scar. Magica accosts Lena with warnings about certain doom as a total solar eclipse draws near. "You have any recommendations?" Fortunately he was Scrooge McDuck, and he never gave up. Help how?" Related: webby vanderquack ducktales ... from hours of sitting.

Webby shrieked, slamming open the door, entering to close it with the same speed while still facing them, "Granny is preparing dinner, it was practically a challenge to take the salt without being discovered.". Violet scrutinized her book as the spell began. Webby muttered, feeling the signaturetickle that the use of magic brought with it, or at least the one that involves taking the hand of her best friends. ducktales webby. But at the same time it wasn't them. He did not fully understand what had just happened, then he would talk to Webbigail about the use of black magic under his roof, but on the other hand he did not know how to feel after his nephew's words, his own decision. Della came back and... they're trying tae recover teh lost time..." no, he hadn't forced to speak, thanks for asking. "You two have been together for 5 years now. The triplets excitedly grabbed their parachutes and ran to the edge. louie's got feelings for boyd, and they're definitely mutual :). Lena pulled her wrist away from Webbys hand and pressed her back against the cave wall. One by one, everyone jumped out of the plane in either delight like Selen, excitement like Gandra, or fear like Feathery, who had to be pushed off the plane due to being frozen in fear. Even worse when you remember that we haven't seen her parents, and since she's been raised by her grandmother to be a fighter, she doesn't know what it's like to have a full-blown family. Huey noticed his brothers change of mood. With great joy, Webby and Lena flipped their friend over and making her splash into the ocean with them. Scrooge's eyes widen a bit at that thought. "To us!" He's used to it, and he'll do whatever it takes to keep his boys and his family safe and happy. Gandra felt herself be pushed onto the chair and was given a bottle of water. "Oh just jump!" Now if I remember it correctly, The story starts 12 years ago when the kids were only 10-11 years old and we were all at the triplets birthday party…..". DuckTales - Webby's nightmare. Oh….. Did I forget to mention I like writing creepy and scary scenes as well? "Look out boys!

Goldie called out to him. A dark purple bird with her curly hair held up into a messy bun. "Yeah, they do." You sure you don't want help?"


She set her camera up to take a timed picture of them. (AU belongs to Ashley on her Tumblr blog). Scrooge huffed and crossed his arms indicating he was still not on board with this idea. Everyone who landed on the ocean swam back to shore with some help from those who landed on solid ground. Meanwhile, Lena hides a terrible secret about her magical powers.How will the six friends come together to defeat this deadly threat?

"The shadow war?" Webby let out a chuckle at this little fact. Set about seven years in the future, after Scrooge has retired, HDL, Webby, Lena, and Violet face a terrible threat without the help of their uncles.After an adventure gone wrong, the gang seems more divided than ever. kids are 14 here so 3 years into the future? she asked him. But her eyesight couldn't look far due to the thick fog that surrounded her.

Happy birthday to you!" "Lena it's ok!" Please consider turning it on! He pulled the box behind some bushes and looked around to make sure no one saw him. The little lightbulb gave him a thumbs up as a sign he understood. "Please Scrooge. Creating personalities for two dads who don't even have speaking lines, Minor Lena (Disney: Ducktales)/Webby Vanderquack, April Duck & Donald Duck & June Duck & May Duck, José Carioca & Donald Duck & Panchito Pistoles. I said no parties!" Della was having fun swimming in the air, pretending she was on the moon again with zero gravity to pull her down. As she spoke, she took the small canister from the condiment of one of the pockets of her skirt, smiling with the pride present in her gaze as she sat next to Lena, the aroma of apples with cinnamon getting stronger every minute but without being harmful. "He's not that obsess," Violet comment in. AWW I’M CRYING!

He didn't know, if he was honest with himself. She was both amazed and cautions at the same time. The phases of adolescence, high school, first love, Sadie Hawkins' dance, prom. At the time of Mrs. Beakley's interview for the position of Scrooge's maid, cook, and the nephews' nanny, Webby and Bentina were homeless. "Not that I can think of," she shrugged her shoulders but her smile said otherwise, "But if you really want to help your brother out on his proposal, then I suggest that story.". You know that luck was never on my side, kiddo" smiling warmly, he made the gesture of wanting to ruffle the duckling, but he had less chance when his hand suddenly vanished. The fear? Everyone played an important role in building who they were today. He had seen, specifically, how the smile on his uncle's face disappeared, his eyes widening. Lena wake up!" And even if they could possibly think the worst, he couldn't bear the guilt of being the one who hurt his babies—Della's. "Maybe next year lad," Scrooge was glad to see his nephew have such a great time on their special day. "I guess I never made it to the cruise?

Lena smiled at the sight of her friends being so happy at this time of year. he asked as he held Zoe. The boys stared at their brother as if he just lost his sanity. His hand hesitated as he turned the handle, slowly opening the door. Her eyes began to trail up slowly, and as she did she spotted thin strings of glowing green light, trailing above her friends. He jumped onto the couch to Huey's right nearly causing him to lose his drink. Each and every one of her friends looked terrified, with a line of green taking over them as if trying to possess their minds. "Sure, Unca' Scrooge." So, Scrooge told you to babysit us at the age of 17….. The Saveur family, a long old friend of Scrooge McDuck who had helped him occasionally with his expeditions.

He was a century and a half old, he knew the concept of death. What adventures will the Saveurs and Ducks get into with old secrets and mysteries. Once the flash went off, they tossed it back over to Goldie, "Thanks guys!". He stayed in the salt circle, and Violet didn't know whether to stay alert or not. A series of one-shots in which Louie is definitely, absolutely, positively not crushing on June and she's definitely not feeling the same way. Sorry Huey! "Yea! Anyways, happy to be here and sharing what I have! This is a series of one-shots (that aren't connected) from the Febufluff 2020 prompts. She was just about to jump until her dad stopped her. The more she spoke, the scent of the candles began to spread throughout the room; maybe also to the halls, but they weren't really sure. As the day progresses, Huey starts to think about the future and his place in society, and in his family, as a child prodigy. The little girl swung her gaze from side to side, desperately looking for any sign of someone she knew. Gyro crumbled up the invitation and tossed it out of the plane. Gosalyn laughed as she grabbed her parachute. "Hello?!" He soon felt some ocean water spilled over his head. All but one green triplete. Scrooge sensed how the spirit clinked when a couple of candles went out thanks to the low temperature of the room. It's a crime how many times I use "..." but they were important I swear!!

She left it in mid air and moved in with everyone so she can be in it too. It was days like this when he was happy to lay back and enjoy his free time with others.

6 Favourites. Englabeth and Britania had resulted only because the Beagle Boys were stupid. Louie stayed in thought for a moment until the realization hit him. Like a magic shadow creature? He had meant what he said. "Count oan me, lassies," frowning, he fiddled with the string of his dime. NOTE: It might be a dream what will be told here, but this is gonna be a sign that everyone is gonna have to carry in order for safety.

Soon, her left hand felt a loose rock on the wall. Find out in the new, rewritten version of The Last Stand! Followed by a sudden low crackle echoing into her ears. A perfect opportunity to catch up with old friends and bond.". While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. You know exactly what I meant,", "Awe come on Uncle Scrooge," Another one of his nephews walked by. Scrooge's answer came before he can even finish asking it. Ps, thta sky diving scene is inspired by the Comic Con season 3 poster where we see all the charaters that are coming to season 3 jumping out of a plane.

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