Open the file in VCM Editor; Select Operating System, a window will appear with choices available.

It'll work out, let us know how it goes... :cheers: I put a 6L80e (with its T43) behind an E38 ECM with an OS designed to work with a 4L60e/T42. Another example is the dreaded Injector Flow Rate Limit. This attribute is desirable to performance enthusiasts with the increasing popularity of E85 as a race fuel alternative.


So where Virtual Torque represents how much Torque the computer thinks the engine is producing, the Driver Demand Tables represent how much Torque the computer, Tech Tips - Mechanical Issues Causing an Idle Problem.

What sets the E78s apart from their GEN 4 counterparts is the Torque management controls. E38 ECM (58x) 2007-Newer GM ECM.

Therefore, the GEN 5 computer knows how much Torque it is making, how much Torque the limit is, and with driver demand tables how much Torque it should be targeting.

The early E38s mirrored some of the bad habits from their E40 GEN 3 predecessor, but by 2010 the idle, fuel and spark controls were some of the best GM had created to date. For the most part, things worked fine, but there was one big bug- the engine would go into reduced power mode every now and then.

Should be similar for 4.8L 6.2L applications. The MAF defines how much airflow is drawn into the engine by measuring the electrical resistance needed to keep a wire a specific temperature inside the air intake; this is called MAF Hertz. Just like the before mentioned Virtual VE Table, HP Tuners created a Virtual Torque Editor that gives you a physical table to modify in order to change data in the system in the background. Everybody loves the GM LS Platform; but as much as we hate to say it, the LS is dead… and in its place lives the LT Platform. Post the entire tune from file? Just heard back from a friend with a 2wd '08 TBSS.

If I can find the link I'll post it.

Should be similar for 4.8L 6.2L applications.

E40s are strictly found in 2005 and 2006 LS powered cars. When tuning the E38, we typically find the Virtual VE system we discussed earlier in this article as the scariest part to handle; but any of our GM courses can teach you how to handle it easily. Hi guys, Need some help, looking for a tune file out of any car that has an E38 ECU, T42 TCM and with a 4L80E Transmission.

Application Procedure (E38 ECM) To apply the enhancement to your PCM please use the following procedure.

Did the speedo still work with the E38 A4 OS, expecting a hard wired VSS vs a CAN message?

Sign up to receive updates and news from EFI. The GEN 3 VE Table was a traditional table based on RPM and MAP. Below is an example of a GEN 3 VE Table.

The E40, on the other hand, splits the table into two with the first table reading from 1,000 to 5,800 Hertz while the second table reads from 5,800 to 12,200 Hertz. By looking at the Driver Demand Tables, the ECM can map the amount of Torque at a given RPM or Vehicle Speed. Odds are you already knew this, but I’m betting you don’t know as much about the ECMs that powered these legendary engines; from the original LS1 powering the 1997 C5 Corvette to the modern day Z06, they’re all great engines, but nothing without a great ECM to control them.

For my H0160 in the ECM, the "drivetrain type" is Not Defined.

A Segment Swap will not take due to low memory available in the E38 Computer, HPTuners Support confirmed this. Apply the relevant modification by clicking the button. For some reason they are sticking a 4L60E in it. One of the primary differences between the GM GEN 3 and 4 ECMs are how they estimate airflow using VE Tables. Latest Fairmont Microsquirt 2 V3 tune running fuel and spark reading off the stock crank trigger. Below are the ECM Connectors for 2008 vortec 5.3L Just finished a LS3/4L80E swap into a 68 Chevelle. This is a much more robust system which was required when the engines evolved to include features such as variable camshaft controls. This computer was the testbed for GM to start experimenting with the controls they would implement in the GEN 5 control modules paired with the direct injection V8 lineup.

But we just need a file for reference purposes, if someone could … I really appreciate any response in advance.

The last hoorah for the GEN 3 computers is the E40 control module. sensors, EVAP system, then you will not want to remove those components. The problem went away after loading the correct OS into the ECM (one designed for the 6L80e).

I have been looking for adaptive idle but can seem to find or know if this will actually will help my issue. The critical thing to note is that in the Torque management section, you cannot simply “max out” the settings, because this computer is Torque-based - like the GEN 5 computers of the next generation; which we will discuss more in the next section, covering the GEN 5 computers. Hello Community, my first thread. The primary difference between the GM GEN 4 and GEN 5 ECMs is Torque management. The GEN 3 ECMs controlled many GM LS Engines from 1997 until approximately 2006 (model depending). In the early years of this computer, they did control a few LS2 engines, but they are primarily used for LS3s, LSAs, LS9s, and V8 truck and SUV engines. check out the. A PSI ECM is a great addition to your PSI Harness as they are tuned specifically for your set up! NOTES: This COMPLETE controller kit from PSI includes everything you need to get … TOUCHED. The Express Vans use the same OS for 4L80E, but are E38 based with ECM OS 12617631. Have a Customer Truck that he bought out of state. THEY WILL GO DIRECTLY FROM ECM TO A PLUG, (SENSOR, SWITCH, DEVICE These modules are the more desirable versions of the preceding P01 due to a processor upgrade performed by GM. With that information, the computer knows how long to open the injector to get a desired amount of fuel out of it. It is not hard to exceed this limit when installing aftermarket injectors for larger horsepower applications and requires some unique tune changes in order to get them to work properly. :( The truck will come with a E67 ECM. These modules are the more desirable versions of the preceding P01 due to a processor upgrade performed by GM. NEEDED. The first in the line was the P01, which was used through about 2003, with the best models denoted as an 0411, usually pronounced, oh-four-eleven. While P59 computers closely mirror their P01 cousins, something interesting to note is that they are one of GM's first Flex Fuel capable ECMs. I purchased and tuned it with HP Tuners Pro.

For the most part, things worked fine, but there was one big bug- the engine would go into reduced power mode every now and then. Yes the T43/E38 pair tend to be very fussy when you least expect it. We comply with the highest level of (PCI) standards. The computer uses this information to calculate the correct amount of fuel required.

This is the ECM of choice that GM used on all of their supercharged cars until switching to the GEN 5 ECMs with the LT4 in the 2017 model year.

We accept all major credit cards, plus Paypal. This really means that the computer takes real inputs like RPM and MAP, but then based on other inputs such as camshaft position and manifold runner position, it calculates a value. While fueling and spark control are the same for GEN 5s as they are for GEN 4s, the real difference comes in the form of calculating how much Torque it should be making and then what the computer does about that calculation.

Flex Fuel gives the computer the ability to determine the Ethanol content in the fuel via a sensor placed in the fuel line supplying the engine. For example, the Mass Airflow Table was split in half. 11, Connector Color: True plugin solution.

See the illustration below for an example of the supercharger controls in the E67. harness. This can be a problem when you have modified the engine to make more Horsepower and Torque because the system is going to continually try and fight you to bring the engines Torque output back down to a stock level. Everything is taken one step further and based on what Torque Driver Demand wants; the computer will manipulate the throttle body angle, spark advance, and sometimes fuel delivery to get the engine Torque to meet its target. The applications for this computer are not widespread, with the primary application being the gas powered 2500 Silverados which utilize the E78 to control an LS2 based 6.0 liter. Need some help on 09 5.3 / 6L80e and e38, transmission from 6L80e to 4L80e wiring schematic diagram, If this is your first visit, be sure to

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