Pinch, Geraldine (2002) Handbook Egyptian Mythology, Redford Donald B (2002) Ancient Gods Speak, Strudwick, Nigel and Helen (1999) Thebes in Egypt, Van De Mieroop, Marc (1999) A History of Ancient Egypt, Watterson, Barbara (1996) Gods of Ancient Egypt, Wilkinson, Richard H. (1992) Reading Egyptian Art, Wilkinson, Richard H. (2003) The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt, Wilkinson, Richard H. (2000) The Complete Temples of Ancient Egypt. Ra Travelling Through the Underworldby Unknown Artist (Public Domain). Ancient History Encyclopedia. [4] However, he also displays grand benevolence in more than one celebrated myth. Cite This Work The Apophis myth epitomizes the motif where the gods, the forces of order, enlist the aid of humanity to defend light against darkness & life against death. Ancient History Encyclopedia Limited is a non-profit company registered in the United Kingdom. [10], Sobek first acquired a role as a solar deity through his connection to Horus, but this was further strengthened in later periods with the emergence of Sobek-Ra, a fusion of Sobek and Egypt's primary sun god, Ra. Atum’s close relationship to the king is seen in many cultic rituals, and in the coronation rites. Some Rights Reserved (2009-2020) under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license unless otherwise noted. The Egyptian priests had a detailed guide to fighting Apep, referred to as The Books of Overthrowing Apep (or the Book of Apophis, in Greek). Only Book of the Dead Spells 7 and 39 can be explained as such.

Thus, he has been interpreted as being the "complete one" and also the finisher of the world, which he returns to watery chaos at the end of the creative cycle.

It was not uncommon, particularly in Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt, for crocodiles to be preserved as mummies to present at Sobek's cultic centers. Fearing that even the image of Apep could give power to the demon, any rendering would always include another deity to subdue the monster. The sun god emerged victorious each time, however, and the people continued their prayers and anthems. If I have or die from a stroke, heart attack or aneurysm, it's because of the #Illuminati. Turtles also depicted the flow of the Nile River in ancient Egyptian Mythology. This element appears in the quest The Rise of Egypt. A papyrus dating to the Late period shows that the god was of central importance to the New Year’s festival in which the king’s role was reconfirmed. One of the most popular literary motifs of the Middle Kingdom of Egypt was order vs. chaos which can be seen in a number of the most famous works. [11] Specialized priests in the main temple at Shedet functioned solely to serve Sobek, boasting titles like "prophet of the crocodile-gods" and "one who buries of the bodies of the crocodile-gods of the Land of the Lake". Although the gods were all-powerful, they needed all the help they could get when it came to Apophis. [11][12], The entire Faiyum region – the "Land of the Lake" in Egyptian (specifically referring to Lake Moeris) – served as a cult center of Sobek. [15], Atum is usually depicted as a man wearing either the royal head-cloth or the dual white and red crown of Upper and Lower Egypt, reinforcing his connection with kingship.

Ra was the solar deity, bringer of light, and thus the upholder of Ma'at. In a text known as the Book of Gates, the goddesses Isis, Neith, and Serket, assisted by other deities, capture Apophis and restrain him in nets held down by monkeys, the sons of Horus, and the great earth god Geb, where he is then chopped into pieces; the next night, though, the serpent is whole again and waiting for the barge of the sun when it enters the underworld. For only $5 per month you can become a member and support our mission to engage people with cultural heritage and to improve history education worldwide. The gods, the forces of order, enlist the aid of humanity to defend light against darkness and life against death; in essence, to maintain duality and individuality against unity and collectivity. He produced from his own sneeze, or in some accounts, semen, Shu, the god of air, and Tefnut, the goddess of moisture. We have also been recommended for educational use by the following publications: Ancient History Encyclopedia Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in Canada. Also, numerous small bronze coffins containing mummified eels, bearing a figure of the fish on the top of the box and an inscription incised on it, attest to yet another zoomorphic incarnation of Atum.

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