What is the meaning of exercise?” Randa Williams is non-executive chairman of Enterprise Products, which owns 50,000 miles of pipeline, market cap $56 billion.

In fact, this Californian pastor earns an incredible $900,000 a year!

A dozen Houstonians landed on the 2016 Forbes 400 list of the richest Americans, and most managed to maintain or increase their net worth. With an estimated $10 million donation, Warren in 2012 won the naming rights to a new park in Dallas. 134 in the ranking.

Unfortunately, he’s had a bit of a rough time of it (because of THOSE scandals), but at least he’s sitting on a cool $1.5 million. In seven deals over seven years Rees-Jones grossed $7 billion. Now, he works as a minister for the Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and has written numerous books and appeared on numerous radio programs – rocking up a cool $7.5 million net worth.

Since then he has more than doubled the chain to 60 locations and 21,000 rooms. Oops.

In one of the biggest scores of the oil boom, George Bishop's Geosouthern Energy sold its south Texas fields to Devon Energy for $6 billion in late 2013.

The end of an era came in early 2017 when the Bass brothers agreed to sell their oil company to Exxon Mobil for $6 billion. After his incredibly successful stint in the musical world, Rossi set his sights higher and trained to be a healing evangelist. Because of that, Van Impe earns an annual salary of $150,000. Through his Hunt Consolidated conglomerate, Ray Hunt owns oilfields in Texas, natural gas projects in Peru and Yemen, and was one of the first oilmen into Iraq after the fall of Saddam. Their foundation is endowed with more than $90 million. Driven to bring world-class art to Arkansas, in 2011 she opened Crystal Bridges museum in Bentonville.

"There's got to be a higher purpose to serve in this life," he says. However, that’s not including his debts and unpaid taxes. The civil rights activist and pastor has been in the news more times that we can count for his outspoken ways and his personal plights. In 2010, Davis and XTO Energy founder Bob Simpson led a group of investors who backed Nolan Ryan to buy the Texas Rangers baseball team for $593 million.

This pastor is not only one of the most popular pastors in America, but he’s also one of the most prominent pastors in the world. Because of this; he has a net worth of around $12,485,467 and an annual salary of $160,000.

Scott Duncan, the fourth youngest person on the U.S. list at age 33, was among 14 billionaires under age 40.

he earned degrees in geology and geophysics. Richest child of legendary oil wildcatter H.L. "Just tell the truth. The 55-year-old entrepreneur will sell close to 60 million bottles this year, enough to earn him an estimated net worth of $2.5 billion.

Rossi grew up in a musical family and rose to fame in the 1980s with the ‘Walker and Rossi’ folk rock band. He has a passion for making the complex simple, as he speaks truth to people in ways they can understand and apply to their everyday lives.

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