They live in Princeton and are in training for the rowing events of the 2012 Olympics. ;) It works for old girlfriends, though.

From 2006 he worked in finance for Credit Suisse and Sowood, and this year founded SumZero, a website which allows fund managers to share investment ideas. There was, apparently, a girl, but the film dramatized the influence she may have had, and Aaron Sorkin, the screenwriter, apparently selected a name for the character, who he chose to depict as the catalyst for the drunken state that was created under. First published on Wed 20 Oct 2010 10.50 BST. The existance of not withstanding, the name of the girl portrayed as "Erica Albright" in the film was certainly not "Erica Albright". He donated $50,000 (31,700) to California's legalise cannabis campaign. The irony could be cut with a knife. I wish I had seen it the year it came out. View the profiles of people named Erica Albright. How to stop a toddler (seventeen months old) from hitting and pushing the TV? And in Zuckerberg's former LiveJournal blog transcript, which Sorkin used mostly word for word in the film, the girl he famously called "a bitch" had a different name (it's also unclear whether she was his girlfriend).

Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. The website Gawker said his claim to have been with Chan throughout Facebook's early period was a "documented falsehood", and pointed to a book titled The Facebook Effect which suggests he dated a Berkeley undergraduate during a break in their relationship. Jesse Eisenberg: In the wake of earning a Best Actor Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Zuckerberg, the 28-year-old actor starred in 30 Minutes or Less and lent his voice to the animated feature Rio. Second, look into the history behind Facebook and the face behind Facebook for yourself.

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss: While their legal battle with Facebook was at the heart of The Social Network, the duo is now focused on developing small start-up companies by providing funding via Winklevoss Capital Partners. The film may just have The Academy standing up and taking notice come awards season. (source:…, Creating new Help Center documents for Review queues: Project overview. Chris Hughes, another early founding partner and spokesman, owns 12 per cent of Facebook stock, worth around $2.8 billion (1.78bn). If some of the facts are changed, why doesn’t Mark or Facebook sue?

Rooney Mara: While her role as Albright may have been one of the smallest parts in the movie, there's certainly nothing tiny about this 27-year-old's career. See also: This answer is correct. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today.

While Saverin left Facebook with a legal settlement after only two years, his remaining stake in the company will likely be worth more than $3 billion when Facebook goes public today, per The New York Times. Why is character "£" in a string interpreted strange in the command cut. The Social Network opens with Mark Zuckerberg's girlfriend Erica dumping him, after which he humiliates her in a blog, then includes her on a hot-or-not website he invents – the germ of Facebook. Speaking to an audience at Stanford University in California, Zuckerberg poured scorn on the suggestion that he was motivated mainly by opportunities for social climbing. In real life, he had been with current girlfriend Priscilla Chan since before the advent of Facebook, while in the film he is rejected by an invented character called Erica Albright, he said. Join Facebook to connect with Erica Albright and others you may know. He'll next be seen this summer in Woody Allen's latest film, To Rome with Love, alongside Ellen Page, Alec Baldwin and Penélope Cruz. Get your answers by asking now. He comes off as a boorish neurotic fueled by a pathological need to prove his worth to the prestigious Harvard clubs that turned him down. Jesse Eisenberg’s performance as Zuckerberg is oozing with snide sarcasm. Which movie villain is better and why? Aunque Zuckerberg se centró en resaltar lo que para él son las grandes diferencias entre la película y la vida real, bromeó y dijo que hubo algunos aspectos ciertos aunque tangenciales en el film. Do all wands have twins like Harry's and Voldamorts? The title of the source material should be enough to make any unflattering look at Zuckerberg suspicious at best. She is Zuckerberg’s girlfriend in the movie who later on dumps him which made Zuckerberg create facebook. While not having any background information if she really existed in the way written in the movie/book or how his relationship with Priscilla actually was, I'll attempt an answer based on mere reason.

The New York-born son of two Indian doctors worked on the Harvard Connections site with the Winklevoss brothers and joined them in their lawsuit against, and payout from, Facebook. Fincher and his crew have crafted a film that has just the right touch of bizarre to live up to all of this ridiculousness.

What was your favorite movie since you was a teenager? The title of … First, get a babysitter, because not only is Network‘s PG-13 rating justified for drug use and some sexuality, but the kids would likely be bored to death by a subject that they probably wouldn’t understand. MORE: Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth II—Not Facebook Friends?! EDIT: Seeing Paulster2's answer, she was indeed real. He must still be like that, right? Searches about “is Erica Albright real” or “Erica Albright Real” are also trending right and nobody knows the answer except for Mark Zuckerberg. In an interview with the New Yorker last month, Zuckerberg did own up to sending a string of instant messages from 2003 which mocked the first wave of users that joined Facebook as "dumb fucks" who "trust me". By the end of the five-minute conversation, he has driven Albright to break up with him, managing to insult not only her inferior education and upbringing, but also her sexual reputation — and he can’t understand why she is leaving him.

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