var e30gals=parseFloat($('#e30gals').val(),10);$('#e30gals').val((isNaN(e30gals)? Went bad, really expensively bad.

It would be especially beneficial with your high compression ratio.

After all, it’s just math. You'll likely see a 0.5 AFR swing towards lean, but if your car is stock then there is room to move. Aftermarket tunes don't really gain much power for this car if at all, so it's very tight from factory. the Ethanol mixture changes with every batch, but at us at least 70% so that is your base, now 98 RON + 5% ethanol (shell made this for a short time and it netted 100 RON at the pump) which means for 1 liter of fuel 5% was ethanol 10% would be 100mls so.... 5% is 50 mls per liter, here is what you need to consider 15% of every liter of E85 is 91 RON in E85 so 150mls is 91 RON. } Ce qui veut dire qu’il faut plus d’ethanol dans une combustion (de l’ordre +20% de masse injectée) pour une masse d’air identique à celle du super carburant. The ECU would pull the timing back so fast at the first sign of detonation vibration, that the average person would not hear it. Yep, the FT86's FA20 motor is a hybrid direct and port injected high compression motor. var diff=(gasprice-e85price).toFixed(2);pricespread=(100*diff/gasprice).toFixed(0);if(isNaN(pricespread)||isNaN(diff)){return;}

Results. ');} e85mpg=parseFloat($('#e85mpg').val(),10);$('#e85mpg').val((isNaN(e85mpg)? Flex fuel ethanol calculator; Flex fuel ethanol calculator Fuel. The percentage of 110 in the mix is 3/5 = 0.60 (60%). I wonder, is O/P confusing pinging with engine labouring. Exactly. var gal_gas_saved=parseInt(milesPerYear/gasmpg-(0.15*(milesPerYear/e85mpg)),10);$('#gal_gas_saved').html((isNaN(gal_gas_saved)? Subaru does tend to make engines that are close to the ragged edge though. When I was doing tuning with my Soarer, and several Skyline's, the fuel controller had the ability to intercept the knock sensor(s) in the cars, and it had a section that showed pinging. Calculators that may be useful for users of ethanol fuel (E85). The detonation point can be anywhere on the cycle, if it happens really early, yes it is loud, but modern cars with better control of timing it's usually a 'smaller knock' and corrects itself quickly. Not shown on any pictures in the workshop manual.2. $('#summary').show('slow');

1. var gasoctgals=parseFloat($('#gasoctgals').val(),10);$('#gasoctgals').val((isNaN(gasoctgals)? OK. Let’s say you mix 3 gallons of 110 with 2 gallons of 100 and you want to know the octane of the resulting 5 gallon mixture. Actually knocking can be almost impossible to hear. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. * 1 Optimal blend levels of ethanol and gasoline,  If detonation gets loud enough for the OP to hear, there is something MAJOR wrong with that engine!

Anyway, started to run 10% e85 on my daily driver (RA18 civic) and it seems to respond the same way. var e25gals=parseFloat($('#e25gals').val(),10);$('#e25gals').val((isNaN(e25gals)? that's with 11.5:1 compression.

Just show up in a scan. I'm running diagnostics. Ethanol has a lower specific energy, hence more of the stuff is needed for a stoichiometric mixture. '105':e85octane.toFixed(0))); And if you have any other questions about race fuels, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 800-RACEGAS. 2. var existingpct=parseFloat($('#existingpct').val(),10);$('#existingpct').val((isNaN(existingpct)? * Desired Octane: What octane do you need? if($('#ignoretank').is(':checked')===false &&(existinggals<0)){$('#resultpct').html('You have added more gallons than your tank holds.

So the octane of the resulting mixture is 106. This is because it's now able to run closer to peak torque timing (without timing drops) plus the higher latent heat of vaporisation in the ethanol, making the engine more thermally efficient, making up for the difference in energy density in the fuel. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ec9a833190431e1

Should only need to fill a small tank up every fuel fill.

First you need to calculate the percentage of each fuel that will be in the final mixture. (100% ethanol around 115/120 octane, E85 is around 100/105 octane and it drops quickly after that) It is suggested that 100 octane be used for E85 in this calculator to give a more accurate octane rating when mixed (diluted) with gasoline. Stock Subaru tunes tend to be pig rich. Not really, 275kw on E85 and 240kw on 98. Gallons of Gas. ©1993-2015 Intercept Corporation, All Rights Reserved.

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- I ramped it up to 12% e85+ 85% 98 and this is the sweet spot. if(!startup){var temp=$('#tankgals').val(),temp2=$('#savtankgals').val();$('#savtankgals').val(temp);$('#tankgals').val(temp2); Fuel trims say it's putting in more fuel for the same given cell but you now make more power in lower load cells. HOME. For the latest E85 prices in your area, visit E85 .

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